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  1. Going to have dinner now, but wanted to thank all of the mods and cruising dudes and dudettes for the pictures, info and cheering section today. Thank you for letting me hang out with you guys today!
  2. Sorry for bringing this up, not my intention to stir things up. This is my first time perusing your boards (I normally frequent the Royal Caribbean or Disney ones) and was honestly asking. Thanks for the info, everyone.
  3. Was reading article @cdwise provided and noticed this mention: Most of the passengers are elderly. Having never sailed with HAL, is this demographic typical for this cruise line or this specific itinerary? Or both?
  4. I’m just glad the politicians came to their senses and showed compassion, here’s hoping that the sick people can recover! RIP to the dead, thoughts and prayers for all of the families.
  5. So grateful that both ships are now home! Welcome back, Rotterdam 😍
  6. I think this is the first time that I've watched a ship sail into a port and actually dock, impressed how carefully the captain can dock the ship when I can't even parallel park my car lol.
  7. What terminal is the Zaandam docking at? I sail with Royal Caribbean and am only familiar with terminals 18 and 29.
  8. Appreciate you forwarding this link, I was only able to access one of the webcams (Ft Lauderdale SE one).
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