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  1. Hey Everyone! My girlfriend and I visited curacao in December 2019 aboard the Crown Princess and wanted to let everyone know that You can take the public bus around the island for $2 USD for each time you ride! Its in the video below, but you basically have to walk for about 5 minutes to the bus depot to get on. If you want to go to the Blue Curacao factory like we did, the bus makes a big circle around Willemstad and ends up at the other bus terminal on the other side of the floating bridge. The buses are nice, but they have weird times they depart, usually on the half hour. If they hav
  2. Hey everyone, Just wanted to give a quick review of our experience renting a golf cart from Bonaire Cruisers. We had such a great time! The rental place is about a 6-7 minute walk from the pier. They say to head to the tent at the pier first, but im not sure if you really need to do that. Check in was quick and easy. It was $95USD for the day and $100 refundable deposit. We were surprised that all of the carts were literally brand new. We went December 2019 aboard the Crown Princess. The biggest tip that we can give is one that the company tells you in the confirmation email...download Ma
  3. Ah, ok. So you think they will eventually no longer have "upgraded" amenities as a perk?
  4. Hey Everyone! Before we went on the Crown Princess in December 2019, we were not really able to find much info on Coral World. It seemed to be a popular excursion for cruise ships, but honestly hard to find any info on the different activities. We ended up having a great time! Coral World is about 25 minutes from the cruise port and is $9 per person from the taxi stand. There are also taxi vans waiting at Coral World to take you back, but they charge a dollar more($10). When we arrived, we didnt know that there was an admission fee on top of the cost for each attraction, which kind of st
  5. Hey everyone! We wanted to share our video with you all as we couldn't really find any videos on one of the most popular tours in Grenada, which really surprised us. We just wanted to pay it forward to show you all in case you were interested. The Westerhall Rum Distillery Laura's Spice Garden was a great tour! We learned quite a bit at the spice garden, but we were not able to see the current distillation process at Westerhall. We were pretty sure that the rum was made somewhere else, sadly. The Surprise hit was on the last stop to De La Grenade Industries, which makes
  6. Im just curious as to why they dont standardize the kit across the fleet? Its like they just find a pile of stuff last minute.
  7. Wow! We had no idea there were so many variables when it comes to the upgraded amenities. Even though the amenities are not anything to write home about, it looks like some of you barely got anything at all. We would have liked to sample the linen mist. If those beds were not as comfy already, that would have enhanced the sleep experience even more!
  8. Hey Everyone! Being Elite status can be a pretty cool thing and can come with many cool perks (I mean, free laundry service? Woo!). One of the perks we receive as Elite members are upgraded amenities. We found out that these are the same amenities that the folks in the suites receive sailing on the Crown Princess this past December. It was so hard trying to find what exactly upgraded amenities were before we sailed, so we thought we would make a little to show you all. We have to say that after finally seeing just what they were, we were kind of disappointed. If you want to see more
  9. I just realized that I never answered your question. We hope you had a great time at the resort!
  10. Thanks for the tip! We didn’t get a chance to check out the sister resort, but if it’s as good as Allegra, we would love it! Do they do day passes for Occidental too?
  11. Hey fellow cruisers! So we organized our first ever group cruise a few months back. We went on the Carnival Triumph out of NOLA. I haven't posted as much as I wanted to on here, but wanted to pay this forward to you all. We desperately tried to find an all-inclusive resort that would hold 30 of us in our group. We emailed Mr. Sanchos, Nachi Cocum, Playa Mia and Iberiostar. All of them either didn't respond or said they offer no deals or discounts for groups. It was so disappointing, considering we were trying to bring them a bunch of people. The only resort to respond to us was All
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