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  1. We have never been in a suite, so I don’t know whether there are grout lines there or not. Quit fretting, enjoy your cruise.
  2. Unless you are in a suite there won’t be any unclean grout lines. The showers and countertops in the bathroom are pretty much groutless.
  3. My understanding of how the commercial satellites work is that they are in stationary orbits app. 22k to 25k miles up. The satellites have transponders that broadcast different channel/programming to specific locations down below. Areas that have little/no populations, i.e. the middle of the Pacific Ocean have no transponders aimed in that direction. The satellites for navigation, military, commercial aviation, etc are different.
  4. We were on the Splendor (April 27 to May 11) of this year. About two days out from Long Beach the internet service got very spotty and the satellite television was non-existent. The sports fans in the sports bar were NOT happy. Once we got to the Hawaiian Islands everything was back to normal. On the return leg, the same thing happened. There is no satellite TV coverage out in the middle of the vast Pacific Ocean and only spotty internet coverage. Hope this answers your questions, new ships like the Miracle might get better reception.
  5. The Vista has completed it’s drydock azipod repairs early. Carnival is celebrating with a special 4 day cruise out of Galveston, 7/23-27 to Cozumel and back with some really great rates.
  6. If it was CBP’s computer problems it doesn't seem fair to blame Carnival or the Port of Galveston.
  7. As you leave Los Angeles going toward Hawaii you set your clock back 1 hour after the first day and a half, then another hour the next 2 days. You reverse the process heading back to California.
  8. There are no outlets next to the bed in our balcony stateroom.There is one 110 volt outlet next to the phone and one 220 volt European outlet (2 round, horizontal) pins directly centered under the stateroom mirror. A 12-16 foot, non-surge protected extension card would be advisable. Hope this answers your question.
  9. The weather has turned cloudy and dreary since we left Hawaii enroute to Ensanada. The roof over the main pool is closed this AM and the seas were pretty rough on Monday. I would imagine that the sun worshippers are not too happy. On a brighter note, the mentalist and the juggler who performed in the big theatre the last two nights were pleasant surprises. More to follow with pictures and a complete review.
  10. I have not seen any large amounts of trash in the water.
  11. There have been periods when the internet (value package) has been very slow or non existent. When we got to the Islands both the television and internet and cell service got markedly better, there was about a 3 day period out in the middle of the Pacific where there was no television or cell service. Satellites don’t need to broadcast to the fish I suppose.
  12. Our glass bottom boat excursion was cancelled due to high winds and rough seas—drat!
  13. Yes, the sea day brunch is still in effect. Breakfast is served in the Gold Pearl dining room starting at 8:30 and continues till the brunch starts around 11:00.
  14. In Kona today. The ship’s tenders are shuttling people ashore. We were told to expect 2 hour wait times for the return to the ship this afternoon. Hilo tomorrow, then we start back with a stop in Ensenada.
  15. So far no to the shaved ice and to the hula/ukulele lessons.
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