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  1. The only issue I have with connecting cabins is your cabin could have different furniture so it doesn't block the doorway, for example a chair instead of a couch.
  2. There have been zero new diamonds in the last year so I don't think double points will create more diamonds than there would have been anyway. Twice as many new diamonds in the next year due to double points, averaged with zero diamonds in the past year.
  3. Do you mean you couldn't care less?
  4. Radiance is a river cruiser now. Radiance of the Rivers.
  5. Every week in 2023 the same itinerary with 3 stops. In the past Galveston ships alternated east and west. The smaller ships work in a 4th stop in Belize but it's a tender port so Allure won't stop there.
  6. If you get in don't take my cabin! I think there are more itineraries coming, not all dates are covered yet. Now I can open some of them but not others. For example Jan 29 is working. But you can only choose 2 or 4 people, if you choose 3 then it says nothing is available. Also of note - the Voyager itineraries all have 6 ports and no sea days.
  7. I am now seeing Jan-April 2023 Caribbean cruises 7 nights on the RC site. As predicted, All are on Oasis class except Voyager out of San Juan and Serenade out of Tampa. Can see pricing on several itineraries but get an error when I try to look at details for Voyager cruises.
  8. RC is homeporting a ship in Barbados with no port visits to US ports, so Cozumel isn't a radical idea.
  9. I noticed this too with the Freedom class, along with Adventure of the Seas. The problem I see is if you want to take a 7 night Caribbean cruise you're going to be forced onto an Oasis class ship - or a very small ship like the one sailing out of Tampa or Barbados. Oasis is OK, but not every time out. Any idea where Navigator of the Seas will be in early 2023? Waiting to see what ship will be sailing from Puerto Rico in early 2023.
  10. I don't want to go to an AI because I don't want communal dining. When our Feb/March cruise was canceled I booked a beachfront condo in Florida with a full kitchen. Booked nonstop flights and we have N95 (not KN95) masks for the plane. We'll pick up our rental car, stop at Costco and the grocery store, then hit the condo for a week. Dinners will be restaurant takeout. The beach, pool, and bike rides are all safe. Going end of April when prices come down and there are less people. I'll see you there!
  11. If they continue to extend the 125% FCC OBC program for cruise planner purchases then a purchase now could be considered an investment that pays back later.
  12. Mmm, looks like I'll be having three appetizers and a couple of entrees. Then dessert. Then back to the suite lounge for more dessert and a drink. I'm a creature of habit.
  13. Do you get a choice of dinners in CK each night? Is the menu like the MDR where there is a variety of appetizers, dinners, and desserts to choose from?
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