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  1. Well they have not tried the cardboard straws. They are much better in my opinion, feel much better and seem to be much more premium. There is a McDonalds that started using them at Sydney Airport near Sheps Mound. The cardboard straws are much better than the plastic garbage. As far as rubbish in the ocean is concerned a great deal of it comes from unregulated Asian countries like Indonesia, Philippines, Thailand, India, Vietnam and Malaysia which are all notorious for extremely heavy waste disposal into the ocean. It is sad but true. Visiting these countries on Naval ships you will soon see that the water surrounding them is full of their own garbage. Australia is reasonably clean when it comes to waste disposal and so is New Zealand.
  2. I have never found Melbourne to be unsafe. I have been out plenty of times of a night. Only thing I can add is if you see people that look suspicious or the type to avoid then simply do not go near them and ignore them. It would be no different to any other city around the world. Fairly safe but like every city there are drunks, druggies and the unfortunates that you often find around various streets at night.
  3. A lot of it would probably be bickering and incidents between crew. With a high passenger turnover it is less likely to be a passenger committing crime all the time. It does happen but I was in the Navy once and know what it is like working on a ship. Once a crew gets entrenched into the ship and daily life becomes routine it is possible for crimes of opportunity to occur. Sexual assault is probably high on the list among crew with crew being away from family and a mix of both sexes and the opportunity for it to occur it is likely to happen more regularly than we think. It gets to the point of sexual favours to overlook dismissable disciplinary infractions. The reason we never hear about it so much is because it does not usually involve a passenger. If it involved a passenger then it will make headlines and we can all remember the headlines over the past years. Incidents like the Brimble case with P&O Australia and the Smith case with Royal Caribbean hit the headlines big time. If it is crew then the incidents are easier to contain and keep from the public.
  4. Usually never. With an almost all Australian bus load they know our culture and will never tip. Americans find a certain company I have worked with when I am out there to be too expensive for their tastes. If anyone tips it is usually people from South Africa of all countries and those people are few and far between and it usually only goes to the guide. The only time I have been given cash be people at the resort which is more of a reward than a tip is doing things out of the realm of duty like going all the way back to the resort from the airport to collect a guests forgotten luggage in which case it is a reward for helping them out. Another time I have been given cash was for a charter group that was on a tight schedule and wanted to see Ayers Rock from a vantage point before getting to the resort. I managed to accomplish that in the way they asked which was kind of not part of the job description at the time but allowable by the company if time permits. Sometimes charter groups involve conferences where they are their for a major conference in a hired room and the company was too tight to pay for a tour. In this case if they request a look at the rock we can deviate to a Sounds of Silence site with a lookout to slow their arrival a little bit to facilitate a smoother check in as all the hotels are congested when flights arrive. Generally for that we may be given cash but not all the time. It kind of encroaches on our designated break time but given the logistics it is the kind of thing that is allowed. When I am not working the tourist season at Ayers Rock resort I simply drive school buses. No tips there. You may get christmas cards or their parents may give you a box of Cadbury's favourites if you have assisted their children in any way when they were in a spot of difficulty. You get paid more per hour to drive school children and it is worth it. You have to be watching them at all times as well as the road.
  5. I am wondering what you are suggesting by a minimum wage in Australia for all staff.....? The hospitality industry recently had their penalty rates adjusted so that Saturdays and Sundays are a uniform rate. This makes sense to me as it would reduce all the infighting in workplaces over who is entitled to that coveted Sunday shift when they have nothing on. Saturday is when all the family sports are on and other events and people have to work for a lower wage on a Saturday compared to Sunday when there is next to no events on that people are obligated to attend. I for one kind of support that change to our system. On the other hand if you are referring to same wages for all staff as in some get ripped off then you are right. I have worked with a lot of Japanese people on working holiday visas in Australia. The horror stories I am told makes me disgusted at what people in this country can get away with. Foreign workers are often kept off the books and paid below the award wage if they are on a working holiday visa. The employer may falsify the hours worked or falsify a lot of things if they are paying them through a system the ATO monitors. I have heard stories from Japanese people who have to file a tax return in Australia for their working holiday where an employer has declared to the ATO that they have paid the correct wage where in fact the employer has pocketed half themselves, paid the foreign worker half and given them a false pay slip and the ATO another pay slip declaring they paid them in total. It is absolutely disgusting. I can guarantee you that almost every Asian worker in Sydney at cafes, restaurants, coffee shops who is on a temporary working visa is probably earning half what an Australian citizen earns and employers can get away with it because the foreigner does not know our laws. When it comes to housing it is even worst. The house or unit owners are so unscrupulous that they actually find the websites that Asians use to look for a unit to rent, advertise in all the Asian languages and pile them into these "share units" have up to six people in one room where the owner can make a fortune out of their lack of knowledge of our system. Also these foreign workers if found to receive tips will have them confiscated to distribute among "all the staff" including Australian management, owners and so forth.
