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  1. Thanks AtA for this review. It reinforces our decision to forego Oceania.
  2. Thank you for this review. I enjoyed reading it...we are still in withdrawal...and this helped tremendously 😍
  3. Keith, Thank you for this information. I’m going to spend some time after the holidays with the 85 page “Quick Start” guide for Word Press. I need to figure out how to make the blog look the way I envision it 😊
  4. Gil, if you tap on any photo on the blog...you can enlarge it 😊
  5. Ann, Thank you! We are indeed snowbirds. As much as we miss being away from our family... I hate the cold even more😍
  6. Terry, I don’t know if the grilled vegetables are new...they sure were yummy. ... unlike Trivia (i.e. who has more ribs..a man or a woman?) there are no trick questions with me...Arlene is facing the band, Gil is behind her wearing a burgundy tie. 😊
  7. ...and that’s a wrap. I’ve updated our blog with the photos that I took on our last two days aboard Serenity. It truly was an amazing voyage and I thank you all for following along. http://www.travelingwithtimmy.com We will be staying here in Sarasota for a few days before heading home to NY for the holidays. I’ll be posting on the blog periodically and to Facebook and Instagram. You can find us on social media if you look for Traveling with Timmy. ❤️ Here’s why we bought a second home in Sarasota: Happy Thanksgiving to all.
  8. Thank you Anne, Island hopping around the Seychelles sounds wonderful...can’t wait to join you vicariously ❤️
  9. Thank you Adrian. I loved reading your posts...and especially enjoy your sense of humor and writing style... Perhaps we’ll sail on the same voyage some day...and maybe do a tag-team of posting. 😊
  10. Thank you so much! You my dear, are the reason we tried Churrascaria, and I thank you for it. ❤️ I loved talking with you and trust you arrived home safely. I must say I agree with you regarding folks who are sick and uncaringly spread their germs. In my opinion it is very inconsiderate.
  11. Oh Susan! I’m so sorry to hear that you were under the weather. We loved meeting you and Peter. Let’s hope we sail together again ❤️
  12. Thank you Nancy, I enjoyed posting here and on the blog and it would be so nice to sail with you ❤️
  13. Karen, I appreciate your kind words and I hope to meet you too ❤️
  14. Thank youNancy! I hope you have as much fun on your Med Cruise as we did 😍
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