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  1. One of my all time favorite ships, the perfect size! We were last on her for 137 days for the 2018 WC. Next time is the May 2022 Grand Arctic for 94 days. Hopefully the world will have settled down. Y then. If the 2021 Grand Arctic sails I hope some sailors will post reports along the way. It is such a nice itinerary on a classic intimate ship.
  2. I have the same question for the Feb 5 - 10 day Miami to Miami cruise. Final payment is coming soon. Regent needs to bite the bullet and at least put all final payments on hold through the conditional sail date. Also cancel the cruises they know that do not meet the current CDC standards for first couple of months of 2021. It is going to take some time to work through the CDC requirements for their five ships.
  3. We have a cruise on the Splendor in Feb. If we have a vaccine and we can cruise without a mask we will be there. We are of the age where a vaccine is important to us even if it is a yearly one as it probably will be. We have two long Regent cruises booked starting the 2022 Grand Arctic and the 2023 WC. Hopefully at least one will sail without a mask requirement and provide the experience we are accustom to on Regent. Fortunately we have some time before final payment. For us, no cruises wearing a mask. Personally I feel NCL should cancel all cruises through Feb or Marc
  4. We spent three days there while touring the Durban area battlefields. It is a beautiful hotel and the food and service is good.
  5. That is crazy! Why would they offer you a cruise that had was booked!!! I don’t blame you for taking the refund!
  6. From the full on fist fights that are happening in some places, the mask police are alive and well!
  7. No, just the basic fare pp for the suite type and a range for the other savings. The TA doesn’t know yet about her discount either, but it was really good in the 2022 HAL WC and should be at least as good or better for Regent in our past experience. We will have a full suite on HAL but go steerage on Regent. We are going for the Regent cruise regardless as my HD says the discounts are only a rounding error when it is all said and done. I say you can’t take it with you so we are basicly in the same page! 😁
  8. Despite what I said earlier, DH likes the itinerary well enough to put down a deposit now. He said we can just hang around in The EU until the Queen Mary ll heads across the pond or maybe Regent will have something that will work. We got an email with some offers about a week ago because we are past WCers. We gave our TA a list of cabin choices so we will hope for the best. DH does not think the HAL WC in 2022 will go at least in a fashion we like to cruise....we will see on that one....I really like the itinerary and will do that cruise if possible. He likes the Regen
  9. The Pacific is cool and can be rough that time of year. That was the first part of the 2018 WC. We were on the Regent Navigator and small ships can be more effected by the seas. But have done the same itinerary at the same time of year on the Queen Elizabeth and it was rough also. Take some sea sick meds in case. The first few days you may not see much sun, but closer to the islands it gets nicer. Regent is a nice cruise line with plenty to do, unless you like rock climbing or the like. Casual, laidback and friendly fits Regent for us. We cruise on several line
  10. So true. To the point we might stop cruising altogether. I hope not because I like like sitting on my balcony watching the ocean go by!! But the new unknown rules could really mess the experience up from what we have enjoyed since our first cruise in 1984 though the Panama Canal. A lot has changed since then, not always for the better. We shall see.
  11. I was really looking forward to finding out about Regents 2023 WC, but it will be a non starter for us if it really ends in Europe. As far as we are concerned a WC isn’t if it doesn’t start and end in the same place. We were on the 2018 Navigator WC cruise which was wonderful. Oh well. We are holding a suite on HAL 2022 WC, We were really hoping Regent would have a good itinerary, but HAL does. We enjoy a lot of features on HAL. We don’t drink any more and don’t enjoy many of the included excursions as we would rather hire a private car. We do enjoy the smaller ship, but not enough
  12. Don’t give up hope so easily. A lot can change over two years from now.
  13. That is what HAL did for their 2021 WC cruisers but to the 2022 WC. I think I read that they kept the same price also.... some one can correct me if not. We like HAL’s 2022 WC itinerary and we have cruised many days on HAL. Since most of our cruises are itinerary driven to a large extent Our TA finally was able to book a top suite not just a guarantee after the dust of all the transfers cleared. She is checking if the deposit is fully refundable so we can hold it for a while....to see what Regents 2023 WC looks like and of course what the protocols wind up as. Gives us something to t
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