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  1. We’re either if you able to confirm this on your trip on the Bliss? Just curious as I will be traveling on the Bliss in April.
  2. Reading this thread had me laughing at our experience with Diet Pepsi on The Epic. On the last day we realized that one of the bartenders had been mixing Pepsi and Soda Water from the soda gun to make "Diet" Pepsi as he did not have it in his gun.
  3. When do you sail? I have paid for an upgrade while in the bidding process in the past and it took about 2-3 days (if my memory serves me correctly) for the new upgrade options to show. If you have at least a few days before sailing you should be able to bid.
  4. I think there's a little bit of "puffing" going on here. They certainly aren't comparing apples to apples as deposit amounts have decreased significantly. The article says, "The company entered 2019 with more future business on the books than ever before at record prices. " It's my opinion that they have more future business on the books because they have been offering $1 and $50 deposits for almost the last year. I don't know about you guys but I have certainly booked a bunch of cruises (different lengths and different cabin types) around the time I want to sail so I can watch prices and availability. Once I get close to final payment I choose the sailing that has the best availability knowing that after final payment the price will drop. I didn't do this when deposits were not so inexpensive as it was cost prohibitive. Some of this "future business on the books" has got to be duplicate bookings just because of the convenience. I have to imagine I am not the only one doing this. This is a pretty good business strategy to show investors as it gives an illusion of growth when it may or may not actually be there.
  5. I was able to activate a calling plan through my cell phone carrier (AT&T) for use on the Cellular at sea network. If the call has to be at a certain time I would not absolutely depend on the Cellular at Sea network. Service was spotty at best. I had trouble sending and receiving text messages on some days and making calls on most days. I think it only cost me $100 and it covered me for the month in multiple countries as well as while cruising. I don't remember the in room rates exactly but I do remember joking with my BF one night saying "Look we can make a call home for ONLY $5.95 per minute from the room phone." If you're only making a 5 minute call it may just be worth it to know you'll have the connection to make the call when you need it. Plus, I prefer NOT having cellular or internet while at sea so I can disconnect with an excuse.
  6. I would call back and see if you get a different representative (not sure how many there are as I seemed to have the same person answer the phone on 3 different phone calls). I had a booking on the Sky with 2 separate rooms. We had 6 girls in 2 rooms meaning not a lot of space. About 2 weeks prior to sailing one of the girls broke her ankle in multiple different places which required a wheelchair and a shower seat. I called the access desk knowing there were no accessible rooms currently available. The woman I spoke to was EXTREMELY helpful. She offered to see if any of the rooms were assigned to someone who did not submit paperwork showing a disability. She told me if there was an accessible room that had occupants without a disability she would bump them. After about 20 minutes she found an inside room that she could bump someone out of and move us to. We did not want to downgrade so I declined the move. The agent then went above and beyond to make other adjustments to make our current room type work. She was able to move us into two rooms next to each other so we could put 2 in one room and 4 in the other to make extra space. Moral of the story: If at first you don't succeed try and call again!
  7. Configuration B has a beautiful view from the bathtub over the balcony and out to the water. *If you are sharing the room with someone you do not want to see into the bathroom beware of this.* Configuration A has those same beautiful views from the bedroom. Also keep in mind that balcony size of the H6 differs from deck to deck. All rooms are 420 square feet but the balcony size differs by almost 100 square feet making the total square footage of the room between 570 and 668 square feet. The balcony sizes for the Bliss by deck are as follows: Deck 9 (A)- 248 square feet Deck 12 (A)- 215 Square feet Deck 15 (A)- 199 Square feet Deck 11 (B)- 175 Square feet Deck 14 (B)- 168 Square feet Deck 10 (A)- 151 Square feet Deck 13 (A)- 151 Square feet
  8. I have made it to Great Stirrup Cay on exactly half of the cruises that were supposed to stop there. If you are planning a cruise just to visit GSC just know that your stop there may be cancelled. One of my trips was missed due to a hurricane (very understandable). Another was missed due to wave heights even though it appeared to be a very nice day out otherwise. This is also understandable but can be a hard fact to accept when the sky looks beautiful. That being said I if you are willing to take the risk I would recommend going on a smaller ship for a few reasons. If you sail on a smaller ship there will be less people on the island. There was a significant difference in the enjoyability of the island when we went on the Sky vs when we went on the Epic. It felt like there were no crowds or lines and we were able to enjoy the water without feeling as if we were cramped in a bathtub with 4000 other people. Another thing to keep in mind is the price of extras on the island. If you plan to book a cabana it has been my experience that they charge less for the same cabana on a Sky itinerary than they do on an itinerary for a bigger ship. I don't blame Norwegian for this as supply and demand drive the prices. More people = more demand = higher cost. If my memory serves me correctly we paid $299 for a cabana on a Sky sailing and $549 on an Epic sailing for the same exact cabana.
  9. Funny thing is jeffjeff that quoted text can be changed by the person doing the quoting... just saying...
  10. You could also try: web. archive .org This site archives websites on an almost daily basis. You just put in the web address of the site you are looking for and pick the date of the site you would like to see. The site currently has 7,521 saved pages for Norwegians site.
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