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  1. Wonderful news! I’m especially heartened that you received your refund without prompting. Wishing the same good news for everyone else who is waiting. ❤️
  2. We are booked October 2021: NYC, Amazon, Miami. We are cautiously optimistic. Beginning to think about land based vacations for next spring and summer. Praying every day that Crystal survives.
  3. Oh Susie, no worries! I’m so grateful to you for creating the spreadsheet and this post...just seeing that folks were receiving their refunds had a calming affect on me. ❤️
  4. Tipsygirl, Yes, this is just my observation based on posts to this topic and a conversation with my TA.
  5. We cancelled on March 12. Today, on day 103 we received notice from AMEX that Crystal has refunded our deposit. Our TA advised us on Friday that Crystal notes on their website that “some” refunds are taking longer than 90 days. It does appear that Crystal is indeed processing refunds in chronological order, however taking longer than the 90 days. I must say I’m relieved and more hopeful and optimistic about Crystals’ long term viability.
  6. Wonderful news Jim! Gives me hope as we cancelled on March 12.
  7. We used our Platinum AMEX, cancelled on 3/12...no refund...😢 😢😢
  8. Sail date: August 30,2020 Cancelled via travel agent: March 12 Requested 100% refund back to our AMEX. Received $100.00 per person credit on April 13. This credit was applied to our October 2021 sailing. Still waiting for AMEX refund. 13 days til we hit the 90 day mark.
  9. Lush Champagne cocktails. Reading on the pool deck ❤️
  10. Thank you Keith. As a native New Yorker, I’ve been a Yankees fan my entire life. My dad had some connection to someone’s sixth aunt 😉 who for years arranged passes to the press box... pretty amazing.
  11. Thank you for all your wonderful posts, I’ve enjoyed them immensely. More importantly, thank you for your attitude; you certainly have modeled how to roll with the punches. Wishing you safe and uninterrupted travels home.
  12. Dear Crystal friends, Timmy and I have been in Sarasota, Fl since just after Christmas. Because we’ve been practicing social distancing and I have a ton of time on my hands...I’ve decided to resurrect the blog. If you are interested in following along as we weather the Coronavirus crisis in our condo, here’s the link: http://travelingwithtimmy.com Here we are (the day before we decided to stay put in our home) at a spring training game. Please be safe. Stay home. And please be kind to each other.❤️
  13. Sadly, we have cancelled our summer sailing on Serenity. My travel agent informed me that Crystal has revised their policy. We received 100% of our payments back to our credit card (we’d been making periodic payments since our original deposit) less a $100.00 per person future cruise credit, which we applied to our fall 2021 existing booking. Needless to say, we are pleased to receive the cash as opposed to FCC. Now to cancel flights and hotels 😞
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