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  1. 5 so far and one likely scheduled for 12/11/20. Then we wait for the 1/26/21 & 2/6/21 ones with a wait and see approach.
  2. I am sure this has already happened to others and would love to hear of other’s resolutions. We recently had two October cruises cancelled that we had used FCCs to pay for them. One cruise we used an FCC from a cancelled May cruise and on the other we had used an FCC we received from RCCL for a previous cruise problem. It was like a good will gesture for a problem we had on a cruise. The question is, how will they resolve the new cruise issuance of FCC ( we we will elect and not a refund)? My assumption is a NEW FCC will be issued at 125% of the base fares of the October cruises re
  3. Assumed as much. And likely it extends the time to get the replacement FCC since the RCCL Accounting Department has to use their toes wit the new calculation.
  4. OK, posting this to all the savvy cruisers. We have a Cruise upcoming in October that may be cancelled, but we hope it isn’t. The cruise is a back to back with one paid for with an FCC issued by RCCL for a problem we encountered on a past cruise. However the other was paid for with two FCCs we obtained from a May cancelled cruise. Question is if these two October cruises are cancelled, for the one cruise where we purchased with a FCC from a cancelled cruise, will RCCL issue new FCCs at 125% of our Base Fare? For the other cruise where we used a simple FCC issued for another reason,
  5. Send RCCL a message using Messenger. It’s worked for me.
  6. I have used FCCs from other issues while on other cruises fro RCCL and they are never allowed to be used for anything other than towards Base Cruise fares. What I haven’t done yet, but it likely may be the case is using some of an FCC for one cruise Base Fare and if not all used varying the leftover to use on another. They will a lot the FCC towards 125% of each persons booking and then apply it to the new cruise Base Fare per person. So for example, if your cruise was book under a second person 40% off sale, the FCC will have more allocated to the first passenger and less to the second passen
  7. The FCC is based upon the Base Fare you paid you paid for the cruise at 125%. When you use the FCC it is then only applicable to your Base Fare of the new cruise. Giving you 125% allows you to consider a cabin upgrade from Inside to Balcony or cruise in the Summer when fares are higher versus non peak times. If you paid for perks on your cancelled cruise those are refunded so purchasing them again is a wash. Same for Port Taxes. Choosing the refund at 100% of the Base Fare is your option.
  8. So follow up question would be will the delay affect the scheduled cruises already being booked on the Allure out of Galveston? Thoughts?
  9. With the impact of Coronavirus on the Cruise Industry has anyone heard how it may impact the Galveston Terminal Upgrade and plan to move Allure to Galveston?
  10. Yes. We saw that and it happened quickly between my posts. Fortunately we were able to sang the rooms we needed for a large family cruise planned.
  11. I think you might have your years wrong, saw through April, 2021 only so far. We need 7/2021.
  12. Anyone have inside information about RCCL Caribbean Deployment release supposedly happening this week?
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