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  1. I just read that they will be on the Splendor from NYC to Barca in April 2020. Thanks for the photos; one more reason to look forward to this cruise!
  2. Thanks for a post which reflects our feelings as well.
  3. We both have raised eyebrows as well. Our free cruise is next December Athens to Rome. It will be interesting to follow that with the Venus in January 2021 and to catch all the scuttlebutt from our cruisers. Does anyone know if the captain is still a Viking employee?
  4. We are booked from Barca to London as well!
  5. Yes, we had some left over and it was applied.
  6. Sorry for my confusing post. Booking.com allows you to reserve a room without paying. It is this site I will use if I need to book an overnight in Barcelona on 25 January (end of our free cruise) and not able to stay on the ship before we sail to London. We have paid a deposit on the Viking 26 Jaunary - 2 February cruise. CDG also a nightmare! I agree.
  7. Lovely to read about your return to that hospitable country. We were on a cruise with Regent Seven Seas in the Med when we got our "save the dates" for 18-25 January 2021. When we came home to Scotland, we called our Viking hotline and booked the 26 January Barcelona to London leg to continue our journey as a B2B. A very helpful representative, Scott Bennett, booked us on the same deck, same category as our March 2019 cruise, but on the side of the ship to give us the best view sailing north. We still had a remainder on our voucher which was applied. Along with early booking, previ
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