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  1. This is actually the first hopeful news I've seen on the mixing of vaccines. If they are recognizing it then perhaps the CDC will follow suit at some point. Hopefully before my PIF date in December so I can decide if I'll be able to cruise or not 😄
  2. I'm looking at AI's as well. My next cruise is March break 2022 and I am mixed vac so hoping it's settled by then, but since PIF is in December I kind of need to know by then. I hope it all works out. At least my son will be vaccinated (he was finally able to get his first dose when Ontario opened them to all kids born in 2009), he'll be done by end of September and within the proper time lines. I have read that a number of the AI's offer the US anitgen test free, but the one we need is not free. That applies to Punta Cana and Mexico resorts. Since it's just two of us that isn't a huge deal but as you get into bigger families I can see how it really adds up. I am also hopeful that the testing requirements for fully vaxxed (by Canada standards) will go away at some point.
  3. I emailed my MPP and the Minister of Health regarding this (again). Hopefully a better answer than "thanks for writing" which is what I got last time. Federally I got a "we're working on it" message from the MP, but of course now we have an election so that means nothing and would really just be about getting it recognized. I think I'd feel better having that third dose. I was talking to a friend at work, I have AZ/Pfizer, talking about getting J&J in the US and of course Canada has that deal to manufacture Moderna so if I got that I'd have all 4 approved ones... I'd be like superwoman! Or well protected at least 😄
  4. I believe for most of the cruise lines if they are the same vaccine the timing is not an issue. If one is Pfizer and one Moderna then it is. But I do understand where you are coming from because I am in the same position. I'd prefer to get it all settled sooner than later so I can feel comfortable with my March bookings. I haven't booked excursions or anything else because I'm afraid we'll have to cancel and my money will be tied up while they sort out the refunds for those. 😞
  5. Interesting. I've emailed (again). I am hopeful given the 3rd doses Ontario is doing for some, and the fact they have opened it up to all kids born in 2009 (based on results in Alberta and BC). Hopefully they will take it seriously. I'd suggest adding Christine Elliott to the MPP as well, she's the Minister of Health for Ontario and where my initial letter was forwarded by my MPP, so I cut the middle man and sent another letter to both.
  6. I am hoping the US border opens for driving, I would gladly go get a J&J or 2nd shot of Pfizer. Sadly Ontario is only offering 3rd doses to certain groups (for now). But my December 2009 kiddo will be able to get his Pfizer starting tomorrow so I am thrilled about that! He'll be considered vaccinated before me 😆 with my AZ/Pfizer mix. We currently do have a trip to Orlando planned for December so I guess I could always plan to get it then? If we even go. We don't cruise until March (and I know things can change). I do have until December for PIF. Any way. Maybe Ontario will offer 3rd doses. I have some hope.
  7. I moved my December cruises to March in hopes things will get sorted (I'm mixed vaccines) and also to give my turning 12 in December kid time to get vaccinated as well. But oh I want to travel! It's been two years since our last trip and I just want to be able to go somewhere and do something. We are going to Toronto for a few days, but it's not the same as a cruise 🙂
  8. This is my tentative plan should things not improve. When (if?) the drive across border opens I plan to get a single J&J there (if still possible) and be done. I am AZ/Pfizer. My son turns 12 in December and unless they lower the age well before that he will get vaccinated then. We moved our cruises to March hoping this would all be cleared up as it was just too confusing and messy. That, at least, gives me some time to figure it out (PIF is late December so I'm hoping I will have a good idea by then). Flights are booked but as it's Orlando, worst case we'll do theme parks instead.
  9. This whole mixed dose thing just makes me want to cry, I did what I was told and thought was the right thing and now I may be able to cruise, but be considered unvaccinated. I hope this gets sorted out sooner than later. I don't cruise until March at this point, but it makes me want to get a second dose of Pfizer, which would be a third dose of vaccine, and feels like I'd be stealing it from someone else. If they'd even let me. Just makes me angry. I should just wait until the border opens and go get the one shot Johnson and Johnson, maybe I'd have super covid resistant powers then with all the different vaccines...
  10. I believe they changed their messaging today, up until recently it all said mixing was ok.
  11. I'm in the same boat, AZ then Pfizer. I moved my cruises from December in order to get more time to sort this out, and get my son vaccinated as he turns 12 then. I hope it does get resolved sooner than later, I have PIF in December for March cruises on RCL, which is now saying the same thing when before they said it was ok. Prime Minister says he is working on it but who knows. I don't think it's just cruises either, other countries are also not considering it fully vaccinated. I am very angry that this is how it's played out, do what we're told and get screwed over. I really hope it get fixed. Without having to get a third shot of something.
  12. I have a cruise booked in December (on Mardi Gras) and am stressing out!! My son turns 12 on the cruise so he won't be vaccinated. I'm just not sure if I should try and move it, if we go later he would be vaccinated and no worries! But all this approval to be part of the 5%, limiting which excursions... just makes me anxious. We want to go, I do hope they relax things a bit by then, but of course no one can predict what will happen, and if I wait too long to cancel/move I may have to pay much higher prices. Any way. Interesting to see what the plans are for July/August especially with regards to the excursions and activities.
