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  1. For now. But then again, so are actual cruises. We don't know what the new policies will be when they start back up.
  2. They aren't for things like the flu, because the virus mutates. And unfortunately, probably won't be for coronavirus for the same reason. Plus a person has to have a competent immune system. In other words, some people who have been immunized will still be able to spread the virus.
  3. They may want to rethink that idea now.
  4. I'm sure you know this, but you could transfer the Endeavor deposit to your new booking. That way you don't put any new cash into the system and Crystal does not need to issue your refund for the Endeavor, assuming the deposit amount on the new booking is the same or less.
  5. I have not heard of a TA giving a rebate before you sail. Generally they will send it after you are safely on board and their commission is secure.
  6. I would have thought that all the mitigation in effect for coronavirus would have reduced the amount of influenza by now.
  7. Thank you. I realized they are live in the theater. My question was about the replay. Is it a loop or only at set times, or is it on demand. Can I start the lecture at the beginning on the TV any time I want? After the live version, of course.
  8. Would a typical sea day on the world cruise have just one enrichment lecture? Are they shown in a loop on the TV, or on demand?
  9. Here it is in the daytime. Maybe a shade screen for the aft decks?
  10. Besides the reason mentioned by TravelCat2, I also care because I am changing TAs, and this would mean I would not have to worry about which TA I use to rebook the cruise using the FCC. I think that the TAs have more than earned their commissions in the current environment.
  11. Does this mean the TA earns the commission for the cancelled booking and again for the new booking?
  12. Crystal did post them on their website. Keith just copied the list into a post on CC.
  13. I got a refund on my Citi credit card, and when I called to request cash out they were able to transfer it directly to my Wells Fargo bank account. I already had the card set up for automatic payments from my bank for the balance due each month, so I don't know if they would have transferred it otherwise.
  14. My point is that, whenever cruises restart, we will not KNOW it is safe at first. And if we restart this summer, we definitely will not KNOW it is safe until after the cruises have been going for a while. Even then, if/when a "second wave" of coronavirus starts, we could end up with a second wave of last minute cruise cancellations as well. Yes, it might remotely be possible to restart cruises this summer (which will start only about a week before the end of June, anyway), and the brave souls who sail then will test out the theory that it is safe. After that, we may leave the realm of "huge differences of opinion" and enter the realm of facts. I am desperately hoping that cruises restart this summer and are safe (and tested), so that I can be more comfortable with sailing on my October 2020 and January 2021 bookings.
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