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  1. We always enjoy Moderno, last time was the Escape in June of 2019. I look forward to the salad bar more so than the meats. I look forward to using the SDP at the various venues. I would not pay for Specialty dining packages as we enjoy the MDRs. We earn platinum level in February on the Dawn, so the next cruise we will have more specialty nights.
  2. duck_keeper Were you able to see the MDR menus for the entire week or just one day at a time?
  3. We took the Dawn out of Boston the first week of May 2018.Weather was nice, but we got lucky. Water in Bermuda was a bit cool, I went in for a quick dip but did not stay long. That time of year it is a matter of luck. Bring a hoodie just in case.
  4. We were on the Escape in June thought our reservation was for 6 PM, and showed up at La Cuchina at 5:50 PM. We found out our reservation was at 5:30, we were told we missed it and lost out. We did not make a big deal out of it, and went to the MDR. Not sure if we could have complained and got satisfaction, but it was our fault. so we will use it as a lesson learned. Won't happen again.
  5. Cole Thorton, You forget to mention the 20% gratuity, added for our convenience of course!
  6. In June there was an up charge for going to Bayamo, and an up charge for having the lobster. The lobster was not all that good. Service was great, more formal than other venues.
  7. We really like the salad bar at Moderno, Go hungry if you like meat. I think there are about 12 different meats they bring out to you. We also have done the hibachi restaurant, on some of our trips, it is a bit noisy with the performance and the ventilation systems.
  8. When we were on the Escape in June there was an upcharge at Bayamo, $10 if I remember correctly. There were also upcharge menu items, I had the lobster. Probably will not do that again. but the atmosphere was very upscale.
  9. Thanks everyone, I guess I will find out in June, looking forward to relaxing on the Escape. B
  10. Thanks for the quick answer, it might be Captains choice B
  11. I have a question about docking in Bermuda. When we were in Bermuda last year, we docked on the starboard, side, but that was the Dawn. Can anyone tell me if they use the Port side or Starboard for the Escape at the Royal Naval Dockyard? We booked starboard rooms, so we can watch people come and go. Biffire
  12. You can use it on Great Stirrup Cay Have a good time.
  13. We were on the Dawn 5/4-11/18 Arrived at 11 am, showed our passport were handed the medical forms walked right up to the counter, handed over the E-doc. We were asked for the credit card, had our picture taken and then waited for them to start calling boarding groups, by noon they were calling group four, we were in group 5, on the ship by 12:10 pm, and in the dining room ordering lunch by 12:20. Disembarking, we hid in our room til 9:15 and we were politely asked to leave. We carry off our own luggage and we got in line, which was about the shortest I have ever seen. We were soon in the main terminal where we planned to hang out until our pre-arranged bus was to arrive after 10:30. We were asked to leave the terminal by the officials so we had to wait outside in the breezy Boston weather, for awhile, glad we wore long pants and sweatshirts.. Very quick and easy, no complaints, and will certainly consider using Boston Cruise port in the future.
  14. When we did the Fury Cataraman snorkle adventure we had to pay for food on the beach. There were drinks on the boat after the snorkle portion was finished, on the way back to the ship.
  15. Keep the drink package and enjoy. Try a Miami Vice, or other new drinks, and it is pretty easy to have 3-4 drinks per day, even if not a big drinker. Go for it! enjoy it's a vacation.
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