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  1. Out of their jurisdiction, so as per usual one of your specious arguments. Sounded good to say though I bet.
  2. Right? Imagine that, the CDC in the limelight during a global pandemic. Damn them! They should be figuring out how to get cruise ships back on the oceans.
  3. Maybe the CDC has other priorities right now. Just a guess.
  4. Actually not an impressive list at all. What, 19 ships? Only a handful can be compared to any NCL ship, and very limited at that. This is really just a toe in the water. Mainstream cruising is a long way off..... But, it’s nice to dream.
  5. There is zero chance this will sail. Don’t make a final payment - cancel now while you can still get your deposit back.
  6. Wrong on all counts. But go on, if it makes you feel good.
  7. Blame the victim gets boring. to the OP - dispute it with your credit card.
  8. MSC’s Yacht Club makes The Haven feel like a Motel 6. Only downside is less variety of cabin types and slightly smaller cabins.
  9. Aren’t positive threads against the rules now?
  10. Interesting. I tried to find a reference but couldn't. So does this mean we can stop washing our hands and using sanitizer?
  11. Or not; our December 14th is not cancelled. Of course it will be in due course.
  12. Almost $800mil in customer refunds. Yikes.
  13. Temper your disappointment. They are not going to allow any questions for which they do not have any answers...(Covid) Or any questions for which they do not want to answer (Refunds)
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