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  1. Thanks for the respectful back and forth. It's nice to debate and chat. For the record I do agree with the corporation being treated as you said above. However, I would be the guy opening a cake shop next to Masterpiece and would be more than willing to aggressively go after his business! Be well, hope to meet you on a cruise sometime and not talk politics but solve the worlds problems with mojito in hand
  2. 1: Didn't say it was any of that, I did say requiring paper to prove anything is, history teaches that. Didn't say anyone was dragging me but thank you for your concern. 2: Your choosing to get it does not negate anyone's choice to not get it. You are assuming all others believe as you do and your binary thought process can't fathom that those that disagree could be right, because you KNOW you are right, therefore they are wrong. Your guilt of "endangers members" may work for some I guess. Herd immunity, welp...if you factor in the WHO and CDC estimates on actual infections
  3. I would not have a choice in the end due to the job thing, and sadly...legally they can force it or as an employee at will I could leave, but I'm too close to start anew
  4. Perhaps a bit...I don't normally walk that route but in this case it does apply. Do you really want to HAVE to show papers to fly for work?, Enter a hotel? Cross a state line? Do you?
  5. Just this week NYS amended there app to now include hotels, some larger shopping areas, smaller venues than stated, mass transit areas etc. While the "law" may not be stated if you are hindering those freedoms then in effect, you are forcing them. If my job, which it does, demands travel and stays in NY and in order to do so I must prove I am vaccinated, then my livelihood is tied to me having the vaccine...I AM FORCED to do it. I will get the shot next week, it was my plan to do so because I choose to travel for pleasure and getting it is my choice in order to do what I enjoy. I support a
  6. Yep, same here. I've done all that is, and has been, asked of me. I don't buy 99% of what I have read but it's no skin off my butt to wear the mask (the job requires it any way). There are times when I truly believe there is one political party in this nation, not two, and those 500+ fools are doing a fine job profiting off the afore mentioned binary thinking. I am scheduled for a stick on Monday, in my case I've been too young, too healthy, too rich, too skinny, and not essential enough until now. Although I feel old, know my Doc better than I'd like, took a damn pay cut, gained 25 pande
  7. It's binary thinking...I'm right therefore you're wrong facts be damned. In this land of mine, you are an (R) or a (D) and everything is now seen through that prism, period. Now add to that a Covid true believer vs a denier, and there is no longer room for intelligent disagreement. It simply isn't a binary world in my opinion, there are all kinds of layers at least in my little sphere.
  8. Sorry it's been so long. Actually opening up a few pieces of business up here. I did not say when, I just thought, and still think, NYC will go first. First, for the reason's mentioned initially, and now there is growing pressure to reopen NYC. Obviously we are all launching spit balls here but the North East took it hard while the sunbelt and Florida will in relatively great shape. The north east got through the worst of it then the sunbelt too a hit. Given NYC positivity rate today, vs Miami or Tampa, etc. That's what I am looking at, just my optics from my little ole homestead
  9. Just to play devils advocate, I actually think NY may sail first. Based on the trends of the pandemic, if you buy into the data, NYC is in better position to resume than Miami Dade county, Orlando, or Tampa. We are already seeing rapidly increasing air traffic in NYC, from my seat anyway. With hotels in Ny opening, the city is learning to handle what needs to happen, coupled with the protocols in place with the cruise ships, and those still to come. My bet...NY first. If I win, you all send coffee to Vermont! I you win, send beer.
  10. Didnt sail priority but Jan17 it was easy as heck. Easiest ever for us. After checkin go through a short Hall way where you will see the Access check in. Turn left, first area on left is for those needing assistance. Just beyond that a room off to the left had Haven and Platinum and above. The large area on the right was general boarding. We arrive at 9:30, Haven etc went on board at approx 1030ish. We were group one and sitting in O’Sheehan’s at 1100am. When we left, we were one of the last groups off and at the car in 20 minutes from last card swipe (sadly). At the Courtyard on Ibervil
  11. We were told we were moving from Georgetown to Bodden fairly early. On that side of the island it was calm, somewhat. We had an excursion so we met in Tropicana. We booked an excursion only so we would not have to deal with the potential tender anger. While in Tropicana NCL got wind of excursions being canceled. The vendors canceled all the Stingray City and dive events. The tender process was being announced all the time and frequently. Same tender vendors they use in Georgetown came over. Load on top and exit on bottom in Bodden. Opposite coming back. There was a delay at the dock s
  12. For us it required more planning for a reservation for dinner, entertainment, more bodies, smaller pool deck, and the Atrium was always packed for every event and people did not move all day which was fine. Like I said, we would again given the right itinerary. Just like the smaller Gem vibe. That said there was certainly stuff to do
  13. We docked in Coxen Hole. There were two ships on the other side of the peninsula, Carnival and a Princess
  14. Just a quick recap: Embarkation. Quick, efficient, easy etc. Platinum, Haven, Priority, assisted, group 1 Courtyard on Iberville to O’Sheehan’s at in less than an hour. Arrived at the pier at 9:30am. We did choose that time, and no, I did not see anyone turned away. Cabin. 11224 mini suite. Skip the added cost, not worth imo. Steward was good, not around as much as years past but did a nice job, and was friendly Food. (Full disclosure, Im a chef by trade). As always food was good, never bad. Didnt like a item here or there but it was always made well. Bu
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