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  1. Thanks all!! Now I have another question, and it might sound silly, but I've never been to these ports before. Do I use American money in Costa Maya and Cozumel or do I need to buy Pesos?
  2. Can anyone tell me if they assign the ships a terminal the day they arrive or how does that work? I wanted to book transportation from the cruise port to Ft. Lauderdale airport but they need to know which cruise terminal I will be at, and there seems to be quite a few. Any help would be appreciated! 🙂
  3. Thank you all for your thoughts on my question. I'm looking mainly for some post cards for my scrapbooking, and I buy a shot glass and shooter glass whenever we are somewhere new. If I can get those right at the port, then I will just come back to the ship. 🙂
  4. Our ship doesn't leave port until 10pm, but our tour is going to be finished by 5pm. If we get dropped off in town, is there a shuttle to get back to the cruise pier? Also, are there shops for souvenirs such as post cards, shot glasses, t-shirts etc. near the port?
  5. What is the date that you will be in Rome? Because our day in Rome is Friday Sept. 27th, and our time in Rome has not been extended. We still leave port at 7pm from what it says on my calendar.
  6. If you think the Pompeii part will be too much for them, you could contact Italytours.EU to see if there are any spots left on our tour. It is the Classic Amalfi Coast tour. It goes to Amalfi Coast, Positano, and Revello. I'm not sure if it's full or if we have room for more. Just a thought! 😄
  7. Thank you for the suggestions. I will post on the roll call as well. We have 5 people so far. They will check 10 days before the cruise to tell us what our options are if we still don't have enough people. I hope we get to go as it sounds amazing.😁😁
  8. We have the same tour booked and at this time we have 5 people signed up. Did they charge extra because there were only 5 people?
  9. If you call Italy tours.EU they should be able to tell you about times and which one will suit you. If you decide to do the Classic Amalfi Coast, we have a group started for this tour.
  10. Thank you Keith for easing my mind.🙂 I feel a lot better about taking this excursion now. I know the ship will wait for us, but I didn't want to be "that couple" to hold the ship up. This is the first time our excursion has been that close to sail time.
  11. This will be our first trip to Europe. Can you please tell me how long the walk is from the ship to where we would catch our bus for our tour? Our tour is scheduled to get back at 6:15pm and our ship leaves at 7:00pm. I am not a fast walker and I'm wondering how much time it takes to get back to the ship. (It is a ship sponsored excursion.)
  12. That's too bad. Would love to have you along on our excursion. You could try calling Italy Tours to see if they have a group started for this tour for the date you will be there.
  13. We have a tour of the Amalfi Coast already going and we still have room for more if you're interested. The tour is with Italy Tours. 😁😁
  14. Thanks for all the suggestions everyone. And kokopelli-az , I was looking at their website, as I have read a number of great reviews on them. I think this is who we will go with. They are the only ones so far that said they could drop us off at our hotel. But I think we will just take a taxi from the hotel to the cruise port.
  15. Yes a taxi would work for us. We just thought we would treat ourselves to a private car. Thank you for your response. I will definately check out that forum before we book anything. I don't care how we get there really. As long as they can take us right to our hotel.
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