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  1. Yes. Thank you! I also just found out that the transfer information is in my e-docs!
  2. I have booked NCL airport transfers for the first time and am unclear how the process works. I cannot seem to find the shuttle times or where to meet at the airport or after the cruise. My TA has been of no help, i.e. "just try to get to the airport before noon." Can someone guide me to where to find this information? Or better yet, tell me a little about your experience using the NCL shuttle service? I am arriving into and leaving from the Orlando airport. I will ask this question on the Florida board as well, but since this is specific to NCL I thought I'd ask here first. Thanks!
  3. I will be attending a conference in Lake Buena Vista and staying at a hotel there the night before the cruise on July 22. What is the least expensive way to get from Lake Buena Vista to the cruise port? I've already booked my airport transfer to the airport after the cruise. Thanks for your help.
  4. Just officially received the email from RC stating that my bid offer had not been accepted. Ah, well! Happy to be sailing no matter what!
  5. Another update. Still no word from RC about my bid for the oceanview or the junior suite aboard the Enchantment of the Seas on Monday, May 13. Expecting the 6:00 p.m. rejection tomorrow, (but still hoping).
  6. Update today: No news yet. Still waiting with bated breath three days away from sailing.
  7. My husband and I are officially one week away from our cruise on May 13th, so I've started seriously watching and waiting to see if my Royal UP bid was accepted. Background: I received an invitation to bid around the first of April. Currently, we are in an oceanview and was given the option to bid on a balcony and/or suite. The minimum bid on the balcony was $75 and on the suite the minimum was $150. Since I am happy with our current cabin, I decided to take the "it can't hurt, let's see what happens" attitude and bid just slightly above the minimum, yet still considered in the "weak" category. Also, given the cost of the balconies and suites my bids would be considered pretty nice deals (for me), and probably not worth accepting for RC. As of today, all of the balconies and suites for my cruise are showing "sold out." They have been for a little while, so I'm not sure if that really means anything. I've gone on other cruise booking sites and have seen that a few cabins in these categories are still available. I am expecting to receive the rejection email from RC any day now and will be absolutely fine with that. However, if either of my bids are accepted I'll be thrilled! I'll come back here to let you know what happens on Saturday which will be the 48 hour mark. Stay tuned!
  8. My tradition is to dine in La Cucina with a nice glass of Merlot and a pasta dish. It is typically not crowded at 5:30, and I receive excellent service. This is on the Jewel class ships and I’m excited that on Monday I will continue this tradition on my first B2B cruise. This one on The Jade.
  9. I have a B2B on the Jade January 2019. I have aft balconies on both and they are showing as OX.
  10. Thanks to all of you who responded to my question about my banner disappearing and how to adjust my bid without seeing it. All of you were correct: I found my email and was able to adjust my bid there, and the banner miraculously showed up today. So, the anticipation continues!
  11. There was a time when I would by-pass this thread because I just didn't understand what all the fuss was about. But now I'm in the game and have submitted bids for a B2B I have booked in January. I have no idea what I'm really doing, but it has become somewhat fun watching inventory on my two cruises, the price fluctuations, and updating my Excel spreadsheet to track the information. It has also been fun to read what everyone has been posting about their bids and speculations. Now I have a few questions of my own, (and forgive me for my ignorance). My cruise at the first leg of the B2B is currently at day 47, and for the first time since the banner to upgrade appeared on the MY NCL page at day 80, the banner no longer appears. If I want to modify my bid, does this mean I no longer can? If I can, then where and how? Also, if the banner disappears, what does this mean? There's re-calibration going on and the banner will come back? Bidding has closed? Nothing? Interested in your thoughts.
  12. If you are OK with a cabin located forward, you'll be under the spa in which there is no overhead noise.
  13. I'll second the person who said that having several restaurant options on embarkation day definitely sets NCL apart. Also, NCL's Jewel class ships have very nice spas, and wonderful garden cafes located aft on deck 12. This is one of my favorite locations for having a nice light meal while watching the wake. Additionally, passengers who do not have aft balconies can enjoy beautiful, unobstructed panoramic views of sunrises and sunsets from here.
  14. Yes, the enclosed balconies are not like the more open ones, which also means they are more private and less susceptible to the elements. They also are much bigger than an Oceanview window. It is for these reasons I seek out these particular balconies when cruising. To the OP: you may be pleasantly surprised if you are assigned an enclosed/hull balcony. You'll have the wind in your hair and no one peeking at you in the glass because they can't as in the more open, commonly sought -after balconies. Good luck!
  15. It is worth every penny to get away from the crowds and noise. The thasso pool, steam room and the heated loungers are heavenly. As long as others treat the spa as a quiet getaway and not another hot tub party, you will love it!
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