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  1. Adventure of the Seas doesn't have hibachi but they also don't have hot rocks because Izumi is in the Royal Promenade, with no ability to cook anything there.
  2. There is a "Gulf Coast Departures" board on Cruise Critic which includes Galveston and there is tons of advice about shuttles, taxis, Uber, etc. Check it out, you'll find it very helpful! https://boards.cruisecritic.com/forum/316-gulf-coast-departures/
  3. I recently took a boat trip (Key West Express) from Fort Myers to Key West and there is no cellular service, you are too far from shore and a large part of the trip is along the Everglades.
  4. The original FCC with the original conditions is reactivated.
  5. My favorite part of the Windjammer (and really any buffet) is when people put the tongs back into the serving tray and the handle of the tongs is touching the food. There should really be a dish to hold the tongs in front of each serving tray so that the tongs don't rest on top of the food.
  6. CruiseCritic generates income through this website which makes it possible to operate these message boards. You are asking them to do something that could reduce their income.
  7. It means there are ten suites on the ship classified as Star Class.
  8. I've never had Star Class, will experience Sky Class for the first time in 2022. My favorite Genie perk would probably be reserved seats at the shows, I love to sit front row center at shows (except my wife refuses to sit in the front row at comedy shows because she's afraid of the comedian picking on her). There are about 10 Star Class suites, how do they handle that when everyone wants the best seats at the show?
  9. Mathematically these are exactly the same. However the base price keeps changing, which means the final price under the new promotion could be more than or less than the price under the old promotion.
  10. Travel insurance covers delays and cancellations getting to the departure port, but the main reason I and many other people buy travel insurance is for the medical coverage outside the country. Emergency medical treatment and/or specialty transportation home is very expensive. It doesn't matter if you live next to the cruise port in Miami, or in North Dakota.
  11. When you go directly to ships / deck plans you will see on the upper right side the option to choose a date range. This allows you to see the current deck plan or if there will be changes then you can see the deck plan as of a future date. this happened to me, I was trying to book a cabin that normally holds six people but in 2022 the capacity goes to five people and according to the symbols there will be one pullman bed instead of a sleeper sofa. When the reservation system wouldn't accept a sixth person the RC booking agent contacted a manager who explained why I couldn't book that cabin so apparently they are making this change in some places. I would guess there is still a sofa, but not a sleeper sofa any more.
  12. Yes depending on which penalty period you are in you would receive cash for the non-penalty amount and FCC for the penalty amount.
  13. Unless I am missing something you don't need to use the insurance. You can cancel and get a 100% refund to your credit card for everything you paid. Or you can choose to receive a future cruise credit for 125% of the amount of your base fare, plus a refund to your credit card of the taxes, fees, and any other purchases you made for this cruise (drink package, etc.). Edit: now I see what I'm missing. The 125% is only for cruises that are canceled. But you can cancel under the "Cruise with Confidence" plan without using insurance.
  14. That's good to hear. In the most recent Wall Street Journal airline rankings Spirit (and Frontier) moved up the list. They are getting better.
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