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  1. Sorry, i meant trolleys= carry-ons (cabin luggage) Minivan correct
  2. Thanks, trolleys if needed could be taken inside the car Important question is do they have taxis MPV type vehicle
  3. 😪 oh I was expecting at least one answer but no !
  4. Be aware that the gallery in a quarry that they mention is in St Remy while the Carrieres de lumieres is located in Les Baux which is not an art gallery but a kind of light and sound presentation. You should spend about an hour here so check the duration of the tour to see if they can do that or ask for more details
  5. Greetings from Belgium As this will be our first cruise out of Port Liberty I would like answers to a few questions. Sorry if these have been asked before. We will land at EWR on 9/17 and spend 5 days in NYC before boarding. We are staying in Jersey City in an apartment very close to PATH Grove station. So first we need transport from EWR to Jersey City Are large taxis available at EWR? We are 4 adults with 4 large suitcases and 4 trolleys ? Should it be better (but probably more expensive) to book private transport/shuttle beforehand)? I know about UBER etc. but without access to mobile internet while roaming I prefer not to use these. On 9/22 we need to go to the port. Same questions as above. After the cruise we have flights to Europe from EWR in late afternoon. Again taxi or? And where to spend some time before departure? Could we drop our luggage somewhere while shopping /dining at The Mills at Jersey Garden? Maybe a day room for luggage close to the mall with shuttle to Airport? Many thanks in advance for help.
  6. It's a dimmer for public announcements
  7. Thanks was able to find pictures of inside cabins but no oceanview at this time (or am I wrong?)
  8. Sorry but #1334 doesn't say anything about inside and oceanview cabins
  9. Looks like only people staying in suites post comments and pictures. Suites are only small part of the ship. What about regular balconies, oceanview and inside cabins? Would like to see pictures of these
  10. Never had in the mail in Europe. Probably too expensive to sent. But why can't we download it online?
  11. Just use a US travel agent. Much easier
  12. There used to be a dedicated deck but this is long ago. They didn't make any money out of it ;)
  13. Sorry, end of the line is Knokke and that's still in Belgium :p:p
  14. Also avoid 3144 which is last one next to the galley. Some noise at night and early morning 3134 should be o
  15. All the rooms in this hallway have the bed by the bath. The layout are all the same except for the first one (Next to bathrooms) which is slightly different and also larger
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