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  1. Hi all........I am happy to report that I finally got my refund that I requested on April 13th for the April 30th cruise that was cancelled by NCL. Last week my credit card company told me it was all in my account and they sent me a check which I received yesterday. Got it all back, too, so I am thrilled. I miss our cruises so much like all of you and I hope that we can all sail again sometime. Good luck to all out there who are waiting........Patti
  2. Glad I keep reading posts on cruise critic. I applied for the refund this morning, the wording says everyone on the reservation, and as I had made all arrangements on my credit card for DD and me, I just did one. Now I see others have done one for each person, so I went back and did one with her name too. I hope that means I will get all that I put in......it was a birthday cruise for her(she is a nurse). Now I just hope that someday in the future we will all be able to sail again. She is my travel companion and cruising has been our happy place for a long time. All of you out there please sta
  3. I also tried early this morning , had the same problem. I was using an address given to me by a rep on the phone Friday night. Now, we know how this works......everything and I mean everything has to be exact or they refuse you. I just tried the address given in the letter and I had a couple of hyphens missing in peace-of-mind. Tried that, still refused. I had put the date in as 4/30/2020.......should have been 04/30/2020....gee, what a dummy I am. Finally got to submit and got an email acknowledging receipt....printed it.....all 2 lines of it. Will be processed in 90 days....I hope. Good luck
  4. Hi again...............to all of you who have taken the time to respond, I thank you so much. I have been trying to figure this out and just knew that the place to ask was Cruise Critic. There are so many knowledgeable people out there that can speak from experience and help each other. I will try to call them and see what can be done. Please stay safe out there until we can travel again..........Patti
  5. Hi all..........I had a cruise booked with NCL on Apr.30th that has been cancelled. I am waiting until the 13th as they requested to fill in the form for a refund as none of us are sure when we can cruise with safety again. My hotel called me themselves and cancelled 2 weeks ago (Miami Hampton Inn) which I really appreciated as that was one more thing I didn't have to deal with. My airline, however....American.... is another story. I have been monitoring the flights on our dates and have not cancelled as yet because I was waiting to see what the cruise lines did first. Yesterday, the site I us
  6. Yes, we are on the Norwegian Pearl from 4/30 to 5/11/20 and it sounds like the same transfer, and nothing like they advertise at all. We were going to just take a taxi to the old city but folks say they bug you to take a longer tour with them and I really hate to argue with people. That, and the fact that we are there on a Sunday and weird times to boot, I wasn't sure what to do. Thank you so much for this information. I just may cancel that catamaran, as I'd much rather be on our own time table and maybe some of the vendors will sleep late. LOL! My limited Spanish includes "no, gracias", so I
  7. Hi.......We sailed on Adventure and it is a wonderful ship, lots to see and do. We have also sailed Allure of the Seas, which is Oasis class and it was my favorite cruise to date. Those ships are just amazing, huge but never felt crowded and the entertainment , in my opinion, is the best of any and we have been on. 21 with 22 coming up in May. We have never repeated a ship either.....I like variety and trying new ships and cruise lines. Like everything else, I have my favorites but want each cruise to be a new experience. Sometimes we choose for itinerary and sometimes for the ship. Try somet
  8. Hi all................Just figuring out my plans and excursions and realize that our stop in Cartagena ( one big reason for booking this cruise) is from 6am to 2pm on a Sunday. I have booked the ferry shuttle with the cruise line to get to the old city and now I'm thinking it may be closed up and nothing to see or do there. Because our time is so short, I didn't want a tour, but just to explore on our own and get back to the ship on time. We have been to most of the other ports at least once, and spent a land tour of 10 days in Panama, so that will be another sea day for us. Has anyone out the
  9. Thanks so much for all replies.......exactly what I needed to know. Cruise Critic and it's members rock!..Patti
  10. Thanks to all. I guess it will be Coxen Hole, hopefully docked. So if ship time arrival is 10am, local time would be 1 hour earlier, so 9am. Maybe I can make the excursion I want after all. It's so hard to make plans. I am from the east coast, so Central America would be earlier...........thanks again......Patti
  11. Hi all......I just posted this in Roatan Honduras forum and thought I should put it here too. Trying to figure out excursions and we don't dock until 10am. I'd really like to book with Rony's tours but not sure if the timing will work...............Thanks.......Patti
  12. We are on the Pearl on the Apr. 30th cruise and stop in Roatan on Thursday 5/7/20. I am trying to set up my excursions and noticed that we do not arrive until 10am. I would like to book with Rony's but not sure if he picks up where we will be, or if the tour is available at the time we need. If anyone knows, please post......Thanks
  13. We did the Med. last year on Norwegian Epic, first time in Europe and probably last, so we wanted to see as much as possible in the time we had. Italy Tours EU was the best. We did 2 tours with them and I wish we had done all 3 in Italy. We did the Pompeii and the Amalfi Coast with a view of Positano and lunch break and wander time in Sorrento and also Best of Florence and Pisa. Both tours were very good, very long days though. For Rome, we went with another company. The tickets for the Colosseum and Vatican were extra, I don't think they are included in any of the tours. and not sure if yo
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