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  1. We are having trouble as well. Those were the exacts words used (back dated) to put our deposit from a Princess cancelled cruise over to a new one I booked when they cancelled the one with the deposit on it. They said it had to be processed and now it is in my FCC and they said it had to be backdated and it has been two weeks since it hit the FCC. Others on CC said theirs took 5 to 10 days. I will write my TA to again to check on it! Sounds like @Ombud had no trouble at all.
  2. I wonder if it is a search engine problem. I signed in under Safari and my birthday is one day off. The address is correct as well as our anniversary. I went in under Firefox and birthdate is correct as well as the other items. Curious to know if those finding it one day off are using Safari? Crazy!!!
  3. Glad to hear it may be a week to 10 days then! Thanks for letting me know. So glad to have this forum to hear people's first hand experiences!
  4. Had a different thing happen that I have not seen reported so thought I would share. A few days ago I did see that the deposit plus 100% bonus on my "Princess cancelled" September cruise had been put in my FCC. The deposit amount of this was to be moved to be the deposit on our May 2, 2021, cruise, but it went in to FCC. It is listed as an August 10 day to pay the deposit and they have moved that date forward two times from when I booked on May 7. Learned TA has to request it be moved over for deposit. She did that right away and this is what she wrote me: I confirmed with Princess today that your FCC is ready from the September 25 suspension but it is dated July 27, 2020 and the booking with the FCC's already applied has the FCC's and such and is dated May.Apparently Princess must have the FCC back dated to May in order to apply it to the booking on invoice ******* and the form for that has been submitted and should be processed asap. This seems as clear as mud. Guess they have to back date it somehow. Heaven only knows how long this will take now. ASAP could be months I am assuming. Maybe I will get lucky! Fingers crossed. I just really wanted to book EZ air as it seems to go up a bit each day, but now looks like we are in a different waiting game. Anyone else heard of having to backdate?
  5. So glad you enjoyed Washington. We are on the East side next to Idaho but surrounded by beautiful mountains just like Seattle with a lot less people. We have a cruised booked May 2021, for British Isles so I will hopefully get to experience Scotland as well.
  6. Dang! I am crushed, but it is kind of you to offer to lend it!
  7. Winifred, looks like you and I were typing our answer at the same time!
  8. I believe this is the last line in Gone with the Wind uttered by Scarlet as Rhett leaves her in the plantation doorway. Could be wrong but really hoping I too get to win that pocket/purse size vacuum. Happy Anniversary to you and your hubby and glad to hear his surgery went well. Hope you are able to enjoy that complimentary breakfast together! Thank you again for this trip. Really something to look forward to each day!
  9. September 25,2020, British Isles Regal Princess cruise, that was cancelled by Princess on May 6, 2020, with deposit only was refunded onto FCC today, July 28, 2020. It was the $400 deposit and $400 bonus they promised. This took about 82 days. Now waiting for my Travel Agent to move it to the May 2, 2021, Crown Princess that has been on "deposit hold" since May 7. Princess has assured TA that this can be used for the deposit.
  10. We are booked since last year on the Majestic, sailing Jan. 24, 2021, Australia/New Zealand. I tried to do a fake booking and it let me book all the way to the pay page. I am from the U.S. What cruises are you finding that are showing only residents of Australia/NZ are able to book? I am fairly certain our cruise will be on the chopping block next, but it hasn't been cancelled yet. Just wondered where you got this information.
  11. Phew, we misplaced our passports for a bit but found them in that "secure" hiding place we promptly forgot; but now, we are ready to go too!!! This has been a fantastic trip so far!!! Thank you for making the days brighter!
  12. Thank you for this wonderful adventure so far! Singapore now calls me, and it had not been on my radar before reading of all the fun you had there. We are booked on the Majestic Princess for January 24, 2021, but I fear this is wishful thinking as I read more and more discouraging things for tourism opening to International travel. I am so happy to see it virtually through your eyes as we have not been to this area! We plan on doing four more days after the cruise in Sydney, and you are so far hitting the things I have on my "To Do" list. Fingers crossed we will get to experience it ourselves in January or some day farther in the future! Excited to see what more is coming!
  13. Italy52: On our Princess cancelled May 4, cruise, I chose Option 1 back on Pause one cancellation and was told our EZ air and Government Fees would be in a holding account. No record of this holding account, but I had my receipts from the cruise it had been on as proof incase it suddenly went poof. We have a Jan. 24, 2021, Australia/New Zealand booked and after my request our TA recently sent me an updated invoice as some FCC that had been received was put on that and on a May 2, 2021, British Isles cruise. Princess did this without my asking. We had a Black Friday $1 deposit each on the Jan. 24th. cruise. I saw the receipt had this odd payment on it besides the $2 we did pay. It took me the longest time to figure out as there was no explanation from the TA she only sent the invoice. The FCC was listed up in the body of the invoice already so I knew that it wasn't that. Dawned on me yesterday that this is the sum of our EZ air and Government Fees off the May 4, 2020, cancelled cruise. It was put on without my asking, but that is fine. At least there is record of it now! 🤪 You may want to have new invoices sent as it may have been added to one of your cruises if you booked EZ air as well. I don't have a lot of hope this Jan. 24th, will actually go for us Americans, but who knows. Then maybe this air and fees on this one will just move on over to the May 2, 2021 cruise if that one does cancel.
  14. This is on Princess site for through April 30, 2021. Is this what you mean? https://www.princess.com/plan/cruise-with-confidence/cancellation-final-payment-policy/ I think they are slow to change any dates for final payment and you have to call them or have your TA call them. This fits our Jan. 24, 2021, cruise to go to 60 day final payment, but we have one for May 2, 2021, which will be the 90 days. Just missed it by "that" much! 😂
  15. I have a Jan. 2021, cruise booked and Princess, without my asking, put part of our FCC on that and part of one for May, 2021. There seems to be no rhyme or reason how this is happening. It is anyone's guess if any of these cruises will be going, but just keeping my fingers crossed!
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