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  1. I'm trying to book the 8th in New Brunswick for a cruise on the 10th in Fort Lauderdale. I need a back up plan if this doesn’t work. I’m not cancelling this cruise if it kills me. I need a vacay. A cruise vacay.😎🙏🙏🛳🚢🥂🍻❤️🥳
  2. omg 🤣 I guess I forgot I started this post a little while ago. Can you tell I’m stressed lol. thanks for reminding me. I don’t care about any of the other protocols when it comes to cruising. I can deal with them. The only one I can’t deal with is the fact that I might not be able to find a test pre embarkation. i have to chill out🤪🤪🤪 LOL
  3. I was wondering if any Canadians that have cruised lately found a place to have a Covid test for the two days pre boarding in Fort Lauderdale or Miami?
  4. How do you follow the occupancy of the cruise. Is there a place to go check on line?
  5. I spoke to Optus tonight and they said it’s only for US 😡
  6. This is on Princess Can I book my own hotel if I am required to quarantine post-disembarkation before returning home? Hotel accommodations will be arranged by Princess with one of our contracted hotel partners. Should you select a different hotel, you will be reimbursed only for the amount of the contracted hotel rate. Any incidental charges, costs related to room upgrades and additional room nights in excess of what is provided by Princess, requested or arranged by you, is your responsibility. Princess will provide hotel accommodations until a medical professional clears you to travel home. I don’t get it because it also says this, UPDATED: If my home country requires proof of a negative COVID-19 test result for re-entry following my cruise, will Princess administer and cover the cost of the test? Yes, if a negative COVID-19 test is required for re-entry into your home country, Princess will cover the costs of a COVID-19 test administered within the timeframe required prior to travel. Guests should disembark the ship, collect their luggage, clear customs and exit the terminal for testing. COVID-19 tests will be administered just outside the terminal. Antigen test results will be available in approximately 30 minutes and PCR test results will be available in approximately 60 minutes; please plan your post-cruise travel arrangements accordingly. They make you leave the ship and customs then give you a test. Now that your off the ship would they still pay for your quarantine hotel etc…
  7. im flying 2 days before. So my test will be 3 days old
  8. Has anyone who cruised already out of Fort Lauderdale or Miami get tested pre cruise and where? I’m Sailing in November and worried I can’t find anywhere
  9. I’ve been checking non stop for the best rates in November. I’m sailing on the 20th. If your military or government, check the Marriott North Fort Lauderdale on North Andrews Avenue. I got $123.00 per night under military/government rates for 2 nights. I was in shock. 😮😁 It’s a beautiful hotel.
  10. omg u just described me to a T minus the dog. I’m obsessed. 🤪😜🤪😜
  11. I don’t understand why it changes for the vaccinated but not for the unvaccinated.…
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