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  1. Ummm...it is after all "CRUISE" Critic, not All Inclusive Critic, or Winnebago Critic, or Motel Critic, etc..., so it stands to reason that a majority would skew towards cruises. Logically thinking, at any rate.
  2. If we are going on a cruise, we do tend to tip our driver; we feel it is the right thing to do, whether it is a limo, a Princess shuttle or whatever your preferred mode...
  3. One of the biggest misconceptions about Coronavirus/COVID-10 is symptoms. There are so many people who are positive for the virus who are asymptomatic (have no symptoms at all). We opened a test facility in our are about a month ago, to get widespread testing and those with no symptoms or mild symptoms are encouraged to go. We have had a surprisingly large number of positives turn up from that testing site, which in turn leads to finding more positives from their family/friends/contacts who have also been asymptomatic.
  4. No offense, but you started a controversial post with a lot of "my understanding", "I think", and "maybe I was misinformed"... Unless you know things like this, maybe don't start rumors or misinformation like that...?
  5. I didn't say I had any; I said that I THOUGHT you were wrong about the bankruptcy 😄 Just disagreeing with you about the likelihood of bankruptcy. 🙂
  6. If you're wrong, and I think that you are about CCL declaring bankruptcy, are you going to be willing to admit it, especially if they make all of their passengers whole?
  7. Not all passengers...Some of us locally, where masking is mandatory at all indoor locations other than our own homes, and outdoors where you cannot maintain social distancing of six feet, are ,alomg ,asls fim: We're looking for nice patterns for cloth masks, accessorizng with our clothing, etc. In other words, if you have to wear them, enjoy them; if you can't beat 'em, join 'em
  8. Could you two go play on your soapboxes elsewhere? You're hijacking the thread...Thank you! 😄
  9. 1) You're beating a dead horse...actually you're bringing it out of its grave to beat it 2) CCL doesn't bear all of the blame for Diamond; they were at the whim and will of the country (Japan) and the WHO 3)Coral was brought onboard by passengers that came BACK whilst trying to debark and head home; then spread whilst getting to the US, the only port that would actually take them and 4) If you're so close to never cruising again, why do you keep obsessively posting on a cruising site? Sorry for the rant, but jeez...
  10. If you want cute cloth masks, check out Etsy.com They have some great ones; once on the site, just search face masks and then the kind you want Example: face mask corgis
  11. Excellent; we have our paddles and balls, and will bring them on our next cruises on Enchanted and Discovery! 😄
  12. The Rome portion of the Enchanted has always been October. The Barcelona leg starts in November...
  13. That is strange! 🤔
  14. I don't know; look on the site; it's still Barcelona to Ft. Lauderdale, November 5.
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