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  1. I have a shellfish allergy, so it looks like a no-go for me on this!!
  2. I knew I saw you screen name some where. We are on the same cruise. Looking forward to meeting you on board. Here is a link to the stores at the airport; https://laguardiaairport.com/at-airport/shops-restaurants-and-services
  3. Suzyed I don't know how to get all the quotes in! Both of my post 196 &198 were to be in one post. But did two post because I had to leave the computer. They were in response to your post of 193😊. I just not all together this AM😄 Take care, Geo
  4. I also like your sense of humor. I did think that the chair that your showed would work for some. I know that you understand about a bad back. And it helps knowing that there are people who are kind out there in this world. I hope to meet you on a cruise some day. I had to put this in two post because I had to leave the computer for a while and could not finish the first post.
  5. I like to hang most of my clothing at home and while away. Underclothes and socks stay in my cube while on a cruise and are placed in a draw or on a shelve. The rest in on a hanger. At home I don't use the cubes but I hang most of my clothing, . Some blouses, tee shirts sweaters don't get hung up.
  6. Where are you leaving from on Regal? If it is Fort Lauderdale, you should be leaving from pier #2. There is a Walgreens very close to the pier. Red hook will have stores, but not close to the pier , if I can remember. The other ports that Regal leaves from I don't know about. Fro Red Hook. https://www.google.com/maps/place/Brooklyn+Cruise+Terminal/@40.679982,-74.0159202,17z/data=!4m5!3m4!1s0x89c25a608f28f8ff:0x3d0fc7b4341f3ece!8m2!3d40.6821096!4d-74.0148956
  7. Thank you. I have been cruising for years and will continue to do so in a cabin /or line that fits my needs. Thank you very much for your compassion, kindness and understanding about a person who has a back problem . .
  8. Like you I love the ships and crew. But it is more than a Inconvenient for me not to have a chair to sit on. The chair that you have the picture in your post would kill my back to sit on. Not every ones back is the same. I go on a cruise to relax. Not having a chair for each of us to sit on is a deal breaker for us.
  9. NO, I wrote it wrong. You get to play all four games for $20. All four games for $30. all four games if you use a tablet for $50. or more dollars. That I don't know the price of.
  10. I love the fine print. What is next, remove the bed and give you this pop up with fine print!!!
  11. There are four games of BINGO. Each played on a separate board/face. I stopped playing because of the tablets. I thing the cost for paper was $20. for one face for each game, $30. for a strip of three faces for each game. The tablets were maybe 40 or 50 dollars. Now I hope some one else will correct me if I am wrong.
  12. It is tacky, especially with the sea salt on it!!!
  13. They may get one. But going to Hawaii is at least a two week cruise. If they don't get a chair, well two weeks of taking turns of who gets to sit!!
  14. Yes, please let us know how it works out for you. Enjoy your cruise.
  15. Yes you can. BUT, it does not mean that you will get a chair. I had gotten a call from Ms. Jan s. office and was told that I can ask for a chair, but I might not get one. So, it is not easy peasy, ask and you might not get one. This info was straight from her office. They called me. I was told to sit on the bed!!
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