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  1. https://www.washingtonpost.com/travel/2020/09/21/cruise-return-report-covid-19/ talks about creating a "bubble" for safe sailing. I get that protocols need to be in place, but believe cruise lines have not thought this through. The core value proposition of cruising for us is freedom of choice. I choose cruises by destination - Caribbean for the numerous resorts we can buy a Day Pass to, Europe for its breadth of culture, food, art and architecture, whether to revisit a favorite port or sample a new one. In all instances, I use independent guides and transportation, and most have come from
  2. Most definitely, and I am happy to sail under that constraint. It's the only one which reasonably negates all the other potential "solutions" including reductions to attendance at shows, in bars, casinos, restaurants, etc. that would severely diminish the experience. Goes without saying the mask stays home once there is a vaccine! I prefer to forego the weird tan lines!
  3. A vaccine i far more effective IMHO. "Won't get it" covers the whole trip; "don't have it" covers embarkation, but does little to prevent contracting Covid-19 during shore-exes. I can't imagine how cruise lines could control time and potential exposure of 3000+ pax while in port.
  4. This is quite a mess. I called to make final payment 1st week of July on an Oct 2020 cruise that was due. I was ready to roll the dice until I learned that if Royal canceled close enough to sailing, there was a REAL possibility I would not get my certificate (they take 45 days to process for reasons that are unfathomable to me) in time to apply to my next sailing which is, for now, still on in January 2021. I also learned that if I paid this in full, and it canceled, we can't use more than one certificate on a cruise. That means for anyone without unlimited time off, they would start to ex
  5. I am just wondering...this was the norm in February / March when Covid-19 was spreading and nobody wanted to risk spread into places where it wasn't, but now that it is everywhere, how nuts is it to suggest that a ship with a sick passenger would be quarantined and not allowed to call into a scheduled port? Wouldn't it make more sense to quarantine the sick passenger, announce to guests / increase sanitary standards, and keep going like is now done to handle Noro? Once a vaccine / treatment are available, yes; until then, no cruising nor any travel is viable or possible.
  6. Awesome! Maybe Cruise Critic needs to rebrand as Pontoon Critic! 😁😁😁
  7. @YorkvillainI was gonna say "fall off the wagon" and then I saw this and I gotta say, you had the better idea! I guess New Yorkers really do think alike! Love it! 🤩
  8. @not-enough-cruisingit's not crass at all, on the contrary, your advice is sensible. I posted to get opinions and you provided sound advice. I appreciate your feedback!
  9. I'm at a loss. I have an Oct 4th cruise out of Bayonne w/Final due 7/6. I also have one in January. I am seriously considering rolling the dice, making final, and then taking the credit if they cancel into October. It's a risk against 25% off in January, and if that doesn't sail, I will be in a penthouse by 2022! Worst case, I lose cost of one cruise. Best case, I sail again someday. Is that nuts?
  10. Agree the paradigm will change, but I think the problem is more one of passenger to space ratio than purely the size of the vessel. Luxury lines may do better because they don't "pack em in" the way mainstream cruise lines do. I continue to have hope they will emerge from this and for now, my next one is on Oasis out of Bayonne in October. If I can't get a comfort level they are sailing, I will apply that FCC to another sailing I have in January. If that folds too, we are in trouble... The other interesting thing is that NONE of the lines have opened their Fall 2022 itineraries
  11. "Strip Search at the airport? Huh? Is Fain suggesting they will do strip searches before allowing folks to board a ship? At this rate, boarding the cruise, which was, until now, far more pleasant than the requisite cavity search at the airport, will become almost as unpleasant. Does anyone get the stupidity of cruises that call in the Med in the Summer, or Caribbean all year, who take your temperature each time you board after day in the heat in port including embarkation day? What are they calibrating thermal scanners to? 103? You'd have half the people in quarantine by dinner
  12. You are correct, and I don't decide. Each individual has to take responsibility for their own actions, and should also be accountable when those actions can or do harm others. I wrote this post in an abundance of frustration upon reading that crew were to be posted in restrooms to "remind people" to wash hands, which is kind of a shame when there aren't sufficient crew to properly service dining needs, nor create the nearly-extinct towel animals and other small surprises we all have come to love on cruises. Hand-washing is just basic hygiene, and to a certain extent, it is now e
  13. I have a "novel" idea. How about this? Anyone caught not washing their hands is confined to quarters, disembarked at the next port, and banned for life. Do that for a year, and the crew can return to providing the service we know and love them for, and we can return to a cruise experience we have all clearly come to value. Based on the events of this year, this "crappy" practice of disregarding basic sanitary practice needs to be corralled. It's no better than the geniuses who step outside balcony rails for a "selfie". If you are too busy, too dumb, or both to put your needs
  14. Couldn't agree more! The whole idea that everyone else needs to get out of "our way," so we can each have 6 feet, is idiotic and untenable. Our world is built for shoulder-to-shoulder - dining rooms, bars, elevators, beaches, pools, clubs, tourist sites, places of worship, shows...everything. Social distancing was meant to get us through self-quarantine, NOT replace our return to "normalcy." Once we are all no longer locked up in our homes, there simply isn't enough ROOM for everyone to be out and about and remain 6 feet apart, though it is obvious that there are some who will tell us we a
  15. I am booked on Oasis on Oct 4, 2020, and a few mos. later on Anthem in January 2021. No flights to buy since we can drive to the port, but I am wondering about the October sailing. Final payment is due July 4th, and while that seemed like eons out when we deposited, it no longer seems likely ships will resume service before payment is due, or possibly even in time for the October sailing. Royal's Cruise with Confidence currently runs for all cruises booked and paid though August 31st , but I am still pondering the logistics of paying in full for a cruise when nothing else has st
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