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  1. short walk to this place. https://goo.gl/maps/mdevrf7UiT3SGmjW9 then a short boat trip over. Inexpensive round trip. Stone Island was great! Been to many beaches in Mexico, all down the coast, and this one is great. Great views, nice swallow place to paddle board or swim. Pretty strong waves, but light undertow, and with it being swallow pretty far out, its fun to play in the water. Good sand, views of mountains. We go to Lety's, its a bit of a walk, but best prices we have found on Stone and nice people. Warning, get ready to say NO Gracias a lot. A lot of people selling stuff. And as someone that has lived in mexico for 2 years, and traveled to pretty much every tourist point, the sales people are well above average here. Have a little fun, and maybe buy something too, my 10 and 8 year olds learned how to shop in mexico, scored a cool wristband and two animals craved out of beautiful stained wood.
  2. Did Chileno Bay in Cabo via excursion through Princesses. The fish were ok, water was murky, it was windy that day. The catamaran was fun, we got close to the Arch for photos, bought the pro photos which were great, good drinks after snorkeling that had the ladies dancing to classic rock tunes, the crew were great and good light snacks. Did not do any snorkeling in Mazatlan, it was too windy, and wanted to chill out on stone beach, which is great. Letys is a great place for food and beers. In PV, we got an Uber for about $12 and went south to Mismaloya, and hired a boat to take us to the large rock formations close by, $12 per for about an hour, not the clearest of water, but saw more fish and a better variety then Cabo, including two large sting rays. Mismaloya is a cool little bay, but the current/waves/undertoe was too strong for kids to swim past knee deep waters, and it drops off fast. Guessing Sea of Cortez will result in better snorkeling, so interesting in hearing back from you!
  3. Long Beach was great. Uber and Lyft were both surging higher rates (double the price) in the morning this past Saturday. my dad rented a van from the nearby Enterprise that opened up at 9 a.m., easy option but they are on Royal Princess for the next 5 weeks and needed a car to drive around for the day as well, so they dropped us off. If Uber and Lyft are surging I would check out a taxi. We left the cruise terminal at 9:30am got to the airport at 10am curbside check SWA (3 people in line) and through security in less than 15 minutes for a 1115am flight. Full flight, lots of spring break familys. Small cool airport, probably under 10 terminals. Luckily the price was right and we booked a nonstop flight to Denver a few months ago, if you have the options hands down go through Long Beach. You had to access the plane from outside stairs and ramp which I thought was pretty funny! Pretty sure we would have missed our flight if it was at LAX at the same time.
  4. Heading out on the Royal Princess this Saturday out of LA! NCAA Mens basketball tournament starts Thursday, and will be games on Saturday, Sunday, Thursday and Friday during the trip, which so happens to be non port days. Any idea how the coverage will be? In the states, CBS owns the rights and is on four different CBS channels. I'm not expecting this on the ship, but hoping for a few games?? Anyone have any idea what they will show? Would be prefect for the outdoor big screen!
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