  13. I hope that doesn't impact travel, it isn't just Canadians of course, it was used a lot in the UK as well. And it's what I have gotten. I'd also worry about Canadians with mixing vaccines, will that be ok? I was going to be getting Moderna for my second dose but managed to get an earlier appointment for AZ so will have both doses of that, but if it's not one worry, it's another! Hopefully there will be some sort of guidance, perhaps approval based on WHO guidelines? or your countries approvals? Or if we get a "you're vaccinated!" passport of some sort it will just say "two doses" and not give details? Who knows... but I hope this doesn't make it harder to travel. I got my AZ to do my part, I hate to think it'll result in me being punished for that now and not able to travel like others.
  14. I got my first jab April 21 (AstraZeneca) and managed to find an appointment for dose 2 July 11th (probably Moderna). It has been hard to find a second dose appointment. I am most frustrated for my son, he turns 12 in December, supposed to be while on Carnival Mardi Gras followed by a week on Harmony. At this point I have no idea if we'll be able to go 😞 I have until September so hopefully by then we'll know more about vaccinating younger kids and also what requirements for cruising, and travelling to/from Canada will be. It is frustrating because I know some areas of Ontario are giving the shot to any child born in 2009, as is Alberta, but not nearby so I don't know where to go to do that. We will have to settle for hoping the water parks and Wonderland open this summer so we can go on a little trip. We're in Ottawa and while I hate driving in/through Toronto, we'll do it just to do something.
  15. I guess I should have known better than to book a cruise for my son's 12th birthday! Of course this was postponed from his 11th birthday. I have until September I guess, since we cruise in December. Same issue on RCL that we have booked as well. I want him vaccinated, don't get me wrong, but it varies so much as to whether I can get it for him by birth year or have to wait for birthdate. I guess we'll see how it goes. I really just want to be able to cruise again (as we all do).
  16. I am hoping for this, and that Canada will shorten the duration between doses by then. His pediatrician today said he thought they should lower it to 10 soon, but I don't know what he was basing it on. At least I will have mine! First dose already but a few more weeks until the second.
  17. This throws a wrench in my December cruise, my son turns 12 four days before we are due to board. I am hoping to get him vaccinated before we go but it seems to vary locally whether is is actually 12 or born in 2009. Even if I got him the shot on his birthday, that doesn't leave enough time to get the second dose and then have 2 weeks. Ugh. I have no issue with the requirement to be vaccinated in general terms, just this specific type of case. I will have to hope he can get his done before we travel I guess. I thought I was done worrying about whether this vacation would happen.
  18. Liberty 2015 for my 40th! Now hooked 🙂
  19. Thanks for this! I just thought I would get something eventually after I booked but it never came. Now I have the details, but it doesn't list my C&A number, which I put in when I booked so I guess I'll have to figure out how to make sure that goes on there somehow.
  20. Never been on NCL but my son (he was 8 at the time) and I really enjoyed the Magic. He loved the water slides and ropes course, and the sports square area. And the BBQ 🙂 He's all about the food. We had a balcony on lido and it was really nice. We have Mardi Gras and Horizon booked for the future but I wouldn't hesitate to go on Magic again.
  21. I still haven't heard back from the email enquiry I sent, I suspect I will have to call and see what's going on. It's just a busy time of year to spend time on hold. My price has not changed with the ship change, however it would have been nice to get something for the switch!
  22. I just logged in to see my Jan 30 - Feb 13 2022 Meraviglia cruise and was very confused, my itinerary changed, the cabin I selected was now guaranteed... I never got an email or anything! Then I looked closer and see it will be on the Seashore instead. The whole thing is a bit ironic since my Dec 2020 cruise was switched from Seaside to Meraviglia before being cancelled. I had thought 2022 would be "safe" to travel again... I'm ok with the ship change though I preferred the Sunday departure, the new itinerary isn't as much fun but I guess it will do. I just wish they had sent me an email or something! given me a choice? They did with the other one. I'll admit I have been not paying attention to much of anything cruise related other than things keep getting cancelled further out, but I guess I should. I had logged in to see if there were any excursions showing up yet.
  23. I was on the Dec 6 Horizon and called Sunday to see what my options were, I had only put down $100 for deposits so worst case I'd lose that. But they moved it for me, no extra fees or penalties and somehow I didn't have to pay any more. I moved it to April 2023 🙂 and now have a BTB booked then. The person on the phone was very helpful. I could have cancelled and lost the $100 but am happy I was able to move it. Good luck!
  24. My son was just 5 on our first cruise, we did an Eastern route. He wasn't keen on San Juan, no beach time and while the fort was neat to walk around, it was HOT and a lot of walking. I think he would have preferred a Western, there are a lot of kid friendly excursions to do, Though with that Eastern you could do it with the port area at Amber Cove, free beach in front of Grand Turk and walk to the Fort. So no transfers required (if you are worried about that).
  25. I don't think Belize really has a beach near the port. When I went with my son (he was 8 ) we did the cave tubing, it was ok, but not something your mom would be able to do. We are going again in 2022 (fingers crossed) and I'm planning to do an excursion from through the ship, there are some that seem to pick you up at the ship (it's a tender port, unless you are going to Harvest Caye, NCL's port?) so that seems really convenient. There are a few excursions that go to nice little islands with beaches, and snorkeling if you want to do it.
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