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  1. At check in there will be a Latitudes Member line, a Platinum and above line, and a "Check In" line. In my experience, we take the shortest line of the Latitudes and basic line, last two cruises the basic check in line was shorter. All latitudes members not specifically outlined in GADave's post above get the group number card and await your number to be called to board. Perfect time to chill and watch the throngs of peeps.
  2. All the eggs are "real eggs" The liquid eggs used to make scrambled eggs are all real eggs, mechanically shelled and blended. Some will have milk added to them prior to shipping, others not. They are then pasteurized for food safety and citric acid is added so they wont turn green when held hot. Depending on the brand they may even be "cage free". I have even noticed that the shell eggs have been pasteurized as well, at least on the Dawn last year. If you look when you order your over easy eggs and see the albumin is slightly opaque, or milky, that egg has been pasteurized in the shell. It's a nice added food safety measure given the sheer number of eggs prepared every day on cruise ships.
  3. Last January on Dawn we departed from Pan American. When we returned we tied to a pier directly across from PA. Sorry I forget the name. When I called our car service he knew where we were, told us it happened often. Just be aware if that is what you are trying to do. Ditto on the stevedores, the port employees struggled with embarkation as well. But it was sunny and warm so it was what it was
  4. Being an "on land" hospitality operator that does events weekly, some of which "simply insist" providing their own wine, I can tell you $15 is cheap for a cork fee, I won't let it on property for less then $25 per bottle. My license, my risk, my sales, my rules. Can't say for sure how NCL handles liquor licensing, or risk assessment but I sure look at it and I am not going to let a bottle come through the door that I get zero revenue off and still need to pay the overhead on...and not know exactly how much is being consumed and leave my staff to figure it out in a sue happy society. Point is, there is more to it than simply sales of a bottle of wine
  5. Nah, just a wee bit o trollin of the finer peeps.
  6. "Gen Pop", "I'm Platinum, "I'll be Platinum Plus", "I only sail in the Haven".... This thread reads like a script for Thurston Howell III. Jeeves, do grab my slippers, the unwashed have walked on the pool deck before thee... pfft
  7. Technically speaking this has been the rule since 2007 with WHTI. Somewhere, I can’t find it, I read that April of 2020 was the so called deadline. My memory is not all that great so that may be a phantom thought. Stands to reason the DHS would start pushing for that now
  8. I would not necessarily blame NCL or any cruise line. There some legalities that MLB, NFL, NHL etc have put in place so that they get their fair share of revenue presumed earned because of their product. Typically it happens in places of business and even some small sports bars in Anytown USA have got fined for broadcasting a game not found on their cable network. I would imagine being a large target, travelling well out of coverage areas, the contracted networks are putting the squeeze on.
  9. That's what I did with them yesterday. I guess it is truly a glitch. Now on to hockey season til I can bail to the warmer climates. Thanks to both of you for the response
  10. Sailing in January and made our final Payment on August 9th. I go into our MyNCL account quite often to check on check in status, excursions, new things etc and all along we have had a zero balance. Yesterday it showed we now owe $34.90. I can't find where that came from or why, so I call. NCL says we show you as paid in full it's a glitch. I asked for an email stating that, because I am paranoid like that, and all they could send was the confirmation. We already had the confirmation and our eDocs so I really didn't need that to be sent. So my questions, has it happened to you? Did you push to make the online account reflect what they are seeing for your own peace of mind? Did you get it resolved and how? And finally...am I making more of this than it is?
  11. Since 2015; Stock from 47.3 to 52, Pax from 2.2 mil to 2.8 mil, GAPP net income from $342.6 to $954.8. I would say he is doing exactly what he is being paid to do. If one does not like those changes, the beauty of the free market is you get to take your dollars and get the best value for you as the individual. Given the overall growth, I am willing to bet there are plenty of folks willing to fill the seats so to speak. In the end I book with NCL because I know the product, like the product, and know very well each and every line does things in the name of profit that I would not like. Would anyone on here run a business without trying to maximize profit? Then there is the matter that pops up from time to time regarding staff wages. According to one popular business rag back in June, NCL boast the highest median annual earnings of $20k amongst the big 3 cruise lines. Then you add in the increased regulation, cost of provisions, etc and again, he is doing exactly what he is paid to do. Just my $.02, but if I had a business I'd hire a guy just like him to help build it, at least from a financial point of view, he could be a jerk for all I know.
  12. Sure, do some math and just make sure you have an easy spot to park in your cabin. Typically they can't be parked in the passage way, although with my BIL if they were just popping into the cabin and back out they had no issue, overnight it was in the cabin. Call the airlines if you are flying as well and make sure the battery you have is airline safe, they will also check it straight through for you and make your connections via golf cart. United was done that way without a fee, Delta this year is the same. Enjoy that Holiday trip!
  13. In the Hospitality world a GM of, say a hotel, has numerous directors that report to them. For instance F&B Director, Director of Housekeeping, Director of Sales, Director of Conferences and Events, Director of Entertainment, etc. The GM is to top dog on property. So it would seem the title shift fits better. The why it was done, who knows but from a talent aquisition standpoint, it makes more sense in the industry to name that what the rest of the industry does.
  14. Cheng, does the tide effect waters (level or current) all the way up to NOLA?
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