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  1. We were supposed to be on the Silhouette on 4th January 22 in the South Atlantic... boo hoo! Now back to the Far East on the Solstice. Have sailed three Solstice class ship and you will love them. Relaxing and classy. Not too busy. Just right. Have enjoyed Royal Caribbean but Celebrity is a better product for us.
  2. We were booked a 2/1/22 14 day Silhouette SA Cruise. Option to change to a 12 day Infinity but only Dec/Jan date is 22/12/21 thus away from aged parent for Xmas (and labrador) so not feasible The two lost days seem to be harbour days! We had a great rate on the Silhouette and had already been changed twice.
  3. The UK site up and running. I was looking at a ten night Sky Suite on the Infinity or a Balcony on the Reflection next September in the Med. I have a £300 deposit to attach to a cruise which is currently place holding on a April 2022 ex Sydney two nighter. No such thing as refundable deposits in the UK Almost booked the reflection on the classic beverage included a fortnight ago but decided to wait for the Veterans Day sale that never happened. The price went up a couple of hundred pounds approx. 10 days ago. Today similar price but wifi included. Today the
  4. hawkesbaynz


    That is Portland, Dorset. We have had two short breaks to Dorset this Autumn. Marella, P&O and Cunard ships in Weymouth Bay. Saw three cruise ships in Southampton docks in the distance when we had a walk on the local beach on Saturday😪 Actually changed my sports car for an SUV to accommodate the puppy. Did lots of online research then managed to get a test drive. The salesman pointed out the auto gear lever from afar and off I went with my wife. Leased the car online and had it delivered to the house. Did a lot of gardening in the spring. Garden was looking
  5. hawkesbaynz


    Looking on the bright side with all the money sitting in our holiday bank account from the numerous cruises/ski trips/land based Spain trips I can probably retired a year earlier🙂 Adopted a labrador puppy too! Looking forward to our South American cruise in January 2022. Was about to book a Med cruise in September on reflection but the price just went up😟
  6. I cancelled a cruise just before final payment and transferred the deposit to a 2 nighter out of Sydney in April 2022 to give me options to move to a more suitable cruise. Option for a new booking the following years SA cruise was much cheaper than the Lift & Shift so had £300 to use sometime as a deposit. I have eyes on a Sep 21 Reflection to the Holy Land from Rome. The price is not too bad for verandas. We usually go Aqua but there is a massive difference so may try the speciality restaurants on that cruise. However I am waiting for the Veterans Day Sale next Wed
  7. I have done the questionairre!. That one point would have got us over the threshold to Elite............if our three cruises had not been cancelled☹️
  8. I have been with Celebrity three times, RCI once and P&O once. Never hear from any of them although I have planned cruises with Celebrity and had three cancelled. I keep signing onto Celebrity emails but never hear anything. Perhaps it is a UK thing? Get loads from Cruise Critic. My wife always seems to listening to Don's YouTube channel😨
  9. This was our labrador puppy down on the beach in Dorset a few weeks ago. A fine selection of ships in the background. We see them in Southampton dock occasionally too. Missed Apex but heard her
  10. I think you have to take it on the chin with the pre-paid gratuities. It is part of the business. I always tip the cabin guy/girl, waiter and assistant waiter, wine waiter if they give good service, and possibly the bar tender at our favourite bar. May consider tipping them in advance for good service in future. I booked a cruise a few weeks ago and did not have tips as a perk. However the charge went onto my final bill. I only paid the deposit. Marella Tui Cruises and Saga cruises which are aimed at Brits have tips inclusive. Fred Olsen cruises are similar to Celebrity
  11. Unfortunately we have flights to Brazil and return from Chile for our South American cruise in December. Doubt the cruise will happen ( have cancelled anyway) but British Airways refuse to allow us to Lift & shift. Hopefully they will if this debacle continues. Brazil, Chile, USA and most of mainland America not on the UK approved list😪
  12. @Pinboy not sure if we could face the excitement, noise and alcoholic decadence of a Mexican/Caribbean All Inclusive. Think I am over that. A chilled out fortnight sun bathing and diving in the Maldives would be nice. However would not like to be stuck there as read horror stories of people being charged the daily rate when they were marooned there on their honeymoons. I always seem to have those Captain/Cruise Director proclamations turned off! Not a lover of sardines by the pool but usually find a nice spot forward or relax on the balcony.
  13. I usually have a cruise and a few European ski trips booked for the Winter. We did a New England tour last Fall too. We have cancelled our South American cruise and rebooked for 2022. Did not use Lift & Shift as cheaper cancelling/rebooking. I have one ski trip to Austria booked at present. The tour operator states that they will move it if I have to self isolate afterwards as Austria currently a no-go from the UK. Doubt we would go anywhere else abroad. We were going to get a new dog in 2021 but with all the time at home this year we now have a five mon
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