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  1. I tried to apply FCC using the online form today and received an email stating it was “inactive.” The FCC was from a cruise RCI cancelled, I first applied it to another cruise which RCI then cancelled. Guess I have a very long call to look forward to - not.
  2. And, in the Spring the cruises are normally leaving Hawaii going to the mainland, not leaving the mainland and going to Hawaii.
  3. Today I booked my husband as a solo cruiser on the Brilliance in January as it was less than adding him to my existing reservation. For some inexplicable reason, the DP340 promotion code still did not work on my desk top but it did work on my iPhone - guess it pays to try multiple devices.
  4. If you are looking for any more I have these. One of the aqua/silver cups is still in the plastic wrap.
  5. best post I’ve seen in a long while. Have a great rest of your cruise.
  6. I was just pricing a short cruise sailing in January 2022. When I checked on JS cost for 1 person I input the DP340 promo code but no deduction appeared on the cost breakdown - total price for 1 person shown as $1715. When I checked same cabin, same sailing for 2 people the total cost was $1688! Very strange.
  7. Frankly, I don’t care that RCI is sending invitations to all Pinnacles other than the fact that it specifically stated the selection process would be otherwise .
  8. So much for “random selection” of registered volunteers.
  9. Terrific service from the shareholders benefit group. I sent an email last night at 5:02pm requesting OBC for 11 cruises and received confirmation this morning at 7:16 am.
  10. You might want to look into booking a private or semi private tour or transfer to Florence, especially since you want to go to a museum. We have found that it was the best way to maximize time in Florence and can often be done less costly than going on a cruise ship sponsored shore excursion. We have done this three times with two different tour companies and it has worked extremely well for us. A big cruise sponsored group on a bus from Livorno to Florence just takes up precious time better spent in town.
  11. Vision does not have all of the bells and whistles that newer ships have and is showing some wear commensurate with her age. However, she consistently has some of the best itineraries offered by Royal Caribbean and in the past has had some great well-trained crew members. We tend to pick cruises for the itinerary and have been on Vision several times. On the port intensive cruises the lack of some specialty restaurants, entertainment venues, etc is less important to us. We will be sailing Vision again in March to the Southern Caribbean - going to multiple ports including 3 we haven’t been previously. We will be glad to be back aboard.
  12. I am booked on the Serenade cruise to Hawaii too. The last of the Serenade cruises from Seattle to Alaska now does not end until Sept 27. Clearly, we are not sailing on Sept 26. RCI waiting til final payment is due to cancel is affecting planning/flights for land vacations in lieu of a cruise.
  13. In both Reykjavik and Akureyri we rented from holdur.is (Europcar) Europcar had a small building at the port in Reykjavik. We kept the car overnight and parked in the large parking lot right at the port. In Akureyri we only had the car for a long day/night as we scheduled a whale watching tour the following morning. There was after hours drop-off.
  14. We thought Akureyri was a great port in which to have an overnight. We rented a car the first day and made a big loop with the furthest point being the Myvatn mud baths. It was much less touristy than the Blue Lagoon (though we've enjoyed that as well). We also liked getting into port in Reykjavik in the morning so we had all day and into the night to rent a car and drive to Reynisfjara black sand beach, stopping at many waterfalls and beautiful sites along the way.
  15. It really was a great cruise. I was just looking at the photos on my phone from that cruise a few days ago - brought back great memories. We love Iceland. I briefly considered a cruise next summer which is going to Iceland but the times in port were disappointing so I booked British Isles and Arctic Circle cruises instead.
  16. We did aboard Vision on September 1, 2017. To our delight, everyone received a complimentary photo of the Northern Lights.
  17. The last Serenade Alaska cruise now ends in Seattle 1 day before Serenade was to sail from Vancouver to Hawaii. Yet RCI has not cancelled the Hawaii sailing. Also don't understand why RCI cancelled all Radiance Alaska sailings instead of having the later ones leave or return to Seattle rather than Vancouver. It's a conundrum for me as I was supposed to be on a southbound Radiance sailing, spend a few days in Vancouver then get on Serenade for Hawaii. If I thought that Hawaii would still be a go with itinerary change from Vancouver to Seattle and 1 day less sailing then I would lift and shift my Radiance cancelled cruise to Serenade Alaska. But September is not the optimal time to visit Alaska, so if Hawaii will be cancelled eventually, then I would wait and go to Alaska some other year. I realize logistics are difficult for RCI as well but some of the decisions seem overly complicated. But then, the new sailings are higher in price than what I paid so RCI is probably hoping to get more new bookings than transferred bookings.
  18. Thanks for the recipe. Sounds delish!
  19. I am not personally overly concerned about contracting it either as I will be fully vaccinated. But, i absolutely am not interested in being on a cruise where there is increased possibility of an outbreak because adults who could be vaccinated chose not to do so. An outbreak would undoubtedly negatively impact the quality of the cruise - who wants to be quarantined for crying out loud?
  20. I booked 4 cruises out of FL in 1st Q 2022 with expectation that vaccinations would be required. If they are not, I will cancel. IMHO a no vaccine required policy is likely to cause many to cancel so not sure it would have the positive effect on tourism dollars some seem to expect.
  21. Christmas 2019. Jewel of the Seas RT from Dubai to Qatar and Bahrain. And to make it even better we had a 2 bedroom aft balcony suite which we shared with our two adult daughters. It was a great experience and I'm grateful our last cruise for so long was to an exotic location. We spent an extra 5 days in Dubai pre and post-cruise. Well worth the time, effort and $$$.
  22. Glad to know you like that cabin. I booked it for Radiance NZ and GBR cruises beginning Feb 8, 2023. We always try to book an aft JS but decided to save some $$$ and do more sailings this time. We are then going to switch to Ovation for a cruise to Tasmania.
  23. They just can’t wait another day....so, they are waiting another day. Sheesh
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