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  1. First I will say I'm from USA, am a foodie and don't like smoking, therefore I stay away from the casino. After reading highly mixed reviews on RCL Asian cruises I'm calling on those who've done it . For those of you who've done an Asian Cruise on RCL would love your opinion on how it went, food etc. Do the staff on the ship speak English at all? Is there a mix of food or mostly Asian? Is there still free tea and lemonade? Is there any "no miss" type things. Is the internet package worth getting or not? Thank you in advance for your responses.
  2. Cabins on deck 8 and 9 that surround Dazzles was there a lot of noise coming from the club?
  3. I've been Royal Loyal for over 15 years now. Royal Caribbean was born the same year as myself so this year marks a big year for both of us, 50! Fifty comes once in a lifetime. I have so many favorite memories but if I had to choose just one it would be most recently on the Ovation of the Seas. There were three people that went ABOVE and beyond to make our cruise fabulous! Carleen our room steward fulfilled our request for nightly towel animals and honestly she is "the best" "most creative" towel creator I've ever seen! The head waiter Clavian found us whether we were in the Windjammer or Main Dining Room and greeted us warmly. He and my server Lala knew it was my "50th birthday" and made sure to have an extra special treat every single night just for me! Lala made me a rose and a bird that flies out of paper and made sure I was taken care of for anything my heart desired. On the last night "what a celebration it was" I came to dinner in the main dining room and was greeted by singing waiters/waitresses Lala/Clavian both sung not once but three times!! I even got serenaded by Lala with the guitar. It was so fun all the guests joined in. What a special cruise this was. What a fantastic year to be 50 Congratulations Royal Caribbean! See you at your party!
  4. Does Ovation have any priority tender line for Diamond, Diamond Plus or is it just one glob/line to get off the ship in Alaska?
  5. I did this as instructed and started a roll call and it is still not showing up in the "find roll call section" what did I do wrong? Also its not bolded either
  6. Spoke to RCCL, Anthem being dry docked after April 5th 2020 sailing. Unsure of replacement as of yet :o:o
  7. This makes total sense. It is 2 days out and the offer to "bid for upgrade" is still there under my vacation summary. Interesting, as all new bookings were closed 4 days out online and everything they've offered me has showed "sold out" for over a month. I was just wondering for future bookings as I may go next year and will try that system.
  8. Why offer to upgrade on a room that has showed sold out for at least a month. What is up with this bidding thing? I didn't bid but I'm curious.
  9. Heard back from NCL yes its at District Brew House noon first sea day. They didn't respond if they would donate any items for raffle, nor free beer/wine :(
  10. Sounds like a plan and thank you so much for the suggestions. Blue Water for seafood one night and the other night well perhaps steak or local fare. Breakfast as you said places come and go so I will write again next March/April and see whats good :) I made reservations for both hotels and will cancel one based on reviews but leaning more toward Delta as I scored a corner room. I'm waiting for Pan Am to open reservations and will decide for sure at that time based on availability and prices. Everyone else is 90% full almost one year out!
  11. I've emailed twice to both groupeventescape@ncl.com and specialeventescape@ncl.com to ask for assistance with organizing meet and greet and have gotten no response. What is my next step for those that have organized a meet and greet.
  12. I'm trying to organize a meet and greet and have emailed groupeventgetaway@ncl.com twice and have gotten no response. Can someone help direct me what to do next?
  13. Any opinions regarding Delta vs Marriott Pinnacle Hotels pre cruise? The Pan Pacific isn't yet open for reservations. The Fairmonts/*** and PR are both 700 usd +tax per night we need two nights.
  14. Yes Vancouver, I guess I was so excited forgot to mention that. Food is fair game, we are foodies so anything good/great is fantastic. Will definitely not do hotel breakfast based on your recommendation. For breakfast we are eggs, toast, oatmeal, bacon, omelette, pancake kind of people. Lunch a good burger/sandwich is great and dinner well just about anything Mexican, Italian, steakhouse anything with good food/locals love it type places. Desserts that are exceptional we love dessert. I would think the hotel choices you recommend are the ones to focus on. We are willing and able to jump in a cab/uber/train etc. Thanks for your response it is appreciated :)
  15. Flying in 2 days prior to cruise. Need hotel that has good views, good breakfast (included in price even better), airport shuttle would be great but we can get a cab, transportation to cruise port or near/within walking distance a plus. Near some good restaurants would be fabulous. Price 200-(600 per night max)
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