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  1. Thanks for the confirmation. I wish RCCL showed the bed bump on their deck plans but for some reason they don't. Actually I don't remember seeing a bed bump on them. Seems the cabins on Oasis and Quantum class are perfect rectangles. I also think the standard balcony cabins are a bit wider. I don't remember there being a tight squeeze to walk past the bottom of the bed like there is on Edge.
  2. Is there a pattern to the day of the week, or the hour of the day, that prices on Celebrity seem to be at their best? I've been watching our preferred category on the Edge go up and down in price pretty dramatically, even within the same day. This morning I got a price that, unfortunately, I did not lock in, then this afternoon it was almost $500 more. Any tips would be appreciated. Thanks.
  3. Unfortunately our Alaska cruise got cancelled. 🤕 Requested Lift and Shift but we haven't heard back yet.
  4. If the entire crew, and all passengers, are required to have been vaccinated, then what reason would there be for any of us to have to wear masks. I say that would make the entire cruise experience so much better. So my reply is YES YES YES. BTW, a reasonable transition period might be in order while mass vaccinations are ramping up. And probably children should be exempt.
  5. We are looking at Dec 5, 2021 on the Edge. I see we would get unlimited access to the Thermal Suite and the Blu Restaurant with Aqua Class. Our choice would be an Infinite Balcony cabin. The upcharge to Aqua, in our case, is almost $1,100 total. We would likely use the Thermal Suite once just for the experience. We can do that for $69 each so $138 total for a day pass. Blu sounds awesome but for another $900? Is there anything else that would justify that extra cost? We can afford it, and would do it, but we still feel compelled to justify it. Can you help me with that? 😊 BTW, we ha
  6. We are Elite with Celebrity based on our RCCL Diamond status. Still, we have never cruised on Celebrity. Now that Celebrity is including beverages, Wi-Fi and gratuities for everyone, what benefit is there to being Elite? Adding to that question, do you expect there will be descent beverage service if there's no incentive for either Celebrity or the servers other than for premium beverages? I guess the servers would likely get an extra tip.
  7. Those who agreed with my choice seem to have answered exactly as I would have. We like the sitting area to be near the balcony. My original question was how to determine bed placement but I think I figured that out. The deck plan actually shows the jut out for the beds. The cabin highlighted in the attached screen shot should have the couch by the balcony. Am I right on that?
  8. We have never cruised on Celebrity but are Diamond on Royal Caribbean, so we became Elite on Celebrity. We do have our Captains Club # which confirms Elite. It will be nice to try another cruise line even if still part of RCCL. We always book Balcony on RCCL ships and know how to determine if a cabin has the bed or the couch by the balcony. We prefer the couch to be by the balcony. Any tips how to determine that on the Edge would be appreciated. It is likely every other one like we are used to but I don't even know where to start. Thanks in advance.
  9. Thank you, I didn't know that. I added 89361 to my RCCL contact some time ago believing it was only theirs. Pretty loose security I would think. . Thanks again everyone.
  10. I've gotten three texts with links to the census and I'm getting annoyed. I already completed my census but I don't want to block RCCL because I'm a regular cruiser. Maybe someone is spoofing them but I don't think so because it's coming from their 5 digit texting number. I gave them my cell number to keep me up to date on the status of my cruises and not for any other purpose.
  11. I hadn't thought to look at the app. Sure enough you found what appears to be the latest deck plan. Thanks.
  12. I just noticed how you spelled centered (centred) . My immediate thought was either you're British or a careless American. 😀 I have been 61 years in California but was born in Scotland where I lived for my first 10 years. Glad to see this forum reaches both sides of the pond. 👍 BTW, thanks for the input.
  13. On the site that I'm using, which I'm not allowed to mention, none of the bed arrangements are what I prefer. I'm saving $700 so I can put up with it. Just a preference not a requirement. Thanks.
  14. OOPS, glad I asked. So I made the same mistake on 11588? Looks like all of the bed by the bath cabins are booked.
  15. Just to confirm I understand you correctly, cabin 11182 and 11588 should both have the bed by the bath and couch by the balcony, right? I attached a screen shot. Thanks.
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