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  1. You do realise that January at Ayers Rock resort will be intense heat which makes it very uncomfortable and very early wake up times just to do walks that may still be in darkness to pre dawn light. It is not a good time of the year to go. It is also wet season and if it rains and floods come then some areas can be cut off. Three nights minimum is recommended for the sites at Ayers Rock resort because the area is so vast and expansive and flight schedules do not really allow for quick touring of the area.
  2. Brisbane41

    Unwelcomed on Princess if solo wanting interior room

    As others have said, book the cabins in two names and instead of cancelling the other person they simply just do not turn up on boarding day. I recently went on a cruise from Sydney to Brisbane on the Sun Princess. At the check in counter ashore I was talking to the girl next to me and she was on her own and had booked with a friend. The friend got sick and could not go so she mentioned this at check in and all was fine. No drama, no big deal and allowed to board. At least if you keep the other name on it does not look like you are trying to circumvent their system by cancelling one member out otherwise they may cancel the whole cabin if this is policy.
  3. Brisbane41

    Mosque attach in Christchurh

    With all respect to Celebrity Cruises, I kind of agree with their decision. I was reluctant to even open this topic as I have deliberately been trying to avoid watching or reading any news about it. News of disasters and incidents upsets people and it is fine balance Celebrity has to play. You must remember that many of their passengers are likely to be American and you have no idea where in America they are from or if they have friends or relatives in previous American shootings. Just the slightest mention of such a topic could set people off and upset them. Even at the moment America is politically divided and I am finding most of them that I met last year on a cruise are just not interested in discussing political issues or tragedies. To be honest the best thing they could do would be a dignified silence and business as usual. There is international news channels available on the ship and a reasonable adult is free to obtain the news at their own wish. It is not really the cruise lines job to play mother or father to the passengers and lead some sort of sorrow event on a cruise ship.
  4. Brisbane41

    Beverage Menu

    The top menus were just on the Sun Princess and Sea Princess this month. Rather mediocre and miserable wine choices in my opinion. Probably some of the worst wine I have ever tried on a Princess ship. I am going to miss the older wines that I got fairly used to in the past years.
  5. Brisbane41

    Deck in bow of star princess?

    Regarding that deck it is on all of the Grand class ships and variants of them. I have found it to be a good observation deck however the rules seem to change depending on who is the Captain or who is in charge. Sometimes the deck is always open, other times it is closed at night time with the gates shut and on some cruises it has been padlocked and chained shut for the entire cruise. I can understand it being closed in high winds or in storms. It is a popular observation deck.
  6. Brisbane41

    Sun Princess Rumours

    I will check out Majestic Princess by October this year. By the way have you seen the theatre on the Aurora and Oriana? The first two photos are of Aurora, the third is Oriana and the last is Dawn Princess. The Aurora and Oriana are exactly the same size ship as Sun class except with about 200 less passengers.
  7. Once again reading things incorrectly and misrepresenting what people are saying. It is like explaining things to a child. This is about their cruise line as a whole. Looking at threads recently there has been a list of discrepancies such as the people who had insufficient air conditioning on a group booking and then the serial complainers who allegedly got almost $750 for a bit of soot on a balcony that is a well documented problem.
  8. That is exactly right. It is a major cruise line. Having a bad business attitude of pulling in new passengers isn't going to make the cruise line any good and eventually they will start having a financial loss and wonder why they lost control. Even being part of the major Carnival corop it will leave no interest to even try HAL or Cunard or any other line. Most people who vote to leave the line will either go to the Royal Caribbean brands or step over to the likes of Crystal or Regent or other obscure up and coming cruise lines not affiliated with the global leaders. If they care about their cruise line and put an effort into caring then it will be better for them financially and they will have a much better passenger turnover of people prepared to pay more just to go.
  9. Brisbane41

