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  1. We also got tested on departure day. We asked guest services.
  2. Truly beautiful images captured here Ethan. Bravo! and thanks for the memories. Hope you and Steph are doing well back in real life. So glad that we made this Iceland trip, and enjoyed the outside the Viking bubble trips with you that we were lucky to be able to take during our week. Thanks for sharing your album!
  3. on Jupiter July 13th sail, my understanding was that every room had a bottle provided because they were not going to have a captain's toast.
  4. I listened to all the folks that had nice weather so took out my extra fleece and heavier rain coat... guess what my first two souveniers were? Fleece and heavier raincoat. Love them, but still was kicking myself for taking the items out of my suitcase at the last minute. I wore long sleeves and at least fleece most of the time. Did not use my short sleeves or shorts. The weather is all over the place... plan for the worst and hope for the best! (Also on Jupiter July 13)
  5. Our attendant rang the bell for our tubes at 8am - waited if they weren't ready! not quite as pleasant as your experience. I believe that we did not get the certificate because the trip into the artic circle happens between Akureyri and Seydisfjordur. We sped to get to Seydisfjordur early so the captain would be able to negotiate any problems with authorities there. I'm glad that we were able to go ashore as planned, so didn't care as much about crossing into the circle. Highly recommend to book your next Viking adventure for "Into the Midnight Sun" - you'll get the full crossing ceremony!
  6. You can definitely explore those ports on your own, and see the same sights, but in my opinion, the guides really added something to the tours in those ports. We heard first hand account of the volcanic eruption in Heimaey, as our local guide was about 7 at the time and his family was evacuated. I also thought that the background in Seydisfjordur was valuable; we were not taken into the blue church. There is also time to explore on your own should you want to in addition to the included tours ... nothing to lose by doing the tours, in my opinion.
  7. Plan for any weather. We had a cold 10 days there from July 13-23. I had short sleeves and shorts that I never wore. I had light gloves that I used on occasion. I am not a hat wearer - I usually bring a hoodie, but for this trip I brought a non-hoodie insulation layer and wished that I had a hat or one of those warm headbands. It can be very windy and I had to hold my raincoat hood up to keep my ears warm. The weeks before and after were much warmer, and folks were basking in the sun, and wishing that they had short sleeves and shorts. I think it is hard to predict, and the weather can change though the day.
  8. We used articadventures.com for a couple of tours, one group (which turned out to be only 4 of us) and one private (for 6 of us). I see that they have a volcano tour but it is a group tour, not a private tour and it says 8 hours. In my experience they were very accommodating. They also do business as Wild Westfjords. Here's the link to the volcano tour. You'll have to check for your date. https://adventures.is/iceland/day-tours/hiking/active-volcano-hike/
  9. We downloaded the Hreyfill app and just ordered it in the morning. We weren't sure if there would be taxis waiting - one of the Viking staff said there would be the night before, but in the morning the staff said no, there were no taxis just waiting (like at FL ports) but said that they could call one for us. The app was easy. This is the website. https://www.hreyfill.is/en/ We used Grey line to the port from the airport and from our hotel to the airport. Worked well and was about $110 for 2 of us round trip. We used the taxi from the port to the bus station to get our rental car, as Grey Line only does airport transfers and tours. We returned the car to the bus station the night before and walked back to the hotel for some sight seeing.
  10. We got a taxi from the port to downtown Reykjavik on disembarkation day $22. We were picking up a rental car at the bus terminal.
  11. A glimpse... does not give you the same feel as being there though. You can get many different angles, and the lava is awesome up close. This is from our walk back to parking.
  12. We used this artcle for info. https://classiciceland.com/how-to-see-fagradalsfjall-active-volcano-in-iceland-preperation-direction-and-tips/ Note that as with some other attractions, you use an app to pay for parking.
