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  1. There are bathrooms right after customs when you collect your baggage. I guess it's to prevent some to conveniently loose their travel documents.
  2. In general, I would say 90 minutes for Space Needle and 40 minutes for Chihuly. Perhaps one thing we haven't discussed is delays... I prefer going to the Space Needle/Chihuly in the morning before the afternoon attraction congestion builds up, especially late weekend afternoon for the Needle. going in the morning also avoids afternoon traffic delays too. One strategy I have.... Space Needle first before the place gets popular in the afternoon Chihuly gardens right after that monorail to West Lake Mall downhill walk (6 minute) from Westlake Center to Pike Place Market downhill walk (8 minute) to the waterfront attractions.... eg Wheel.
  3. Thoughts... check this link to see where the buses are. https://westcoastsightseeing.com/live-bus-map/ be aware the service ends at 5pm. For best value, start your day early there are TWO routes. One called "Park" and the other "City".
  4. If anyone is in Vancouver in the coming days (weeks), be aware the Sea to Sky Gondola is not operating. https://bc.ctvnews.ca/sea-to-sky-gondola-cable-was-cut-rcmp-preliminary-investigation-1.4544269 https://www.citynews1130.com/2019/08/10/sea-to-sky-gondola-closed-due-to-lift-incident/
  5. I vote rail and hwy combo... you get to see BOTH sides of the canyon. The highway is on the West side of the canyon, while the railway is on the East side.
  6. Blue Horizon is popular in this forum for value travellers wanting to be central downtown location YWCA for budget travellers... pay attention to the room type... you may be sharing a bathroom Raddison Vancouver Airport if you have a rental vehicle. Free parking for guests
  7. Be aware "Pacific Center" is a shopping center about a 7 minute walk from the cruise terminal. https://www.cfshops.com/pacific-centre.html It's "Pacific Central" that you catch buses and trains to Seattle. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pacific_Central_Station It's important to know the difference if you get disoriented and asking for directions.
  8. Another vote for the food court.... here's a list of eateries... https://www.cfoffice.ca/property/foodshops/cf-waterfront-properties MickeyDee's is my affordable go to when I'm in the area.
  9. I stayed at both.... for $100 difference... go spoil yourself at the Pan Pacific hospitality... especially for pre-cruise. Blue Horizon is located along Robson, so if you want more choices of restaurants. Robson is the place to be at. Vancouver's downtown is small, so nearly all hotels are accessible for $10 to the cruise terminal.
  10. I'll toss in my fav hotel... Parc 55 by Hilton. land in SFO and take the affordable BART to Powell station Parc 55 is across the street from Powell station cab to cruise terminal is about $13. cable car terminus is outside the Parc 55 hotel Chinatown is a 15 minute walk for morning Dim Sum or fortune cookies if the cable cars are busy, the streetcars are across the street to Fisherman's wharf
  11. Another vote for credit card... I do recommend telling the driver you plan to pay by card before getting in. Otherwise, they play mind games saying the machine is broken.
  12. My fav... Blue Horizon for value travellers. Robson street restaurant amenities is a plus. Very central YWCA for budget travellers Vancouver Airport Raddison where you can be downtown in 20 minutes on the subway for $4. Good choice for those with rental cars as the parking is free.
  13. I realize this is irrelevant now... the pub across from the Ramada permanently closed a few weeks ago. They won't be making any more noise until a new one replaces it.
  14. If he has troubles walking... I encourage bringing the rollator. My mom had issues with walking too.... so glad we got we a collapsible transport chair. We travelled a lot with that chair as it made it easier to get around (especially for emergency trips to public washrooms). This is the wheelchair we got... https://www.hmebc.com/products/transport-chair/ expedited boardings at the cruise terminal and airports don't need to look hard for a seat at a busy terminal cab drivers were surprised how small the chair collapses into the size of luggage on stormy days, the wheelchair greatly helps getting from the cabin to the dining room. Greatly reduces the risk of a fall the wheelchair meant mom could keep up with the rest of us on long walks. the swing up handle meant there was no need for a transfer as the chair can be brought right to the table.
  15. I think you'll be happier with the YWCA location wise. However, I'm not so sure about noise wise. I stayed at the YWCA a few months back and found it too can be noisy with a Beatty street facing room. Show up early for check-in and discuss room choices with the front desk. I'm highly sensitive to noise and find it hard to win... front street windows are scenic, but traffic noise upset me I request rooms away from elevators, ice machines and stairs I would think rooms facing alley's are quiet... until I hear the garbage bin doors slamming by staff and street people Good luck!
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