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  1. Lmao...c-boy not going near a bar on a cruise? 😀 😘
  2. How is it nickel and diming? You can have a great tea hour for free, or pay an upcharge to enjoy the "upgraded" with, I believe, more choices and possibly champagne...your choice
  3. For leftovers in the fridge, bring along a few disposable shower caps. They fit over the plates, and the elastic edges cling underneath the plate, keeping food fresh
  4. After their latest series of fines, Princess might take that sort of items more seriously than your Rum Running escapades. Guess we'll see...have fun if you miss the ship.
  5. The waiter's family, or the rest of their own family? 😄
  6. And when they get confiscated and you get disembarked because your "have to haves" get you in trouble? Plus it's not about completely stopping everything; it's about making a difference. Seriously, seagull posting is just an attempt to get a reaction, which you do, but is this really how you live your life? No consideration at all for what you leave behind? Thank you 🙂 It may be YOUR truth, as you see it... Actions do make a difference, and as more people take actions, it's a ripple effect...is that simple enough? Maybe instead of, in your words, laughing at others, you could actually take a second and think about something that you could do in your day to day life, without too much personal trouble, to leave a better world behind.
  7. I would like to thank you for starting this topic...I was in the middle of reading it on this bright Sunday morning, when I felt a sudden inexplicable compulsion to get up and make us avocado, cheese and tomato omelettes. On the extra delicious side, we get fresh from the chicken eggs to add to the "yum" factor, so, again, thank you for starting this thread. 😄
  8. After reading the title of the thread, my initial reaction was "maybe, but they'll bill your account" 😂😁
  9. A lot of the world IS getting onboard with conserving the environment...that's why it's called "Earth Day" not "United States Day". I may not be the most forward thinking when it comes to the changes, but I do my part, and I definitely AM informed due to my work. Just because some areas aren't conserving or helping, does not mean that efforts by others should be diminished by those who don't want to help out. Every bit helps as they say.
  10. Hate to burst your bubble, but in some states, they are ahead of Princess in the recycling and protect the environment game...mayhaps not where you live, or you personally, but in a lot of places...
  11. Apologies, I thought it read 25 days to go, 😊
  12. We like to call it "Around the World, With Wine" 😀
  13. We have ordered the shrimp and the chocolate covered strawberries to go with our champagne at sailaway: lovely!!😀
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