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  1. Princess is a fantastic cruise line and they do a fabulous job cruising Alaska. I think you will really enjoy your cruise. Alaska is amazing and Glacier Bay is stunningly beautiful. The Royal Princess is a great ship, I have been on her 4 times but not in Alaska. I was on the Star Princess when we did Alaska last year and it was wonderful. I do believe and as others have mentioned, Star Princess is scheduled to leave the Princess fleet I think next year. Given the pandemic, things could change so if Star happens to be an option, I thought it was a great ship. We sailed in Apri
  2. We booked our cruise tonight after our second call to Princess. We finally got a person who knew what he was doing and was able to clearly explain the casino offer and book our upgraded cabin. We were able to upgrade from our free ocean view to a balcony for $105ea and we did have to pay everything upfront. The $100 deposit is non refundable.
  3. Lorabelle, thank you so much for responding. I really appreciate your quick response. Okay, we are going to call and book.
  4. My husband called to book our offer today but the guy that answered the phone for Princess was extremely confused. I have a couple questions for those that have already booked this offer: 1) Were you able to book an upgraded cabin. Example, my offer is ocean view, can I pay to upgrade to a balcony? This guy told my husband that we had to book an ocean view or inside. Then another team would call us back at a later time to upgrade. Is this how it works? 2) We were also told we had to pay for port charges at the time of booking, is this true? Thank y
  5. Excellent review! Thank you for taking the time to write this. We love the Regal too!! We can’t wait to get back to cruising with Princess
  6. ABSOLUTELY!!!!! I hope everyone remains healthy!!!! We will be back!!!!!
  7. YES....ABSOLUTELY YES!!!!!!!!!!! ❤️
  8. Thank you so much for the update and the vibe on the ship. We are scheduled to board Sky next Saturday and we are so stressed trying to make our decision to go or cancel.
  9. Hi Idahospud! I have a question about your time on Royal, were you able to serve yourself in the buffet or did Princess staff serve the food to all the guests?
  10. Very glad to hear that your son was okay. Still loving your review and pictures!!!! THANK YOU!!!
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