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  1. You and I exchanged emails in March, April, and May, and that was so helpful. We are staying in Hilo one week and one week in Kona. Fingers crossed all works out to go!! Thank you for your well wishes @azbirdmom!! Hope you have wonderful travels as well!
  2. Thank you @ellie1145for all the wonderful diversions you give us from present times! I hope that your son has a speedy recovery and hope his vaccine protects him from the worst! We have had a land trip to Big Island, Hawaii, for this October in the works since the pandemic seemed to be waning, but it is always full of surprises. We are in a wait and see mode but hope to go! We had our vaccination and will take every precaution, and at present, it is the best any of us can do. Thank you @cr8tiv1for help with my planning! I am excited to read more reviews from you after this one! Enjoyed it immensely!
  3. Also hoping it will be a thing of the past for May 2022, that is start of our British Isles cruise! At least our fingers are crossed it will be!!!
  4. Sending a virtual hug at the soul crushing disappointment of not getting to be physically with your Mom! So very very sorry, I know you have been counting the days till you could! I hate Covid too!!! Praying for a miracle that things will suddenly be okay and you will be able to go! Hug her tight when you do get to, for yourself, and for all of us that miss hugging our own Mom's that have already been promoted to heaven. Thanks to all on this thread for taking us along on this wonderful cruise adventure! 😻
  5. So excited to read your and G’s adventures again!!! Laughed out loud several times already!!! Thank you for taking us along!!! Have a joyous, and healthy time!! 😻
  6. J & G, So sorry you have to go through so much and so much time on hold! EEK!!! You two should get the VIP treatment when you call after being such loyal Princess cruisers. Sadly, that doesn't seem to matter at all. Not sure why Princess doesn't have a system that will hold your place in line and call you back when it is your turn. A certain travel agency does that, and I have come across a few of those on airlines as well. At least you can go do something else for those 2 hour 20 minute wait times! I am excited to hear you have upcoming cruises! Can we dare to hope your blog will be active along with your cruises? I have missed living vicariously through you! Our first one booked will be May 2022, for the British Isles, then Nov. 2022, trying a New Zealand roundtrip from Australia if they are open by then! Your blog was instrumental in making us try for the Australia one! Fingers crossed more prices will drop for you but not as ugly a wait times! Last one that I re-fared I had them check if the Shareholder credit went off and sure enough it did, but they fixed it then and there! Of course that became a Princess cancelled cruise, BUT as least I know what to do next time.
  7. Thank you for the information! I keep having flights come and go, with prices fluctuating hugely, when doing different searches on the EZ air. Playing with dates right now as I can't actually book till Friday. I am booked through Princess. Did Princess rep. help you when you called or do they transfer you to EZ air department?
  8. Wow that must have been an amazing pie! Note: I e-mailed you at suggested address, I wonder if it went to spam?
  9. Hoping all is well with Ellie and new grandson addition! I'm sure things are so much more busy for them all! Our second shot of Moderna is next week! Excited to be done for now!
  10. Congratulations! What an absolutely beautiful little man! Nothing better than watching our babies have babies of their own and the wonderful parents they become! So happy everything turned out so fantastic!
  11. When we were booked for a British Isles cruise last year for May 2020, we had reservations with National Express. We are trying again in 2022, and if all is up and running, we will be using them again, although I may not prebook this time around. The company was wonderful to give us our money back due to COVID. Here is a link: https://www.nationalexpress.com/en
  12. Thank you for the info. We are 60 so not eligible for the senior pass yet. Someday! We are staying one week in Hilo and one week in Kona in Airbnb’s, but flying in and out of Kona as we purchased our air before I thought about even trying to fly in to one and leave from the other. We are renting a car for the two weeks, so will be easy to get over to Hilo after landing at Kona. Snorkeling is one of our favorite things to do so we plan on checking out many sites for that. I am just starting all my research.🥰
  13. I love all your shower pictures!!! I have fingers crossed your daughter will deliver soon. My daughter delivered during the Pandemic as well and it is a scary time for sure. Our granddaughter arrived Aug. 22, 2020, a full two weeks late. All went well, thank God, and I pray the same for your grandson’s arrival. Now, our grand daughter is 6 months old and my daughter could have gotten the Johnson and Johnson shot today, as her husband is a teacher; and they said she could have it as well, but it is still too unknown what could happen between a nursing mother to baby, so she is going to hold off till more is known. We are glad her husband got it as he now started back to in-school teaching. They may find out that it is fine for nursing mom’s and baby, but better safe than sorry. And returning to cruise topic, we had our British Isles cruise for Aug. 30, 2021, on Sky cancelled so we are now trying again on the Crown in May. This is 5th try, so fingers crossed. We decided to do a land vacation instead, and your review put Hawaii more on our radar. WE will be going to Kona, The Big Island, in October. All projections say we will have the vaccine by then😀. Thanks for the continued anticipation!
