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  1. Thank you for posting this, our group is leaving in two months on the same ship. Thank you again.
  2. Don't you mean Liberty of the Seas? Now shown leaving the Pier.
  3. Thank you, how far is the parking from Terminal 1? I have never parked in the City owned lots.
  4. Has anyone done this? The parking is free. Do you really just show up with a DAV or Purple Heart license plate? No reservations? Is it close to the Terminals?
  5. Thank you , thank you, thank you Joe817............Look forward to the other days, thank you again.
  6. Yes, it would be awesome and such a big help if you have one for each day.
  7. Thank you soooooo much. One question, isn't there a Fun Times for every day at sea with the day's activities?
  8. Leaving with a group in December and looking for a present copy of the Carnival Dream Fun Times to share with them. Half the group are first time cruisers. Fun Times for the five day Galveston-Yucatan-Cozumel cruise. Thank you in advance, and yes, I used the search feature and found nothing.
  9. Did not know T1 and T2 were getting parking garages. Where? Wander what this will do to the offsite parking companies.
  10. That's a big uptake in rooms for Royal. The 2nd ship doing milk runs will be Navigator size. Wasn't too long ago, Navigator was the main ship serving Galveston. This with an Oasis class coming, new state of the art terminal, Royal is taking the gloves off against Carnvial in Galveston. IMO, a matter of time before we hear about Carnival building their own new terminal in Galveston.
  11. This is awesome news, the second ship will be Navigator size. Will this coincide with the new terminal opening?
  12. https://www.afar.com/magazine/worlds-coolest-travel-jobs-what-its-like-to-be-a-cruise-ship-captain To answer your question the other "women" and men captains will get their chance at an Edge class ship. Assignments according to Capt. Kate are for two years. As to "why"her, why not? She is qualified and it doesn't hurt that she cultivated and nurtured her brand. A corporation would be wise to take advantage of it. Its doesn't slight the other qualified captains and their capabilities.
  13. With the rush for better efficiency cutting through the water using air bubbles and new bow designs (or recycled), kind of funny that grates would cover the big holes (to the water anyway) on the side of the hulls and as drag when moving forward.
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