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  1. I created that particular pdf with "Print to pdf" so even the filename is all mine, not Crystal's. If there was a way to directly save the document from the link in my email, I could not figure it out. It opened in a magazine reader format. I agree that version numbers in these rapidly changing documents would be very helpful.
  2. I just received an email from Crystal advising that the Bahamas Travel Health Visa is no longer required for me to board Serenity on Nov. 1. It included an updated Crystal Bahamas Vacation Guide: Updated Crystal Bahamas Vacation Guide 10-19-21.pdf
  3. Yes, that could be. I am not sure which show it was in, just that I heard them perform it more than once.
  4. Mamma Mia has been the final number of at least one iteration of Crystal on Broadway. We have heard it included at least twice in the same time frame, starting in 2015.
  5. Excellent question, and if I were on that segment I would be asking my TA to get confirmation one way or the other. It sounds like that particular segment might still require the Visa. Subsequent Symphony voyages out of Miami to the Bahamas (Dec. 29 and later) probably don't. This raises the question of why Crystal mentioned embarking in New York??? I agree it is confusing with regard to that segment.
  6. It is on the Crystal website, so that seems pretty definitive to me. The Bahamas requirement for fully vaccinated travelers was only an antigen test, not a PCR. I think I will still do an antigen test to reduce the chance I end up surprised in Miami, but maybe a couple of days earlier than would have been required for the Bahamas Visa. That will give me more time to follow up with a PCR test and figure out what to do if it is positive.
  7. This is terrific news, and just in time for us to board on Nov. 1! We are super excited to be sailing on Crystal again soon!
  8. Meet and Mingle parties have been "paused" because of COVID. Right now there are not any official ones, and no way to sign up. 😪
  9. For the record, since the incident on Crystal described by the OP, Bermuda has changed their official policy. Bermuda no longer requires asymptomatic PCR negative "close contacts" to disembark and quarantine at a hotel. (I'm not sure if this change would apply to traveling companions, probably just to others identified by contact tracing.) Crystal really had no choice in the matter, because they were under Bermuda jurisdiction and they had to do what Bermuda told them to do. No more Crystal passengers have tested positive since the initial incident, and in this constantly changing world we don't know for sure how it would be handled in the future. But it sounds like some lessons were learned and if there is a next time, the impact on PCR negative passengers will probably be significantly less bad. Other cruise lines, including Regent, should also be the beneficiaries of the lessons learned from this event since the magnitude of the negative impact was driven by Bermuda.
  10. Thank you, Gary, for not just the video, but for so generously sharing your thoughts before, during and after your recent Crystal experience. I am not a "new Crystal cruiser," but I really enjoyed following along with you. It would be great to meet you in person on board sometime in the future. Karen
  11. I am in this category. I think my risk of serious illness or death is very low, and I am willing to resume normal life which includes many other relatively low risks as well. However, my risk of losing my freedom, for example by being booted off the ship in a foreign country or even in my own country, seems to be far higher than my health risk. At this point, I am much more worried about that than the health risk.
  12. Oops, sorry. This one is much easier on Crystal, LOL. But you can do it yourself on Regent also. Go to the cruise description page on the Regent website, and click on "See Details" under Free Excursions in the header. Then "Select a Port," any one except the embarkation port which is where it first takes you. Then you scroll down a ways until you get to "E-mail All Available Shore Excursions," just above the tour descriptions. That will open a pop-up that you put your email in, and soon you will have a complete pdf of all the ports, at least all the ones they have decided on already.
  13. Go to the Crystal website page about the cruise (not in the PCPC), click on "Excursions" in the menu bar below the header, and scroll down just a bit to "Download PDF." They used to create very nice polished publications of this, but recently it is more like a capture of what you see on the website. At any rate, for Miami to LA in 132 nights it has a 134 page PDF document listing the shore excursions. It includes the brief descriptions, but you still have to go to the website to get the more detailed descriptions.
