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  1. in my 27 1/2 years as a Federal LEO I never took anyone off a cruise ship but I have taken a number of people off of airliners in handcuffs, usually related to being stupid and/or drunk and interfering with the flight crew or making a bomb threat.
  2. If you are 3 hours from Des Moines you might be just as close to Chicago Midway and it has direct flights to Hobby (HOU) via Southwest. Hobby is about 45 minutes from the Galveston Piers, IAH (much bigger airport) is North of downtown Houston and is about 1 hour and 15 minutes away depending on the traffic.
  3. A travel agent/frequent poster on YouTube just advised (1/10) that Princess was giving serious consideration to closing all their lodges in Alaska for the 2021 season. If that is true, it doesn't bode well for any Alaska Cruise Tours throughout 2021. We have one booked for late August/early September of 2021, glad we only put down the $200 deposit.
  4. The info is provided to CBP for a cross check with the NCIC and state data bases for active Federal and/or state warrants for felony offenses. All active Federal warrants and state warrants in which the state agrees to pay for extradition back to that state will be enforced when the person(s) arrive back to any U.S. state or territory. Misdemeanor warrants from States are usually not enforced. Sent from my iPad using Forums
  5. Not crazy, just mildly deranged and overly optimistic! Good luck, hope it works out for you. Sent from my iPad using Forums
  6. Others to consider would be the Hotel Galvez on Seawall Blvd and the Tremont House downtown. Both were developed by George Mitchell, aka Mr. Galveston. The Tremont House is on the NationalRegister of historic places and features a wonderful roof top bar. Sent from my iPad using Forums
  7. That is right about Mardi Gras time. If the Corona virus threat is over/mitigated you might have trouble booking a room. Sent from my iPad using Forums
  8. We did the upper Danube (Vilshofen to Budapest) back in 2015 with Ama. Beautiful scenery with stops in Melk, Vienna and Bratislava. Budapest at night is magical!
  9. The AA website should have a map of all the major airports they serve somewhere on the web site. Philly is not nearly as big as Atlanta.
  10. You are correct in mentioning the the light duty vehicles we ran were on either gasoline or LNG, but not both at the same time. There was a switch that could be flipped to use one or the other. The LNG was the fuel of choice but it got less mpg when compared to an equivalent amount of gasoline. Sent from my iPad using Forums
  11. For as long As Carnival Corporation wants to keep them in business.
  12. I worked for Lone Star Gas back in 1966-70 back in East Texas. All of our vehicles were dual gasoline/LNG except for the biggest trucks and dozers which were diesel powered. When the light duty vehicles were running on LNG (free to the company) they emitted no smoke of any kind, even on cold start up. Today’s LNG engines should do even better.
  13. if it is dual fueled that could be fuel oil burning off. If it is strictly LNG fueled there should be no smoke at all, even during break in.
  14. If the Mardi Gras is LNG powered, why so much dark smoke? Sent from my iPad using Forums
  15. We had a fully paid October cruise on the Freedom, got our taxes and port fees back within4-5 days of them cancelling. Rest came about 10-14 days later. Sent from my iPad using Forums
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