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  1. We are probably crazy, but we really want to do this cruise. Our time to take long cruises is growing short and it may not be offered again soon. Sooo….we will take chance.
  2. I am not happy with Regents new policy. Sounds like a money grab with no concern for the passengers. Fully understand not being able to board if positive, but since tests are not 100% there should be a chance to re test. I guess we will see how it plays out over the next few months after they actually get a ship underway. We have a expensive long cruise on June with final payment due at the end of the year. We will cancel if we are still on this roller coaster at that time. I would rather waste the $1000 dollars on the deposit than spend another $10,000 on insurance with the risk of having to wear a mask, having ports canceled or flat not being able to do the cruise. It will be interesting to see what really happens.
  3. Sorry too disagree. We too look forward to sailing again on Regent for the 94 day Grand Arctic next June. But as my husband did on past Regent cruises, it will be sans tie! Like many other men who enjoy Regent, he is retired and only wears a tie when a pallbearer at a furneral. The sensible dress code is one of the reasons we and many others sail on Regent. The dress code is plainly stated on the website so I don’t why dress questions keep coming up. DH wears a sport coat and nice shirt when we dine with one of the Officers or when I wear a dressier outfit. If a person likes dressing more formally or likes to go with the ship’s country club casual, that is one’s choice.on Regent.
  4. We are going too!!! Got the suite we wanted. Just now talked to our TA, she said everything is waitlisted or sold out! Wow, if it remains mostly full of WCers it will be a fabulous trip just to be on board.
  5. We are booking also. We like the itinerary as it different from our Navigator 2018 WC and two earlier around the would trips where we did do any stops in SA, Africa and Asia. Since the Regent 2022 and 2023 were not full world cruises we weren’t interested in those but are doing the full 2022 Arctic if things seem to be more or less back to normal. We are also booked on another line for their 2023 WC, but now that we know what Regent is doing, we had rather do this one and maybe something shorter on Regent in 2023. The all inclusive and Regent can’t be beat…….
  6. Totally agree. There is not going to ever be herd immunity for Covid and related illnesses. We will have to live with Covid just like we do the cold, flu or even the likes of Nono virus . Unlike the smallpox vaccine which was required by the gov for everyone 50 years ago, for many reasons the gov can’t / won’t require this vaccine. Most of my family has received their shots. Those of us that have don’t want to have that worry and are enjoying our freedom. Others don’t feel like there is much concern because age, health etc. They have their own reasons. Each person has to make a choice and live with the outcome. All I know for sure is our state has been mask free for about 2 months and our city school for several weeks. we have not worn one for two months to eat out, go to church or travel out of state by car. The only people who are getting sick here, recently, are unvaccinated people in their 20-50s and some of them are getting really sick. They made their choice. The vaccine has been available to all ages for about at least 6 weeks here.
  7. Cruises from Galveston to Mexico are closed loops also. Many cruisers don’t have Passports. Risky but....
  8. I thought Abbott’s order only applied to business fund state and federal monies, not private business. I would cruise serval times a year if Regent offered something out of Galveston.
  9. This all sounds great, or at least progress, but is still a no go for us. The email we got from Regent says we will have to wear mask when outside of our cabin except when eating or drinking. That is absolutely not worth a $1000+ a day per person just to be in a ship. Especially when we have been mask free at home for almost 2 months. Hopefully this nonsense will be a thing of the past before our next cruise May 2022.
  10. Ping pong 1... I totally agree with what you said. My grandchildren went to summer camp last summer ( in TX) like they had for years and are going this summer. Our schools opened last fall. We have not locked ourselves away from family and we have traveled in our RV and just the car out of state just avoiding the places that had lock downs. Yes with a lot of sanitizer and common sense. Our children traveled out of the country during this past year also. Covid is real but so are a lot of other illnesses. My whole family except for the 15 year old have gotten the vaccine now. Enough of the fear mongering by the news media and the politicians .
  11. We have had our second shots more than three weeks ago and are ready to cruise today but only if we don’t have to wear a mask. We have been traveling the past year following mask and distancing rules.
  12. I must be dense today as I don’t understand your comment. The 2023 Regent World Cruise is heavily booked also. Isn’t heavy bookings a good thing for NCL almost two years away?
  13. Don’ t mean to be picky, Pcardad started this talking about another round of cancellations.
  14. Our state is doing 65 + and medical people but there are long waiting lists. Our rural county is doing a sub hub with drive through two days a week so far. Doing about 1000-2000 people a week if they get vaccine.
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