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  1. I am leaving on this same cruise next Sat and am interested to read more of your review. Its great so far!
  2. We are leaving in this cruise next Saturday. I'm glad to hear there is not seaweed problem in Costa Maya right now 🙂
  3. Our first cruise was on the Epic and everything was great! I even didn't mind the bathroom situation, we have a 10 year old (he was 5 at the time) and EVERYTIME someone would get in the shower he would have to go to the bathroom. Having them separated I didn't have to hear whining about how he has to wait. We didn't love everything we ate, which is just personal preference, but we definitely found lots of things we loved! We have another NCL cruise planned next month and I am already looking forward to the hashbrowns and corned beef hash lol
  4. I am not Kim but I would highly recommend Maya Chan in Costa Maya. We went on our last cruise and are going back in February because we liked it so much. Super relaxing all inclusive with awesome staff. Food and drinks were super good. I think it's like $65? Per person which includes transportation to and from cruise port.
  5. Of you want late night food without a charge run down to the sports bar, usually O 'sheehans and and grab something. The fajitas, chicken wings, and spinach artichoke dip are really good. They are open 24/7
  6. Last week my cruise dropped by close to $100 per person so I called and rebooked and saved about $200. Today is my final payment due date and I checked last night and they had raised the price back up by $150 per person. I would imagine they did this to be able to drop the price on black Friday and make it look like a really good deal.
  7. Also to the OP, you do not need to burn your money. If your trip isn't until Jan 25, 2020 you are still well in your cancellation window. If you decided to cancel right now you are not going to lose money. So there is no need to be that dramatic about it.
  8. Yes I assumed I would have to book onboard in order to use them. Hopefully the excursion we want isn't sold out before we board. I guess its a risk I will have to take.
  9. I assume you can but does anyone know if you can combine OBC and the $50 port excursion credit and put both toward an excursion. We will have $100 OBC and usually put this toward booze, but for the first time we will be sailing with SPD and UDP so I was thinking of using this toward an excursion.
  10. Cool Cruiser Thank you for posting these links. They were informative, I had also seen different things regarding the SDP on the Escape and this helps clear things up directly from NCL vs things I have read on here.
  11. We have cruised twice with NCL and have a third cruise booked for the same sailing of Jan 25 on the Escape. We have loved both of previous cruises and can not think of another way we want to spend our vacations. That being said you must go into it with a good mind set. If you are going into it with a predisposition that you will be unhappy then you will find the faults others point out. If you are going into it with the attitude that I am here to have fun and book some fun excursions, you will have fun and may even get hooked. For every person that comes back complaining about how terrible their cruise was there are 10 people that are on their 10th+ cruise and are already looking to book the next. Get involved with the roll call, meet some people you are cruising with. If there is a meet and greet sign up to go, they are fun. If you are going to be a negative Nancy you should probably just cancel your cruise, but if you want to have a great vacation and get to go to fun places, eat some pretty decent food (and lots of it), and get your drink on for 7 days then stop reading the negative comments and go for it.
  12. I am in the same situation with my son. If she takes the court paper work with her she can get her children passports. I always carry my son's passport with us and bring my legal court documents and his birth certificate with me with me and lock them in the safe just in case I would need them. So far I have not needed them and no one has asked. As long as you have passports and ship cards for the children I highly doubt anyone will question anything. I have always sailed with NCL tho, Carnival could be different, but I doubt it.
  13. Thanks everyone for the input. I think he will love the show. I just didn't want to take him blind into something and then find out the hard way it was really inappropriate. Like I said we are not prudish in any way but there are somethings I do have to draw the line at lol
  14. We are sailing on the Escape for our 3rd cruise in January. My 10 yr old son loves to go to "the show" when we are on board. He loves music and was in awe of Million Dollar Quartet on the Getaway. I am not that into Jazz so I don't know that I am too interested in going to After Midnight but I have heard that Choir of Man is really good. I was wondering if this is a show that I can take my son too. I am pretty laid back and don't mind some swearing and drinking, but I don't know much about this show and I don't want to take him to something that is really inappropriate and adult themed. Also does anyone have any opinions on the Escape the Big Top show?
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