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  1. There's nothing stopping them from submitting their 60 day notice now, or even on Oct 30 when things were unlocked. They don't need to wait until test cruises happen. Most of the requirements in the request for conditional sailing were a bunch of administrative items and "I promise" attestations. They just need to do a test cruise, submit it to the CDC, and wait for approval. I'd think the big hold up for test cruises is getting ships retrofitted with the extra medical equipment.
  2. With the various crew trainings and enhanced sanitation/medical stuff they need to install before getting approval for the test cruises, this makes sense.
  3. Profitability is the last thing they're worried about right now. Revenue stream is key, along with rebuilding trust with the casual cruiser that cruises are safe (after they've so unfairly been labeled as covid jails). It's the same thing the airlines have gone through.
  4. The travel ban wouldn't have any impact on a Bahamian-registered vessel going to France. It's probably canceled due to all the various quarantines across the world.
  5. Definitely no reason to keep Key if you have a suite. Just get internet separate if you really need that.
  6. So what is RC's response? Obviously they have to cancel all Grandeur cruises for the next few weeks.
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