  14. As long as they have the ingredients and 24 hours notice, it is available. I think the ingredients are very similar to creme brulee, and pretty standard stuff in any case, so there should not be any problem getting it.
  15. I'm sure they would make you some. Just request it the day before.
  16. Crystal may not have had any control over whether the negative "contacts" were disembarked, but they did have control over when and how they communicated with them about it.
  17. +1 If I recall correctly, there was some uncertainty in advance because Crystal had to purchase the Super Bowl feed, and they were not sure they would be able to do so until fairly soon before the event. Also, I think there were some announcements that they did it in response to passenger requests. So I suggest that those of you wishing to view the World Series on board should let the Cruise Director know as soon as you board, and may also want to let Onboard Guest Services know before you board as well. Their contact information is the first thing listed on Crystal's FAQ page. Be squeaky wheels!
  18. Which is why, IMO, it would be far better to test continuing Miami passengers after the ship leaves Nassau. I was very disappointed to hear they are being tested at the same time as the disembarking Nassau passengers. Of course it would be a bummer to be quarantined in either place, but if someone does need hospitalization and more intensive medical care, that would probably be much safer in Miami. And for those of us in the US, arranging transportation home would be easier and less expensive from Miami, and (at least for us) would require fewer connections. I can fly nonstop from Miami, but not from Nassau. I guess at that point I won't be too worried about catching COVID-19 at the airports, but my fellow travelers (if they knew) might not like spending time with me when I am only just newly cleared to travel. This is concerning, but it is not going to cause me to cancel my November Bahamas b2b2b.
  19. Hi Keith. Please add the following bookings: Serenity 2021: November 1 Miami R/T SusieQft (Karen/John) November 8 Miami R/T SusieQft (Karen/John) November 15 Miami R/T SusieQft (Karen/John) Serenity 2022: May 29 Los Angeles R/T SusieQft (Karen/John)
  20. See posts 256 & 269 by Jinn, and some commentary on it in between them.
  21. And the walls! Keith, thank you for the photos.
  22. One could easily make an argument that getting vaccines from more than one company might actually be more efficacious. However, I do not expect to see much in the way of studies about the efficacy of mixed vaccines. Under normal circumstances, the studies are funded by the drug companies and they have no incentive to spend a lot of money to show that it is okay to let their customers stray to another company. In these abnormal circumstances, some of the funding has probably come from the US government and others, but IMO the same logic still applies. The drug company would still need to invest some of their own money and decide to do the study. Actually, the US government does not really have much incentive to spend money to approve mixed vaccines, either. Some of our single company approvals are still Emergency Use Authorizations, and I'm sure converting those to full authorizations is a higher priority than anything related to mixed doses. There is especially little incentive in the US to prove that one dose of Astro Zenica (or any other vaccine not approved in the US) followed by one dose of a US approved vaccine is as good as both doses from the same company already approved. So I would not expect any data to support that to come from a study done in the US. For those in Canada and elsewhere affected by this, IMO your quickest route to being accepted as "fully vaccinated" in the US would be to get a second dose of whichever of your vaccines has been approved in the US. Now that there is a push for boosters, maybe this will be possible soon.
  23. Thank you for the terrific report and photographs. We have really been looking forward to trying the Vintage Room on our upcoming Bahamas cruise, and I am glad it is occurring with some regularity. However, one second thought I am having about this is the apparent lack of any social distancing, especially in light of the current situation on the Symphony. I am boarding in Miami and I do not want to be put off the ship to quarantine in Nassau, especially not because someone else I am not travelling with tested positive. Of course I don't want myself or DH to test positive, either.
  24. Is the tub/shower combo in the penthouses as bad as in the lower grade cabins? Is the bathroom layout the same?
  25. Keith, I am really enjoying your posts here and on your blog. I noticed in Reflections (at least your first 3 issues on this segment) that there is no mention of the Vintage Room. Did Crystal give up on this for these Bahamas segments, or are they using some other means to promote it? We were hoping to experience that for the first time this November. They still do ask if you are interested in the PCPC.
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