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  1. https://www.jhsph.edu/news/news-releases/2008/bishai-grandparents.html
  2. OzCanuck


    We always packed them loose, in bunches, across multiple suitcases. Always managed to take along enough that way (even 15 days with an 18 month old) without having to restock. I guess I just felt that dealing with that pre cruise would be stressful in a different city. Your tolerance may be higher...
  3. Just fyi we rented a car right at the port and drove their ourselves. Not for everyone but it was quite easy and the vehicle had navigation. There was about 25e in road tolls involved but it was a very easy drive. And of course this allowed us to take our time, as much time, as we wanted.
  4. Do they have a jail large enough to hold her? 😁
  5. Just not blessed with paragraphs or spacing. Had to give up after a few lines.
  6. Can confirm that my 6 year old availed himself of the video games. If you tell them no, they will stop them from playing.
  7. We used SPB and they provided a car seat for our almost 3 year old. No problem. Was a great trip.
  8. I have been many places where tourists have been specifically asked to not bring candy. Glad it was a hi lite of your trip. Obesity and tooth decay will be a hi lite of their childhood I am sure.
  9. And please don’t do this. Imagine a bunch of cruise ship guests giving candy to your kids in your hometown. A bit weird?
  10. “A discretionary service charge will be added to your account”
  11. Perhaps. Both parents platinum and I simply asked. Not a problem at all. I would accept if they said no but they were totally fine with it.
  12. Rubbish. My son, now 7, has been on at least three of them. I have a great photo of him in the captain’s chair on the Star. I think that was when he was 4. Since then no bridge tour but there has not been a problem having him join. He found all of them fascinating.
  13. The locals congregate in the airport for incoming flights. The first time I went I just took a bed in a very low budget hotel. The second time we rented the top floor in someone's house (but arranged it beforehand). I'll have to dig up the info. Both rentals were very close to Hanga Roa; maybe a 10-15 minute walk to get into town. Airbnb is very well represented. I did not do any tours on either trip. I found, for me anyway, that it was a place I wanted to explore on my own and in my own time. Both times I rented a jeep for the duration. The roads are well marked and apart from the back road to Ahu Akivi, are in fairly good shape. Of course it is impossible to get lost as you can see from one side of the Island to the other. We ate in the local restaurants; had some great fresh fish and some not so great pizza. It is one of these places that draws you back, and I feel the pull yet again to return.
  14. You don't really need a tour company. I've been there twice - just booked my own flights and organized a place to stay beforehand. End of January is very high season so expect to pay a lot for flights and accommodation.
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