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  1. Getting out of the path of Isaias?
  2. My interest was piqued on the Nautica NEXT refurb since we are booked on the cruise leaving 6/28/21 (Rome). That cruise still is "Available" in all categories, but the Nautica cruises leaving 7/18/21 (Lisbon) and 7/28/21 (Rome) are now all "Wait List". I suspect cancellation for those dates and NEXT Refurb.
  3. Back to the original topic, I wonder when/if Marina will get the NEXT upgrade. Should have been in the yard now, not in Miami.
  4. The letters will be a CYA for the Cruise Company's liability. They will be just like a Medical Marijuana card. There will be "doctors" that for a fee will provide one. Dr. Harold Bornstein is available, and your health can be "astonishingly excellent" and your "physical strength and stamina are extraordinary".
  5. Yes, we were told the same thing by good old AA if we cancelled, meaning we would have until Aug. this year to use the ticket. We're holding off cancelling since the flight is to Buenos Aires and will undoubtedly (?) be cancelled by AA. Then what will they offer?
  6. Not sure what your point is. Is the report "fake news", or do you support NCL tactics because Jim Walker might be involved?
  7. I'm not sure what you are saying. Maybe this came out in FL 3 days ago, but it was in the WAPO yesterday. Has there been a NCL response?
  8. Thanks for posting. I'm waiting for NCL's response. This is unbelievable!
  9. Thank you Kitty for the update. We've just reluctantly cancelled our 4 April cruise on Marina, but are interested in hearing about your on-board experience. Please enjoy your cruise. Ignore those trying to enforce "rules".
  10. Unfortunately, final payment was made before we realized the price had gone down. The cruise in question was not booked onboard. However, we did book another cruise onboard just before the "Hurry, prices are going up October 1st!" Of course, after Oct. 1st that particular cruise did not go up, and I guess know we now have to watch frequently to make sure we don't lose again. I guess I can see O's position, but $1800 is $1800! Leaves a bad taste.
  11. Confused here, too. Or is someone at Oceania confused? 3 days ago in the mail we got the fancy new 35 page Aquamar Brochure, touting the spa services, fitness classes, and new menu items. The very next day we get an email from Oceania regarding our 4/4/2020 Marina cruise, touting Canyon Spa services, fitness classes, and menu items. Someone at Oceania didn't get the notice..........
  12. Here is another option: We were on Riviera when the MLB play-offs started. Our friends were with us and they are rabid Yankee fans. They bought the upgraded internet package ($10/day) and were fairly successful in streaming the games to their IPad.
  13. On our last cruise the 4 people in front of us going into the GDR were dressed in casual jeans, tennis shoes, and hoodie style t-shirts. No problem, went right in. On the previous cruise I saw one gentlemen wearing the same casual jeans, plaid shirt and tennis shoes multiple nights. No problem. Both times I commented on the mid-cruise sheet "Why have a dress code if you are not going to enforce it?" Received no answer. Common thread maybe: the same hostess both cruises.
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