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  1. It looks exactly like something my son would love to do. Though I suspect he'd have a hard time with the ziplines (he's 4'9" but barely 70 lbs still) and I'm more of a waterslide person I think 🙂 Hope you leg feels better soon.
  2. I believe the water park opens at 1 pm on the first day, I saw it somewhere but can't find the link to the daily schedule any more. It closes down for the safety drill of course.
  3. I am looking at booking a Western Caribbean cruise on MSC for next year. The price is very similar, with Seaside being a few dollars more, both on the same week. I travel with my son who will be 10 and likes water slides, ropes courses and soft serve ice cream (and cruise ship buffets). Would either ship be better for us? We have cruise Carnival and RCL, preferring Carnival (kiddo does not like the kids club on RCL but does on Carnival so that wins!) The itineraries are different, and we are doing the same ports as the Seaside cruise in December on Carnival but we've been to them all before so it's not a big deal with way, I don't think. We like beaches and snorkeling. So, does it matter? Should I save the $70 and book Meraviglia? Meraviglia - Costa Maya, Belize, Roatan, Ocean Cay Seaside - Ocho Rios (actually the only port we haven't been to but we have it booked for December), Grand Cayman, Cozumel and Ocean Cay It would be an insides, fantastica probably with the All Inclusive (internet and easy drinks for me, alcohol free for him). I have booked and cancelled with MSC 3 times now, can't seem to commit to trying them. But the prices and inclusions are looking really good, and these two ships seem to have water slides and lots of stuff for kiddo to do. Thanks!
  4. Independence of the Seas is the sister ship to Freedom and when it was refurbished, it got water slides, a skypad (though that may be closed? I haven't been keeping up) which is a trampoline type thing. Part of their "amplified" updates. I think they added laser tag as well? So far Indy, Mariner and Navigator have been updated. I assume Freedom will be as well, and maybe Oasis.
  5. Enjoying the review! I've been on Freedom twice when it was in FLL, we really enjoyed the ship but I am kind of hoping she gets the Indy treatment and they add some water slides 🙂
  6. My son would vote for Dream, more water slides 🙂 Our first cruise was on Liberty which I think is a sister ship to Valor? We had fun but he didn't like the one water slide, and of course the aft pool is adults only, while on Dream it's not. Plus the sleeping situation sounds better for you on there.
  7. Oh, and yes we mix it up with whose clothes are in which bag, it isn't all my stuff in one and kiddo's in another. My clothes are bigger than his (he's only 9), so we mix it up to get everything to fit. I do take 2 or 3 bathing suits for each of us, I hate putting on a wet one! And I take a few ziploc bags for packing wet items on the way home if necessary. I also mix the clothes up just in case one bag gets lost (had to gate check on a few flights because they have no over head bins, also once I check them in on the ship). I like to make sure we have will each have something to wear if one gets lost.
  8. I find shoes to take up the most space, I guess because they can't be folded, rolled or otherwise squished 🙂 So we wear our clunkier foot wear and pack a pair of flip flops and nicer sandals. If we are doing something that requires water shoes I will pack those too, but I like to know what excursions so I can plan for that. But my son and I do it all the time, and his personal item is usually just his tablet for the plane, his neck pillow and a stuffy, so not much actual use! I find mix and match clothes the best, and make sure my fancier clothes are easy to pack. I am lucky since kiddo doesn't wear a full suit, he will wear nice pants, a white shirt and a vest with bow tie. Vest and bow tie we take two so he looks different on the two formal nights.
  9. Thank you! got mine for March 14, 2020 🙂 I checked this morning and it wasn't there so am happy to have seen this and been able to snag it!
  10. My son prefers Carnival kids club to RCL. He will actually go to the club on Carnival, while on RCL he refuses. RCL seems to have a block of time with a group of activities listed but you don't know which of those will actually happen, so if you see something listed in there that really interests your kids it may happen, or it may not. On Carnival they list activities differently, so this is from 10 to 10:30 and then you move on to the next one. He prefers that, he knows then he wants to go for certain times. We have been on Carnival Magic and he really wants to go back on there, which is lucky since we have it booked again next year 🙂 We have not been on Anthem or Allure, we've only been on other RCL ships. I'd say it will depend on your kids a bit, do they like to know exactly what's going on or are they ok not to? As a parent, I thought both were staffed well, and set up nicely.
  11. I only cruise with my son (since he was 5) and twice on Carnival so far. We have always been seated just the two of us on Carnival, I'm not sure why. He loves to cruise, especially all the different foods he can try. He likes the kids club on Carnival, but not on Royal (not sure why). I do sometimes have time to myself onboard and will go to Serenity or if we have a balcony just hang out there, I will stop to get a drink on my way 🙂 We were seated with another family on one of our Royal cruises and it was ok, the kids were about my son's age and they actually didn't come to dinner most nights. I wouldn't worry about it too much, do you have set time dining or my time? If it's My Time they will probably ask if you want to sit alone or with others.
  12. I haven't cruised on NCL and probably can't answer much in terms of comparison since I really only have 5 cruises so far. However, my son and I both prefer Carnival to RCL. He refuses to go to the kids club on RCL but loves it on Carnival. I'm not exactly sure why and he has a hard time explaining it to me. I think Carnival is more structured in some ways, they say this activity is for this time and that's it. RCL gives a time frame with a block of things they may or may not do. He likes knowing exactly what he'll be doing when. Probably doesn't matter to most kids 🙂 We find Carnival more fun. However both are quite similar to me! I think more differences that we have seen are which ship and itinerary we choose. He likes the rock climbing on RCL and the water slides and ropes course on Carnival.
  13. Carnival Liberty was my first cruise (as an adult) with my son who was 5 at the time. It hooked us on cruising. He was too scared to try the water slide at the time, but we watched lots of people use it. He is willing to go back on it if that makes a difference (he's now 9 and has been on a number of other cruises/ships). I love cruising from Port Canaveral, and with a shorter cruise I usually add a day or two at Disney (could also do SeaWorld, Universal, Legoland, etc) Or just the beach.
  14. If you are travelling with kids we did the airboat tour after the cruise and my son said it was his favourite excursion. He got to hold a baby alligator Sent from my SM-G930W8 using Tapatalk
  15. Looking to book for March 2020... yes I know it's a long way away but I want to book sooner than later so I can hopefully get flights that aren't crazy expensive. My son (he'll be 10) and I have cruised RCL and Carnival, never been on NCL. He loves water slides, rock walls, ropes courses, etc. Does not care for the kids club on RCL but enjoys it on Carnival. We are looking at two cruises, both are Western Caribbean but different ports. Similar price, with NCL being a bit more. I don't drink so the drink packages don't appeal to me. Both would be in balcony cabins. I'm not sure how to decide between the two. Same week, both from Port Canaveral. NCL is Saturday to Saturday, RCL is Sunday to Sunday. Breakaway - Great Stirrup Cay, Ocho Rios, Grand Cayman, Cozumel - we have been to Grand Cayman and Cozumel before, Ocho Rios is one I want to go to for Dunn's (a bucket list thing from when I cruise with my parent's almost 30 years ago). Harmony - Coco Cay, Costa Maya, Roatan, Cozumel - we have been to all 4 though a different port in Roatan and of course Coco Cay will be updates (which really appeals to kiddo). Anyone have any suggestions on how to decide? Both ships look fun filled, we are familiar with RCL so I think Harmony would be good, plus Coco Cay would be amazing for kiddo (and expensive I'm sure lol). But we have never done NCL so maybe it would be nice to try it? Thanks!
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