  14. Thank you for the information. I just called the main Princess phone number to book so no Princess PVP. So far I have been very happy with booking directly with Princess.
  15. We have only cancelled a couple cruises in our years of cruising, and they have been booked through travel agents. A form was required to be filled out then scanned and sent back to the travel agent after letting them know we wanted to cancel. I hope NOT to cancel any more cruises, but wondered the procedure when booked directly with Princess. Does cancelling involve the same kind of form after calling Princess, or is it just verbal? Thank you for any information.
  16. Some of our FCC are attached to a booked cruise for Aug. 30, 2021, and that lists my expiration as: "sail by" date of 5/1/2022. We had some left and wanted to use it on a cruise past that 5/1/2022 date. Just took awhile on hold with a Princess rep., and now my FCC being used for this new booking now says: "Book By 12/31/22 and Sail By 12/31/22." Same date??? That is rather odd, but I am happy it was moved!
  17. We were also booked on the May 2, cruise that Nini is asking about. I wrestled with whether to pay final payment on it for a long time hoping COVID was going to be better. The final payment on this cruise was definitely the 90 days out so I am not sure how others in May were later. The 60 day final payment window were cruises that were before April 30, so this one missed that date by a hair. After the vaccines came out and we, being 60 and in good health with no underlying conditions, realized we would be last in line for the vaccine, we decided to cancel and book the August 30, cruise, almost same itinerary and same ship, of the Sky. Fingers crossed this will be clearly easier to decide on paying final payment on June 1st, and that we will be vaccinated. There have been several times I moved dates forward and thought “that date will be fine” and it wasn’t. All of it is definitely a guessing game. My travel insurance were wonderful moving my dates yet again, but so far not hearing anything back from my private travel companies in the UK about changing dates on my tours. I inquired close to Christmas so hoping they are just not looking at e-mails from the holiday or because of virus lock downs. They all seems to have active websites. I will try again in January. @nini Did you have any luck getting the final payment date moved forward?
  18. “Stay safe and Healthy!” That is our ending to most correspondence lately and I wish it for you and your family. Your description above could be written about our area of Washington which is next to Idaho. There are so many who believe masks are an infringement on their rights. We shake our head in disbelief as we watch news of people gathering in groups to protest all this, maskless and spreading it more and more. It was scary to have a daughter pregnant and baby born during this pandemic, and I know you are in this category. Our little Lucy is 4 months old now and thankfully my daughter did not catch anything and, knock on wood, it stays that way, and it all happens that way for your girl as well. I am so sorry your area is facing that mutation, and who knows it may already be in the US and elsewhere. They say the vaccine will work anyway in our news! Yesterday I cancelled our May 2, British Isles cruise and booked a few months forward for Aug. 30, 2021. We hope to get the vaccine by then but we are way down the list in line to do so. Every time I move it forward I think this will be gone or safer by then, and then it isn’t. Thank you for your writings which gives a lot of us some joy and hope that we can be doing this all again in the not to distant future. Merry Christmas and Happy 2021!!!
  19. That is great to hear. On the “Live Chat” on Princess page, I was told no, that mine could not be used past May 1. Word to wise, always call and talk to Princess or have your travel agent do so. There seems to be different answers as usual. If we have to move our currently booked reservation ahead to next May, that gives me hope to use the credits past the expired date!!! Thank you for reporting!
  20. I spoke to Princess and booked a cruise this morning and it did use my returned deposit FCC from a Princess cancelled cruise as my deposit, and all other FCC that was in there as credit on the cruise as well. Thank you for your experiences and help!
  21. John, you might want to start a whole new thread for that one. I believe at the moment our extra amount that was given at time of cancellation for taking FCC which in our case was 50% had a very rigid expiration date. Ours was 5/1/22. I had asked about that possibly being moved ahead since there is still ongoing COIVD issues. I was told no, not at the moment but not committing to it happening possibly some time in the future one way or the other. In Princess information, it says if your original money that is sitting in FCC expires, this will be given a new expiration date. Doesn't sound like they will take your original money only that extra percentage that was given when they cancelled. If your $1400 is that extra money Princess gave you when they cancelled you, then it would expire on your date and be gone. Let's hope Princess moves those dates farther forward! I did read a thread where someone later asked for cash back and it was granted. Not sure what happened to her extra percent of FCC.
  22. Thank you, I will call them today. Just wondered if anyone was able to do this recently as it seems sometimes we need to remind the representative it has been done when they say no. 😁
  23. We had a deposit on a cruise back in September, and it was cancelled by Princess. It was matched 100%. It reads like the picture below and we each have one of those in our Princess FCC account. Can this amount be used as a deposit on the future cruise booking or does the deposit have to be paid in cash? Anyone have experience doing this? Thank you for any and all information!
  24. I was just coming on here to ask everyone the same thing, and I saw your thread. I am also not able to check. I check every day, so it is hard to see that "technical difficulties" screen. I restarted computer just in case, but no...still there.
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