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  1. Anyone ever find an answer to this question?
  2. There is literally a thread on this 5 posts down from yours.
  3. When do the drink vouchers officially expire? There are some on Ebay but not sure when they are good till.
  4. We were assigned room 14237 for our cruise in a few weeks. I have looked around and some maps show this as a regular sized room, and some maps show it looking much larger (including MSC's). It almost looks like they got rid of the room between us and 14233 and split it up amongst these 2 rooms? Has anyone ever stayed in either of these rooms? Are they larger than normal? What does the "H" mean on 1433?
  5. I personally have no problem with it, but I thought dogs weren't allowed on the ships anymore? Just took this picture on the Majesty docked in Key West.
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