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  1. "You need tested to board" is hardly last year of law school levels of obscurity
  2. You do realize you're discussing covid protocols for a cruise over a year from now right?
  3. Documented medical exceptions are allowed, but you'd be treated as unvaccinated
  4. If you're sure he has covid (vs RSV which is at unseasonably high levels), then you'll just have to wing it. You'll have the option of an antigen test pre-cruise (since the check-in test is a PCR test). But otherwise you'll be at the mercy of the PCR test which is the one that can be positive up to 90 days after initially testing positive.
  5. I'd retest your son now to ensure his positive covid test was a legit positive.
  6. It's truly amazing the world we live in that your GI issues were no big deal since it wasn't covid (covid typically doesn't present itself that way anyway), but it could have been norovirus (probably wasn't that either) which is exponentially more contagious than covid since it spreads like 4 different ways. Now room service *should* have been open for the exception cases like yours.
  7. Nope. It's my personal preference to attend a dinner, not a prom, that's preventing me from looking sharp.
  8. Unless the CDC extends the CSO and still requires test sailings (which is beyond idiotic at this point), Adventure won't need a test cruise.
  9. Wear what you want to the MDR. Short of bathing suit and tank top, no one will bat an eye if you wear shorts, even on formal night.
  10. The vaccine/test documentation check is part of your "wellness check" at the port anyway. I wouldn't be concerned.
  11. RC already pulled the choiceair link from their Air2Sea page. I wonder if they're shutting off the website completely and forcing people to call (which seems like they'd get a lot less business that way, turning back the clocks 20 years)
  12. You get drinks loaded for every day of the cruise that you'll be spending the night. For B2B you get a new card anyway right? So you'd have those drinks loaded for leg 2 once you get your new card
  13. Fine, buy a bunch of tests you'll never use because they'll expire before you plan to use them then you'll complain when they expire. That's hoarding and that's a waste of money.
  14. RC deposits your money in a bunch of different buckets. So refunding that money comes piecemeal from those buckets, not in a lump sum
  15. Air2Sea seems busted the last few days
  16. What a joke the CDC is (as I'm sure this is a CDC issue). Basically zero cases on cruise ships, but let's make even more bizarre decisions on board
  17. DOB, lab name, date of test, type of test, test result and I thought something else.
  18. RC doesn't care where you get the test as long as it's a legit place and you get a printout with the proper info on it.
  19. Those were passengers who just didn't pay attention to the rules.
  20. An antigen test in a doctor's office is fine. But you need a formal printout with various pieces of information on it, not just a doctor's note.
  21. We don't even know November protocols yet. And with the CSO expiring (though likely to be extended since cruise ships continue to be covid petri dishes according to the CDC), that puts new protocols in even more flux
  22. I'd rather have the aft balcony than a jr suite.
  23. https://www.royalcaribbean.com/faq/questions/if-need-an-rt-pcr-test-before-i-cruise-where-should-i-go
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