  13. We are on our last day in Reykjavik and decided to drive out to Grindavik today. It was overcast. Large and low cloud cover. We hiked for about 45 minutes about 30 minutes mostly up, and at the 45 min point we were in the white clouds, and had been for 25 min and were probably going to be in them for another hour. We decided to turn back and just go down to view the cooled lava flow. For the red hot lava and possible crater viewing, the trail goes up and down and apparently up and down again before you see the red hot lava flow (about 2 hours of pretty strenuous hiking), but from fairly near the parking lot, maybe 15 minute much easier hike, you can get to the lava flow that has cooled (mostly). There are still smoking spots but it is really quite a neat sight. Note, the 4 portable outhouses at the parking lot were all full and pretty icky - I recommend finding a bathroom in the town if possible before driving to the volcano parking. I will see if I can post a photo from my phone. No photos on my computer. On a side note, we also had the famous lamb hot dogs to seal our last day here in Reykjavik. It was the cheapest meal we had here and they were most excellent after the volcano hiking. I had over 20,000 steps on the fitbit today!
  14. We are red wine drinkers, and the California menu comes with all white wine pairings, which is unusual in my experience. We had all of the white tastings, but asked for a glass of the red of the day, which was a Cabernet, at the end of the meal for a take-away glass. Then we went to pack 😞 The wine helped. LOL
  15. We had a positive case on Jupiter July 13 sailing. We missed one port (Akureyri) after a mis-communication with the Icelandic autorities. We were able to go ashore for all the rest of the ports on our own. I think that the original Sky sailing that had the positive case never were allowed off the ship until they got to Reykjavik but not right away in Reykjavik either. We, being the second sailing with a positive case, probably benefitted from all of the negociations and protocol checking that the Sky went through. We were about 3 days behind them.
  16. We also tried the Whale Center on the july.13 Jupiter sailing... locked up. I enjoyed the walking tours in both Seydisfjordur and Heimaey. Our Heimaey guide lived through the volcanic eruption so has so.e first hand accounts. That was neat to hear about from a child's perspective (he was 7, I think). Our guide in Seydisfjordur looked like a Viking (in my opinion), and was an interesting guide.
  17. There was a lot of trouble with the app on july 13 jupiter. My android version worked but DH iphone never did. We do a daily 4 question health survey and they like ypu to use the app, but we used the paper copy most days. You can check menus and the day, but honestly, I rarely used it... never had our reservations listed correctly.
  18. After a long day driving the Golden Circle, just got to our room at the Hilton Nordica... I can see the beautiful Jupiter from our window full of new passengers ready for adventure! 🤗 Have a fun cruise!
  19. On Jupiter, we carried the trackers in pur pockets or bags the entire time. Not visible; not a problem. I thought that I was bringing too mny warm clothes... ah nope. I ended up buying a souvenier Icewear jacket and extra fleece. I had shorts and short sleeves that did not get worn. The pessimistic forecast turned out to be spot on. For dinner every night I wore black leggings and a black (nice) heavy jersey jacket, with black low sandals. Just switched out the tops every night. I was comfortable, not cold or too warm.
  20. No, not getting any reimbursement for Akureyri.
  21. They want it before you leave the ship so if the ship docks early, they come knocking. Ours were very insistent so we started having them ready for pickup by 8am. She wanted our paper health survey even if we did the app version... there was a LOT of trouble with the app. DH can't get the app to stay up on his iphone for more than a second before it crashes. I can use the app to do the form on my android phone. DH has done it using the room TV, but we still fill out the paper form. It's only 4 questions about how your feel and any new symptoms, so easy either way. They prefer electronic if you can do it.
  22. Several of us got tested before we left so we would at least have a reasonable expectation of being negative when we boarded the ship. Peace of mind. Probably now need to do it, but still, you would rather know when at home instead of finding out in Iceland, right?!
  23. (Jupiter) -Testing daily, before you can get off the ship. They collect (spit in tube) by 8am each day. -After 1 positive (asymptomatic) test, the hallway was closed for about an hour (presumably while they transferred said positive person to a quarentine room and disinfected the hallway). -Snafu with authorities at Akureyri where they didn't let the anyone on shore, but all back to "normal" after that with port stops and activities as usual.
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