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  1. Great to hear. These are tough times
  2. Where’s Melinda Mann and the other US citizens? I noticed the Koningsdam is the closest to the Oosterdam it’s been in quite a while. Maybe they’re finally being transferred to the K like she said and maybe soon they’ll be on their way home to the USA!
  3. Sooooo strange. Soooooo sad😔. Anybody else receive their tags on a cancelled cruise.
  4. Maris, I’m so enjoying you writings, to take me away from the days of worry. I just want to say we too enjoy Celebrity, but you might consider Holland. Lots of extra touches Celebrity doesn’t have. And always a great crew!
  5. Can you share any info to the sister of the victim that’s looking for answers?
  6. So enjoying your review! Love your pics and your style of writing 👍
  7. So sorry to hear! How empty is the ship? Hope you get a full refund!
  8. Yes, the thought of being confined for 14 days, at wherever they decide we’ll be is too much for us. Will probably cancel our April cruise and do a road trip to the mountains ⛰.
  9. Thanks for the info and very happy to hear👍
  10. What’s an IV room? We are booked in a Bal Gty. Got room 8111. Is that an I V room?
  11. Thanks for the review. Going to Alaska on her next year.
  12. I get it. Every chair on the ship is heavy except the ones on the balcony, haha
  13. A couple nights it was noisy and had a lot of vibration, but as time went on, I think we figured it out. On those occasions, I think Captain had the pedal to the medal. We needed to make up time. None the less, this was a great cabin. Not a lot of sun, wind and no soot. Enclosed are some pictures. Lots of drawer and closet space. Lighting at closets and safe were non existent. So if you can, bring one of those lights that you push and adhere to the area above the safe. Every thing was perfect except this lightning issue. Bathroom had a tub, ample room, no complaints here. Balcony 3/4 covered, so nobody looking down on you. We opened the divider between cabins, as we traveled with family in cabin next door. 2 chairs with small table on balcony. This was a perfect choice for us on the Panama Canal. Hope you find the pictures helpful in choosing your cabin.
  14. Disembarkation was a total breeze. We also love the fact that you can not only stay in your cabin until you’re ready to leave, you can also order in room breakfast. Total bonus!!! Thanks Holland. This is another reason we’ll be back. Since we ended this cruise mid week, and the kids were at work, hummmmm how will we get home ( we live locally) Husband had downloaded Lyft from previous car problems, so we gave them a call. Problem solved, $32.00 Port Everglades to Boca Raton. Took about 20 minutes for driver to arrive. I guess it’s not a desirable drive for them. Our friend with us called Uber, and was there in 5 minutes, she lives much closer. Not sure if it was the proximity or one better than the other, that was just our experience.
  15. Presently on the Eurodam. Just a few comments. Yes, the ship is decorated for the holidays, crew is stellar, service is phenomenal, and food is yummy. So far really enjoying BB King Blues Club, Club Orange Party in bbkings venue. Lincoln stage great. Panama Canal so worth getting up at 0500 to see the Canal. Make sure you watch the 2 movies about the Canal they offer on the movies selection. Loved all the free movies they offer and a great selection. So far can’t find anything wrong with this ship. Second time on her. Booked Koningsdam for Alaska next year. Can’t beat all the perks of booking another while on board. More to follow
  16. We’re presently on the Eurodam, 12/1/19 Panama Canal. Aft cabin deck 5, and the first night was very loud and vibrating was a bit over the top. It’s been fine since that first night out of Ft. Lauderdale.
  17. I purchased the premium internet pkg thru Holland, pre cruise. We also have the AT&T international day pass, $10.00 /24 period, only if you use when out of the country will it activate. But I’m now seeing, that that’s really a land pkg. They offer a cruise pkg, $100 for data 200 mb, overage $2.00/ mb, unlimited talk and text. Or $50.00 talk 50 mins overage, 2.00/ min text unlimited. This cruise, being able to communicate with home is important to us, as our family of dogs has grow from one, to now we have 2, and want to know all is well. All that’s offered is very confusing to me. We don’t need to talk to home everyday but the occasional call or text would be good enough for us. Thanks for any advice from experienced cruisers appreciated.
  18. Can you use Facebook calling ? BTW, is the Eurodam decorated for Christmas yet?
  19. When do they notify you of a change in schedule?
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