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  1. Wow, way to stay positive! You certainly had reasons to to be upset, but you chose to rise above it all. An example for the rest of us to follow. Thank you
  2. Go to the pool bar and have a Bloody Mary. Next stop is the MDR for lunch to avoid the zoo at the buffet.Then back to the pool bar. Explore a little if I have not been on the ship before. Go to the room as soon as it is ready. Do the muster drill then to the upper deck for sail away.
  3. I just read that Harvest Caye's pier was damaged by the Escape and repairs were underway. Does anyone know if they have been completed or do we have to tender? I will be there Feb 26th on the Dawn.
  4. Definitely a combination of factors. Dates, I am still working and try to avoid hurricane season. Price is always a consideration for us. Port of embarkation, if I use NYC I avoid airfare, but very limited choices from there. Ports of call, although I have repeated several based on above factors. My next cruise is on the Dawn, out of Tampa, because I had to go to Florida for a wedding, doing the Western route, which we have done previously.
  5. Yes there is a bar in Spice H20, and the card works the same as carnival and RCL.
  6. I can answer a few, Harvest Caye is for NCL and Oceania ships. Dock space for only one ship, if a second ship is in port someone has to tender. The adult area is Spice H20 aft area no extra charge. Cant say much about allergies, since we don't have that issue, but I know the waiters often ask about allergies. There is a room card which you use for any purchases, as a room key, and to get on and off the ship. I believe there is a movie screen however we don't usually watch movies on the ship, so I dont have much knowledge about that. We normally eat early so MDR waits are not bad, if you eat at prime time and have 5 people it wouldn't hurt to get reservations. Goof luck and enjoy the Breakaway
  7. Newleno, The just water containers are also refillable.
  8. I am with the Bird, be wrinkled I will be!
  9. We always eat at Moderno, I really like the salad bar, heart of palms, and baked cheese and other things not normally found on a salad bar. I never had any issues with the meat, but I tend to like my meat fully cooked and not bloody. Will be on the Dawn at the end of February, and definitely using one of our 3 nights there.
  10. AllenFamily We were last on the Dawn, June of 2018, Boston to Bermuda. I think we had a white hot party around the pool. Reading the boards it seems that Glow parties are now more popular. Sorry I can't remember more, they all seem to blend together. We are also cruising on the Dawn out of Tampa, February 23rd.
  11. Quiet probably won't happen, once you and several hundred of your fellow cruises arrive it gets quite noisy. The Manhattan room also has music sometimes.
  12. Thanks for all of the replies, Sounds like a crap shoot. The pictures posted by Mking, sure made the soup look good. Going in February, looking forward to it. Happy new year to all.
  13. I think we are 3 out of 5 tries. The last time we waited for 90 minutes in the tender line, finally made it to the tender, it started raining, as the tender reached the island, so we went to the pavilion and tried to eat. Everyone used it for shelter, we were there about 45 minutes and they ordered us back to the ship. Still raining, ended up on the top deck, got soaked. Oh Well, back to the bar, had a few drinks and all was good. I always look forward to GSC, really like the food and beverage are included.Next trip we got to Harvest Caye, which will be our first time.
  14. Thanks I was going to try a lunch. I guess I will try to see a menu and see if I can get a dinner reservation.
  15. Well, that does not sound good ! Thanks for the rapid reply
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