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    Pool and Whirlpools

    I don't understand the reasoning for the early closings!
  2. ironedshirt

    Pool and Whirlpools

    Oh, this is sad!!!!! We've sailed Adventure of the Seas this past January, and I think the pools and whirlpools never closed. I remember sitting under the stars in the whirlpools, and I was looking forward to doing that on the Constellation this coming January!
  3. ironedshirt

    Pool and Whirlpools

    Is it true that the pool and whirlpools on the Constellation close at 8:00 p.m.?:confused:
  4. Please help! We're leaving on AOS on Jan. l6. What is the best snorkeling pkg. for Curacao? Are we better booking through the ship or on our own when we get there?