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  1. the alternative to this ‘nightnare’ is several canselled cruises this summer and early fall........ I think we just have to wait.... and see👌 i’m booked on a med.cruise on Harmony late august... still dont know what is happening - but hope for a cruise⛴. As long Msc, Costa and others can make this happen i dont understand why Rccl wont..... As long as the ship (Harmony) still Cruising around in ‘the med’ in 2,5 knots its still hope....
  2. Well... as long as Rccl will start up vaccinated cruises from Bayonne in august i se no reason why the cant do that in Florida? If they for an example start up Allure and Oasis in late July and spilt these ship in ‘vaccinated’ and ‘unvaccinated’ some people of course have to ‘jump ships’ , but then they actually could have more ships in service.... As long as the ships is ‘open’ to anyone i think Rccl will use lenger time between scrambel new ships to servise. And that means less passengers and higher prices...
  3. I dont understand why Rccl cant assign some ships for kids and other ships for ‘vaccinated only’ - ther should be a market for both?
  4. Norway is ‘proud’ to be indipendent😳 therefor we follow pollitly in the Line when decision is made in the EU. But we dont like to rush things..... sweden on the other hand is ‘open’ but also still have many more covid cases and deaths than any other countrys in the region. i think this (cruises in Norway) will be much clearer around july 1’st - if the cruise companies dare to wait....
  5. I know the gouverment is working on the issue, many ports in ‘the fjords’ was bleeding last summer.... I think Norway will follow EU in this matter - hopefully we will be back to a new kind of normality👍 So if EU will allow you to travel i think Norway will do the same.
  6. If it’s your first cruise in Europe i absolutly understand that you prefer to cruise in 2022. But i think the cruise will go on.... but you still have the possibility to move your cruise for next year. L&S i think is over (could be wrong)....
  7. I’m booked on the august 29 sailing on Harmony and i’m looking forward to this cruise. Europe will ‘open’ for travel between the countrys around july 1’st, and there will be a ‘european travelpass’ wich will indicate if you had your vacsine, negativ tests and if you had covid the last 6 months. Europe cant have another summer without tourist ...... I think Harmony will start sailing around July 15 this summer... Other Italian cruise-Lines will deploy many ships in western med. and cant se no reason why Rccl wont?
  8. Any word on the Choise of Capain’s for this nice ship?
  9. Look’s like Empress son will get a visit .... Majesty’s next port will be Herakolin.....
  10. Thx, Nice to know if i WIN the lottery....
  11. Hi! i have a cruise in november booked, with Drink and dinner packages booked. If i try the Royal Up and ‘win’ the lottery and end up with a Star Class cabin were drink and dinner packages is included - will i be able to cansel my already booked drink and dinner packages and get my money back? regards arne
  12. Thx for the respond. i will for sure try out other sort of Crab and Maine Lobster.
  13. In 2018 we visited Joe’s Stone Crab in Miami before a cruise. This year we will arrive in New York on the AOS may 17’th. I just Wonder if there is a similar restaurant to Joes in NY, and what your experience was/is ? Regards Arne Norway
  14. We arrive with Adventure OTS may 17’th and looking info carmel. the price dont include ‘toll&tipp’, do you know how much the toll will be on a ride to midtown Manhattan - and what is the normal tipp for a ride stipulated +/- 50$ ? regards arne
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