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  1. I really do not like that idea just yet. The problem is that the chinese communist party was very devious in their dealings with this virus early on and they sat back and tried to hide it while tens of thousands of people became infected and died. Too many people escaped the source of it and the incubation period is far too long to even consider letting and Chinese person back or into this country. Assuming a plane load of Chinese came here who were supposedly all clear, all it takes is one person to slip through the net and spread it on the plane and then two weeks after arrival they are givi
  2. Its reputation may be tainted from here on. Who would want to sail on it. From what I hear some Japanese people will be keeping clear of it and it hit the news so hard over there in prime time every day for two weeks with cases growing that it could be highly unlikely any local authorities let that ship dock in and Japanese ports for the foreseeable future. Besides it will be a massive task to undertake. Imagine removing all the carpets, cabins included, all the mattresses, bed linens, curtains, almost everything and anything that has been in contact with passengers. All the items
  3. Has there been any news updates on this in the last week such as the court dates for trial or lawsuit, where the lawsuit stands and so on. As of lately I have been caught up with this Diamond Princess situation and have not been on the forums. I was supposed to be going on that ship fairly soon which has now been unfortunately cancelled due to that nasty virus.
  4. Yeah its a bit of a worry. I think they are taking it seriously now. If my translating skills are any good from what I could gather last night on SBS Japanese news a taxi driver has been diagnosed in Okinawa with the virus. She was 60 years old and wearing a face mask and had recently driven passengers on the Diamond Princess. From what I can understand the virus is highly contagious. It is not fatal to everyone but because of its transmission rate it is more dangerous. I think starting from now we will see the numbers drop off of those diagnosed on the ship. Maybe a fe
  5. Reading the full details of this the company made a big blunder in the first place. They were told very clearly by the Philippines that if their ship docked in Hong Kong and picked up passengers then it would not be given clearance to dock in Philippines. This set off a series of incidents where Westerdam did dock in Hong Kong and as a result the Philippines barred it out of precaution to going to a zone where a passenger had disembarked Diamond Princess and caused issues on that ship. The Philippines had every right to deny it. Then following on a few other countries decided it was in their b
  6. The media really hates him don't they. He was not in charge during the fire crisis and copped all the blame for the man of the hours failure as a fire chief when the country burned. Inevitably the planet seems to be getting hotter, the Cherry Blossoms are starting early, a lack of snow in Japan, record number of typhoons, same weather patterns replicated in Australia, though at least with our fires mismanagement factors in as well in regards to land clearing and burn offs. Its sad but when you look at the emissions China increases its emissions more per year than what Australia cuts.
  7. Cherry Blossoms have peaked earlier this year due to a lack of snow and cold weather. We can probably thank China again for that one thanks to carbon emissions if you appreciate my sense of humour. However according to the schedule they will be in peak for Aomori, Kanazawa, Akita, Niigata and a few other places for the Diamond Princess itinerary.
  8. I am feeling the same way. I am just going to go with the flow. If it is cancelled then I will just fly to Tokyo and stay a few nights and then move to a nice cherry blossom city for a few days and fly home. It is in the school holidays and over Easter so essentially it is no drama for me. The way I see it at this stage it could very well be canceled. From what I am seeing on the SBS on demand of Japanese news is that Japan plans to test every single crew member and passenger before they get off that ship. They have hotels on standby. Besides if it is cancelled then it
  9. It stands at 217 at the moment and I am betting it will get higher. Actually I am booked to go on the Diamond Princess on the 11th April for a 18 night Cherry Blossom cruise. Have a Japanese friend coming with me for the first 9 nights on the Yokohama turnaround. She knows exactly what is happening at the moment due to it being headline news in prime time each day. She has not indicated if she will pull out as of yet.... At this stage I am just waiting to see what happens. The ship will be free of passengers for 25 days after the 19th February assuming they all get off. The Japanese government
  10. Cruises from March 15th are advertised on their website as for sale. No cruises on sale before that date. Could be a sign they expect to see it back to normal by then. I am booked on 11th April.
  11. I really hope they lose now that it will proceed. Personally I hope Royal Caribbean hires private detectives and does a complete background check on the entire family including insurance policies held........
  12. That and probably other measures as well. Australia has banned people travelling through mainland China from entering out country. I suspect the cruise line would have to ban the same otherwise the Japanese would not want to take the risk. They have Tokyo 2020 Olympics coming up in July and it is a big economic and national pride moment for them and they must protect their country at all costs. For them the consequences are bigger.
  13. I am beginning to wonder if it will hit the Chinese market now more than anything else. These viruses continually come from China. Possibly due to viral infected bats being caught and used as food in a market where people ate them, became infected and passed on the virus to others. The Chinese communist party in its wisdom decided to hide the truth, censor its citizens and punish the Doctors. As a result we are seeing the repercussions of it now. There are multiple civilised and clean countries in Asia that are worth visiting. Will the embarkation and disembarkation ports change in the future
  14. You ought to turn on SBS on demand and take a look at the Japanese news. There is no subtitles but you will understand the pictures. I watch it every night before bed. The food the Japanese are getting seems to be better with things like ham and cheese croissants and a wider range of food.
  15. From what I understand and correct me if I am wrong is that it appears to have been a homicide. There was enough complaints to justify security barging in the cabin and preventing a murder. That did not happen. While I do not agree that the wife deserves compensation and it is questionable as to her movements, I think Royal Caribbean or specifically the ships security team should have taken proactive action and burst into the cabin upon hearing such complaints. That'ts my thoughts on that one. I personally think the murdered mans family as in parents deserve the compensation and not his wife.
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