  6. They do not have gratuities added in. For example a Uluru Sunrise tour and Kata Tjuta sells for $145. If for argument sake they sold out the entire 65 seat coach at that price then it is $9,425 in fares. A driver is likely to do more than one tour per day. Quite often 3 and a few charters. Therefore the driver could be driving people who have paid out in total more than $30,000 in fares per day. Out of that the driver is likely to get $380 or day give or take. I think working off commission would be much fairer!
  7. That is true, tour coach drivers there generally earn on the $100,000 per year mark. Even bus drivers and guides in the city are making good money with set minimum wages, allowances and penalty rates still applying. In Sydney a coach driver taking a cruise ship excursion I would expect to be on at least $35 per hour on a weekday, $48 per hour on a Saturday and $65 per hour on a Sunday. If it is a public holiday then its likely to be around $82 per hour. It takes a lot of experience just to even get a job driving coaches with all the background checks you need. MOT approval, police background checks, working with children clearance. Clean driving record and regular fitness reviews and random drug tests. I have seen people write on here that they pay their cleaners more than $35 per hour and I don't remember who they were but I am sure they do not pay them that for 12 hours per day which is the maximum legal driving shift you can have in most of Australia and I can guarantee most drivers are working close to those hours per day. Ayers Rock is a bit different as is you can be paid for a longer than 12 hour shift where you are paid for fatigue breaks. For example if you need to be up for a sunrise tour and up for a sunset tour for a shift that covers 16 hours or more then you need to find 4 hours of break time in the day and log it. You get paid for the full day regardless of breaks out there. To sum things up Australia is a non-tipping country. We have done well to get to this stage and it would be awesome if it would stay this way. If people start bringing their tipping culture here then it is only going to destroy our culture of decent wages. Personally I would prefer all tourists who visit Australia to not tip anyone at all no matter how much little the loose change is. Simply do not do it.
  8. Well your tune has certainly changed since then and your now deleted replies bashing the cruise lines for not mentioning it and attacking Australians for absolutely no reason at all. Personally I have not read a single news article about it or bothered to watch an news reports on it. I vaguely know what happened but just couldn't be bothered paying any attention. Couldn't be bothered with minutes of silence or memorials, my life just went on as per normal and I filtered all of it out and paid no attention to it. Much like the cruise lines that made no statement which you found offensive. By the way more people have died this year as a result of measles and the fake news and disinformation about vaccines. It is reprehensible that social media, free speech laws and society in general permits this sort of extremist views distorting truth, glosses over it, makes no mention of it while the mass media focuses on your Port Arthur and nothing but just another Martin. So far you have had 195 road deaths this year. Measles deaths worldwide is on the hundreds of thousands mainly thanks to misinformation about vaccines for something that was almost eradicated. Where is your deeply moving minutes of silence for all the road victims and measles fatalities. The truth is the majority of people simply do not care. What you did with your posts that were deleted were nothing but offensive. You even had another go at trying to bring it up again in post number#36. Personally I had not given it a second thought and really did not appreciate seeing it again from the same person who posted all that vitriol before that was quickly deleted. Don't you dare make snide remarks again like you did in post #36 and expect people not to notice and take offence. I knew what you were up to.
  9. HMAS Brisbane DDG 41. Commissioned 1967 and decommissioned in 2001. It was the last male only steam powered destroyer our Navy had. A relic of the old time and a cross between the modern missile age and a hull design similar of what to expect in WWII.
  10. There is no contradiction. Can you not understand the sentence "Unless....." I know primary school students who can understand simple statements like this.
  11. Its a private space and part of a personal cabin. There is no etiquette. People can do whatever they want on them provided its legal and not against the rules. Unless two passengers from different cabins are right up against the rails looking out then it comes down to common sense and courtesy. As far as the rest is it is a private space that should be respected.
  12. That someone else earned by paying for them I think you mean!
  13. The kids club will host disco/dance nights for children. I had a 10 year old with me on Princess just last year. There is definitely a lot less to do. No water slides, no party atmosphere like Carnival. It is more relaxed, refined and traditional. There will be games and activities but they are for all passengers so unless they like mixing with an older crowd they may feel uncomfortable in the general events. Princess is good for kids, but just not a lot of kids. It caters to them but I gather that they are aiming for just the right numbers to not be a family ship but to cater to just the right amount and focus on the older or traditionalist type passengers. Your teenagers could have a good time if they like lazing by the pool, playing deck games like shuffleboard, deck chess, mini gold and a few pool games. It wont be full on but it will be enough to satisfy people who participate. They may like the movies by the pool and that is about it. Inside the Princess ships it is mainly the bars and entertainment venues.
  14. If you have been on here for a while a few months ago, I think it was March after a certain incident in Christchurch, the same member on here from the same country launched a massive attack against Australians and then made a massive attack against the cruise lines for not making any mention of it. All of their posts were removed from the site. They seem to have some sort of an agenda. Thankfully for us we still have Mr Dutton in Parliament who is likely to raise their blood pressure ten fold when his name is mentioned let alone held in high esteem.
  15. You again. I am very thankful to Mr Dutton for sending all your troublemakers back to where they came from. Perhaps you should tell your PM to quit complaining about our laws to protect Australians before you go shooting your fingers off about your country protecting your own. You really haven't heard of the glass house philosophy haven't you.
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