    Sun Princess Rumours

    Probably, Diamond Princess seems to be the one that is staying in Japan more so it may have to move between the two countries. At the very least that ship needs a few adjustments to the plumbing systems as well for a newer ship than some which have better plumbing. Sun Princess and Sea Princess have had their day. The bars are perfectly fine but the show lounges and theatres are lacking in space compared to the newer ships. If you like sitting in a bar drinking some beer, wine or spirits then you are likely to have a good time on the Sun and Sea Princes as these areas are quite spacious and well maintained.
  10. It doesn't make sense at all does it? given that Sun Princess and Sea Princess are both ships under the same company and the shops on board are run by exactly the same set of people and contractual agreements. Yes they do have to follow local customs and laws of the country they are in but to have majorly different rules is not right and is bound to get people asking questions. By the second day of the cruise I had got what I wanted and considered it a victory for common sense. I had thought of directly writing to customer relations and saying this is what is going on can you please get your staff on ships to follow a uniform set of rules. However doing that would seem a waste of time to me because all customer relations seem to do is act as a shield to hide all the mistakes from senior management and sweep it under the carpet. What we need is a direct line to the very top at Princess if we want policy changes or to bring to their attention discrepancies or things that should not be happening on their ships.
  11. Brisbane41

    Sun Princess Rumours

    With Golden Princess and Star Princess still being great ships, it is not going to entice me to sail with P&O Australia. I will not be keen to keep going on the Sun and Sea Princess and to be perfectly honest am sick of seeing them here or still in the Princess fleet. They are well past their use by date and it is time to start moving them on. With Princess deployments in Australia I only chose the Sun or Sea for short coastal sectors and nothing more. They are totally unsuitable for long voyages. We are probably going to see more of the Majestic or other recent ones they are sending like Emerald and Ruby as they get older and replaced by newer ships on the other side of the world.
  12. Brisbane41

    Sun Princess Rumours

    P&O Australia gets Golden Princess and Star Princess, two of which ships cannot fit under the harbour bridge rendering White Bay obsolete. Why not just give P&O Australia Sun and Sea Princess like they got the Dawn then they can dock all of their ships at White Bay for turnaround day.
  13. Brisbane41

    Sun Princess Rumours

    It would make more sense for Princess to keep Golden Princess. It is the much better ship than the Sun and Sea in my opinion. I think the company is deliberately trying to play games with the NSW government by basing ships here that cannot fit under the harbour bridge.
  14. In order from the 1st video of Sun Princess shower the water on the narrow jet stream came through strongly on the centre ring however when I shifted the lever on the head to spray a number of holes did not allow water through at all and the rest of the holes were extremely weak and the water just gravitated on the head and dribbled down the pipe and some water just dropped to the floor. The next video on the Diamond Princess was exactly the same. That is the video I labelled as cabin L248. I did not have an issue with the showers on Sea Princess or Golden Princess. I posted them as I want to show that I am being fair to Princess and that they do have some good showers that work. The final video on the Diamond Princess from the B deck cabin the water came through all the holes when it was on spray but it was just weak, you can see it is certainly stronger than previously compared to the L248 cabin but it definitely did not have the power as seen on the Golden Princess and Sea Princess. I am honestly at a loss as to know why. I like Princess a lot and do not recall having a problem on the Emerald Princess cruise I did in 2017 or the Golden Princess before that or even on Diamond Princess in the years 2014 to 2016. In fact all years prior on Princess have been great. It is just very recently from late 2017 on Diamond Princess and just last week on the Sun Princess I got stuck with dodgy showers.
  15. Yes well all of that was good information thanks. One thing I want to expand on is where you said it could be the shower head itself. If you look at the hand held heads you will all see they have something in problem. The first video of the Sun Princess is much the same as the video last year of the Diamond Princess, then the second video I made on the Diamond Princess was slightly better. Then when I was in cabins that had a fixed shower head of a more narrow circumference the spray was a lot stronger than the movable head with the much wider circumference. Maintenance has never fixed the issue for me. It is only when I am in a mini suite or a suite that I have a really good shower head with great spray. I really do not know what is causing the issue or if different cabins have different types of heads as the Princess customer relations team said was happening (but they did not say which were the new or old ones). The only other thing I am noting is that Sun Princess and Diamond Princess (the only ships I had the problem showers) have been fitted out for the Japanese market and I am at a loss to know why the shower heads may be different on those ships to the other ships. You can see on the video some heads are hand held and some are fixed. My parents were in a inside cabin on the Sea Princess just recently and they reported their shower was much like the mini suite shower I had on the Sea Princess in the video on page 1. Perhaps there is something you can see from the video that might help? I would really just like to pick a cabin that has a good shower and not keep getting showers like the ones I repeatedly got o the Diamond Princess and now more recently on the Sun Princess.