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  1. Happy Birthday and Bon Voyage. Booked on Koningsdam on this itinerary March 20, 2022. Have fun!
  2. Thanks for the update .... I guess the tugs will wait until the Captain decides to go.
  3. Tugboats alongside Eurodam so she must be getting ready to go.
  4. To the lighthouse and coast on the northern tip of the island of Grand Turk. Interesting story about the locals turning the light off until a ship founders and then stealing the cargo and enslaving the crew. Nice guys!
  5. Nice picture of Eurodam in Trieste.
  6. She is still at the berth in Trieste ....
  7. After his experience departing Marghera the last time on a beautiful evening, I'm sure that the Captain did not want to navigate the Marghera entrance channels to the VECON terminal berth in high wind conditions during a thunderstorm. That could put his ship, his crew and his guests at risk. Having been aboard Eurodam in Jacksonville FL during the approach of Hurricane Sandy in 2012, the Captain then was fortunate to get us in to the berth safely.
  8. From AccuWeather for Trieste .... DAY 67°Hi RealFeel® 65° RealFeel Shade™ 64° 10/6 Not as warm with rain; there can be ponding on streets and highways. ALERTS Orange Warning for Thunderstorms 2:00 AM Wednesday - 7:59 PM Wednesday ALERTS Orange Warning for Thunderstorms 2:00 PM Tuesday - 9:59 PM Wednesday ALERTS Yellow Warning for Rain 2:00 AM Wednesday - 7:59 PM Wednesday ALERTS Yellow Warning for Rain 2:00 PM Tuesday - 9:59 PM Wednesday ALERTS Yellow Warning for Wind 2:00 PM Wednesday - 8:59 AM Thursday
  9. Anyone know how many disembarking/embarking guests have had a last minute change of plans? At least the Trieste to Venice time by bus using the motorway is only about 1 hr 30 min according to Michelin.
  10. Always have to be ready for anything .... I guess that HAL has to find a lot of buses to take disembarking guests to Venice and embarking guests from Venice.
  11. Very interesting track since departing Koper earlier today ....
  12. It appears that Eurodam will berth in Trieste tomorrow morning and not be calling in Marghera (in place of Venice) as originally scheduled. If this has been reported before, I must have missed it. In any event, it would appear that Marghera didn't quite work as well as HAL had hoped. Certainly the departure last time was at least interesting, if not challenging for the Master. Does anyone have more insight on this?
  13. I would guess that Capt. Smit would prefer a slightly larger turning basin than the one that he had to navigate in Marghera last evening. I was with him in Costa Maya onboard Ryndam when he chose to abort an arrival and skip the call. My discussions with him showed a conservative Master with a serious interest in the technical aspects of ship maneuverability. He, in fact, wrote a paper for his fellow Masters at HAL on this very topic. We would have to ask him of course to get his opinion on Marghera.
  14. It appears that the West industrial channel in Marghera is about 500 feet in width and Eurodam is 936 feet long and has a beam of 105.8 feet. The turn at the exit of the West industrial channel in Marghera was executed well by Capt. Vincent Smit with the assistance of 2 tugs ... one at the bow and one at the stern.
  15. She will exit by the Alberoni channel ....
  16. The Eurodam is on her way out of the lagoon ....
  17. Looks like each of the calls this fall at Marghera will be interesting.
  18. Capt. Vincent Smit is a good man.
  19. I wish him well this evening ... something doesn't look quite right ....
  20. Thank you ... yes, I know him quite well ....
  21. An interesting turn in tight quarters ...
  22. Looks like she is off the berth ... underway.
  23. Does anyone know who the Captain is?
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