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  1. Nancy, was the credit a temporary one from Chase pending resolution of the dispute, or did they close the dispute and the refund is final now? It sounds to me like the former is more likely, unless they explicitly told you otherwise.
  2. They do welcome us home when we board! They do the same at my timeshare.
  3. I don't see how anyone could preclude a cruise line from requiring a vaccine that is required by any country on its itinerary. So if the ship is going somewhere that does require the vaccine, they have to ensure that all passengers have it. For example, people can be refused passage to areas requiring the yellow fever vaccine. This should be way beyond the jurisdiction of the state of Florida. I also agree that as a private business, they should be able to have their own policies. The cruise industry and cruise passengers should make their voices heard, and I don't see how a ba
  4. Crystal says they are catching up on refunds. If you are in the roll call spreadsheet and it has been a long time since we heard from you, please let us know if you have received your refund or not. Since some of you may not be reading the Crystal forum now, I am pinging the ones who are over a year now: @jafeldman, @ScarlettMick, @Vegas Cruiser, @gwesq, @powlan @Lord Haw Haw, @Helenewe, @BerberBear, @marykaymom10, @John Wooden, @katieaz, @krisbelledc, @Radar17, @cruisr, @ClefsDor, @PAllinson Even if you are not in the list above, please still send an update. I am ho
  5. I would venture a guess. If the current offerings will actually sail, you will not hear it confirmed until sometime after the CDC makes it clear that they will allow it. If Crystal cancels them and substitutes something else (like more Bahamas RTs), you will probably hear sooner.
  6. Do you mean that you are still waiting, or that you just got your refund?
  7. Thank you, Keith, for such a comprehensive guide for Crystal newbies. I know I found it very helpful when I was getting ready for my first Crystal cruise. I just have a couple of updates for you to consider. Early under "Pre-Cruise Items" you mention selecting early or late dining or dining by reservation. As you know, Waterside now has open dining and that no longer applies. Unfortunately, Cruise Critic has put online registration for Meet and Mingle Parties on "PAUSE" for Crystal and several other lines. They are still booking them for a few lines, so hopefully th
  8. Yes, that is the policy for all currently sailing Regent cruises.
  9. The cruise lines are foreign companies, but the ports and all the businesses impacted by the lack of cruise passengers coming and going are not. So you can't say all the benefit of restarting cruises from the US would only benefit foreign companies.
  10. Keith, you make some excellent points about what to expect in the enrichment arena this summer. Besides Ambassador Hosts, the art classes, magic shows, trivia, and possibly some of the fitness activities might be problematic in terms of social distancing. But the enrichment lectures that are recorded would seem to be a great way to enhance the experience for all, and would not need to involve any crowding. Perhaps some would not want to attend in person, or perhaps some might not fit in a socially distanced Galaxy Theater, but the live broadcasts and recordings would still be av
  11. Maybe the Miami - Puerto Rico itineraries are on the drawing board for December or January, after whatever other Caribbean sailings they plan to do this summer.
  12. Since you will become Silver status when you board, you will not have it in time for the priority bookings before then. If you log on to your Regent account and go to your booking, it will tell you all your relevant dates.
  13. I think the percentage of people with counterfeit vaccine cards will be small enough that they probably will not seriously endanger the otherwise 100% vaccinated people on board, or wherever they are going that requires proof of vaccination. The people put at the most risk by such behavior will be the ones with the counterfeit vaccine cards.
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