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  1. What if I cancelled before they announced the refund/credit policy?
  2. Would it make any difference if I cancelled on March 6 for my March 27 Grandeur cruise out of Baltimore? My wife was in an accident. If the cruise line offers just credit to passengers, could my travel insurance refuse a cash refund just on the grounds Royal is offering a credit to all passengers?
  3. Yes, I see them. Problem solved. Thanks, everyone!
  4. I understand Butchart Gardens is very popular in Victoria and gets good reviews. Anyone know why Butchart is not listed as a shore excursion for next summer on the Celebrity website for Alaska?
  5. I understand Butchart Gardens is very popular in Victoria BC and gets good reviews. Anyone know why Butchart is not listed as a shore excursion for next summer on the Celebrity website for Alaska?
  6. I will on the Grandeur next March which arrives at Cococay at 7:00 AM. I bought advance tickets to the water park. Would anyone know why the excursion for the water park is marked as beginning at 10:30 AM as follows: "Below you will find a brief description of the items you have reserved. DAY 5 31-Mar-2020 Perfect Day Cococay, Bahamas Thrill Waterpark Full Day Pass B 10:30 AM"
  7. Will be on the Grandeur next spring that arrives for the day at 7:00 AM. My advance purchased ticket for the water/slides park says opening at 10:30 AM. What happens between 7:00AM and 10:30 AM? Can you get into the paid water park before 10:30 AM? Is the rest of the "free" park open between 7:00AM and 10:30AM? Am I permitted to get my lounge chairs and umbrella at the wave pool before 10:30AM? Thanks.
  8. I know many, many people who book Select dining only because it's easy to get a table for two. They actually prefer traditional but can't be assured of a table for two. If Celebrity changed their policy and guaranteed a table for two in traditional by increasing the number of those tables, that would take the pressure off of Select and everyone could get what they want.
  9. Are gratuities included in the cost of a specialty restaurant as in Royal Caribbean, or does it work differently on Celebrity? If not included, how much is recommended? Cash or added to the check?
  10. I'm not sure why anyone should be confused by Celebrity's confused website. Can you still make a reservation for Silk Harvest for any upcoming cruise? The answer is no! It was removed from the Cruise Planner just within the last few days, finally stopping reservations for an Equinox restaurant that no longer exists.
  11. As I said, Celebrity was taking reservations for Silk Harvest up until just recently when it pulled the restaurant off its web site. Surely you know they require OBC or a credit card to make specialty dining reservations.
  12. No longer appears on the Equinox website. Sure took Celebrity long enough to make the change. I guess they're very busy giving refunds to probably hundreds of people who had made reservations up to just the past few days for future sailings.
  13. What about upgraded staterooms for everyone? Nothing about that, and it looks like that's not happening anytime soon. Type of communication where you have to look for what it doesn't say, not what it does.
  14. This thread is actually a mirror of what happens in the world outside of Celebrity when people lack information and rumors and "fake news" come in to fill the gaps. That is why Celebrity should exercise a little transparency and step in to tell its customers what the real news is.
  15. Considering that Celebrity Equinox continues to accept reservations for Silk Harvest for all dates after June 1, it becomes apparent that Silk Harvest will be around for a while on the Equinox, post-revolution.
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