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  1. The S.A.L.T. Lab... cooking classes can only be reserved once onboard. You will get a list when you arrive. Sign up is at reception. Usually a morning and afternoon choice, even when in port. The S.A.L.T. excursions can be booked on My Silversea. They are an added fee... but so worth it in my opinion. The S.A.L.T. Kitchen restaurant is open seating, and in the month that I spent on the Moon I never had a problem getting a table.
  2. I am also booked on that cruise, and have heard nothing... it is distant, so perhaps things will improve before then. My flights have been on "My Silversea" for quite some time.
  3. Seriously? "... coild be improved..."
  4. I do wish that people would do some real 'homework' when posting... this is directly from the Silversea website... I hope it is what you're looking for: Masks In accordance with the Healthy Sail Panel and CDC latest recommendations, guests will be required to wear a mask in all indoor public areas, terminals and during shore excursions. Crew will be wearing masks at all times. Nevertheless, guests will not be required to wear masks while seated in restaurants, at tables in bars, and in outdoor areas in which physical distancing can be maintained. Silversea is constantly monitoring the public health guidelines and will modify its policies accordingly.
  5. This morning the refund came through to my Credit Card... 370 days, and a small loss in currency exchange, but i am happy to put this to rest. I hope everyone gets to feel equally happy with their ending to the long process.
  6. I was just told that my refund has been processed, and it should appear on my credit card within 21 days...
  7. IT was officially a year Saturday, April 10, that i asked for a refund... for a cruise that was to take place August 2020. Still NOTHING!!!
  8. I can not give an opinion on regular Celebrity Ships since i've never been on one... but, I was on the Celebrity Xpedition in the Galapagos several years ago. It was fabulous! I have since become a regular on Silversea, and can only imagine that the Origin is a more luxurious experience... but the star of this trip will definitely be the Islands and Animals. I doubt you can make a bad choice between the two.
  9. I have been on several cruise lines with a partner, and on Silversea solo. Can anyone please share their experience as a solo traveler on Oceania, as I'm considering a couple of their itineraries for 2022. Silversea has cocktail gatherings every night for those who wish to meet other solo's for dinner, etc.
  10. And, I am STILL impatiently waiting for a refund for a August 2020 cruise, cancelled in April 2020...
  11. I have been following this thread for months, as i wait for my refund for a cruise cancelled April 13... it is over 9 months of waiting. Any time I inquire, the answer given is that 'it is still pending". I guess I should be happy that they acknowledge that it is still visible, and possible. I have dealt with 2 other cruise lines during this year, and this is the only company that hasn't kept their promised timelines. There seems to be no system or chronological order. I'm getting very frustrated.
  12. I cancelled my May 3rd Italy and Greece cruise March 13th as well, with the same 50% refund, 50% FCC... and still have received nothing... have you heard any more since this post?
  13. I was in 647 for last years Transatlantic... I heard nothing... I love the location, for many reasons
  14. Archipelago... I would like to be able to contact you and Robert... please send a message to me : safety.nets@yahoo.ca … I was in the solo passenger group... Ann Marie
  15. I have been quiet thus far... but am not happy with the news article I read this morning by an Australian woman onboard, Bobbie Roberts. I don't agree with most of what she has said. And, I believe that everyone onboard has dealt with this situation as best they could under these conditions, and with this WORLD WIDE CRISIS. I have been so impressed with Silversea... Silversea will remain my cruiseline of choice. The captain asked for our patience and discretion... this woman crossed the line.
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