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  1. There are so many. And some with their cubs!!
  2. The bears are out today! https://explore.org/livecams/brown-bears/brooks-falls-brown-bears-low
  3. Happy to help. You will have a nice balcony with that cabin.
  4. Good to know about E436. I was always afraid to try it. Thanks Astor Flyer & MissP22 for the info.
  5. Not at all noisy. I found that rooms away from the elevators had more noise. People walking down the halls talking. Another thing that was important for us was that there was a room across the hall from us, or the elevator shaft. There are some rooms on Emerald deck that have a plain wall across the hall from them. I found that there was a hissing noise from what was ever behind the wall. At times I could hear it in the cabin. I have been on Regal 15 times and all time (after the hissing rooms) stayed by either the mid ship or forward elevators. 319 is also a nice cabin. Cabin 436 is over a bar. There might be noise from that.
  6. Second thread on this board or this link https://boards.cruisecritic.com/topic/2125803-recycling-clothing-among-cc-members-part-two/page/24/#comments
  7. I would put them on the recycle thread. People might see that there is a new post and might want what you have to offer.
  8. The bears seem t be catching salmon today. https://explore.org/livecams/brown-bears/brown-bear-salmon-cam-brooks-falls
  9. And NO for me too. Covid would have to be over before I even think of taking a cruise again. While I enjoy going on a cruise, I can live with out it. Life can still be full with out a cruise for me.
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