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  1. Hey, sandebeach, thanks for sharing your experience. Just booked the 9/10 4-day for a quick girls trip and we are excited! Btw, where in SoFlo are you? Delray Beach, here...:cool:
  2. This has come up for us on longer sailings since we have friends who dine with us and we are trying to plan out when we want to eat in MDR and when in a specialty. We generally are able to get the concierge to get the menus themselves for us, and line them up in the proper order. (I should mention that several of said friends are Ps, so maybe this is a courtesy that not everyone might expect?) If no concierge access, perhaps a question to the Maitre d'? HTH
  3. Well said, LeeRB. DH emigrated from Cuba when he was 6 and still has family there that he hasn't seen since. One day we will go, but as much on our own terms as possible.
  4. Thanks for all the interesting replies. I think I'll check out the dental cement and/or crown replacement kits to keep just in case. The dentist we visited saw me without an appointment; we just walked in. She was lovely, spoke excellent English (which wasn't an issue since DH and I both speak Spanish), had a very modern office with the equipment I was used to seeing at my dental office in the states. She said that normally she would give me a temporary crown while the permanent one went to their lab for thorough cleaning, etc., but since time didn't permit she would re-cement it. When I got home my dentist said she'd done an excellent job. And, she refused to take ANY money at all! She finally accepted $20 to give to her receptionist!
  5. We've cruised many times, and frankly never had occasion to need a dentist while on board. However, we were in Cozumel for a week and I had a crown come off a front tooth.:eek: We immediately started computer research and were able to locate an excellent dentist with not too much trouble. Anyway, it just occurred to me to wonder what I'd have done if this had happened during a cruise. I know there is always a physician on board -- does he/she do double duty? Or is there also a dentist along for the ride?
  6. We've done the daysail twice with Mystic Man and had a wonderful time both times. We sailed (well, motored) down the island, spotting whales and dolphins, all the way down to the Pitons, then leisurely back up the coast. I believe we had two snorkel stops, and also pulled in at a couple of places (one where "Dr. Doolittle" was filmed). There is a stop in Soufriere to pick up lunches, which were delicious and substantial, and everyone got off there to pay. The crew was polite and so proud to show off their beautiful island, and delicious rum punch was served throughout. We will be back in St. Lucia this December and will probably go out with them again.
  7. American Bear, I'm with you on Radiance class, but you lost me on the 24=hr food...come on, do you really want 24 hour food??? Back when they did the midnight buffets the waste was incredible. The ships are fabulous, the loyalty program has kept us coming back till we are now D+ (probly won't ever be pineapples, but that's ok), and we have found the service overall to be really good to excellent. I'd like to see some different itineraries, particularly for the smaller ships that could dock in other islands, and -- I know this is really picky -- I'd really love to see something other than the Chateau de Tuesday that they pour!!:p
  8. Just did this same itinerary in late August to celebrate my younger daughter's 21st birthday -- a mom and daughter trip. I have lots of RCI cruises under my belt, and 3 Carnival trips. Will not sail Carnival ever again. This is a fabulous ship, and a super crew. I think it's also a nice intro to RCI in general. The Voyager class is now their mid-size class, so you can get in idea of what the bigger ships might look like (Freedom and Oasis classes). There's plenty to do, great restaurant venues, and the drydock changes were really nice. The ship looks great. We loved this itinerary, and had never been to Roatan or Belize before. In Belize we did a cave-tubing trip that we booked online (don't do ship excursions anymore, much easier and cheaper to book your own), and in Roatan we joined some fellow cruisers that we met on our Meet n Mingle thread and took a cab over to Bananarama beach and did a shore snorkel. The cave-tubing trip was one of the most unique and enjoyable excursions I've ever done. We felt perfectly safe on both excursions, and while I do agree that both islands suffer from poverty, I can't really say that it's any worse than say Grenada, Dominica or St. Lucia. Book the cruise -- you'll have a blast! We did.
  9. Several years ago we did a cruise out of Colon, Panama down to Colombia and the ABC's. Due to the passenger demographic, the cruise was designated as a "Spanish immersion" cruise about 6 months out. Fortunately, DH and I both speak Spanish! The great majority of passengers were Mexican and South American. We had a blast!
  10. Not sure what deck you are on but we've always had afts on AOS (and other Voyager class ships) and love them. The balconies are huge. I'll be comparing the GS this time around...:D
  11. I'm embarrassed to say that it never occurred to me to ask. I always ask if they are getting off, but from now on if they say no I will certainly ask! Thanks for bringing it up.
  12. Thanks, delirious! We will board AOS on the 30th and I'm so happy to hear your positive comments. We sailed her on a B2B last year about this time and I thought she was tired, tired, tired. I realize they didn't do that much in the drydock, but great service makes it much easier to ignore dated decor. Looking forward to it!
  13. Those annoying tour boats probably look like floating dollar signs to the St. Lucians. Their economy is heavily dependent on tourism, and I'm sure they are more than happy to see us coming, loudspeakers or not. Marigot Bay is gorgeous, and I for one enjoyed the Dr. Doolittle background. We booked directly with Mystic Man Tours, and are hoping to repeat that trip in a few weeks. It was one of the most enjoyable daysails we've ever taken, and compared to similar trips in St. Thomas, St. Martin, Barbados (and thru RCCL) was quite a bargain.
  14. Question for those who may have reserved or had the Ultimate package previously: the website prices it at $55 per day, per person. If you are on a 7 day cruise, do you have to order it for all 7 days or can you purchase a lesser number of days? As a D+ member, I can drink the "chateau de tuesday" for free, of course, but I really do love champagne. :p
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