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  1. I just deleted both flights and it switched to green and then back to orange (missing info). Aye Dios Mio!
  2. I wonder if the two have been retested? Just in case of a false positive result.
  3. They had cocktail making demonstrations every evening but you can get the drinks anytime the bar is open.
  4. They were all under the threshold on our last cruise (Sky Princess) in Feb. 2020. A very cool bar and great cocktails.
  5. Good Spirits® at Sea It’s the place where every drink is an experience and tells a story, connecting you to those around you and regional flavors around the world. Based on Good Spirits, the popular TV series that traveled to far-away destinations in search of local ingredients for original cocktails, our lively bar is the perfect place to explore new drinks. Our onboard mixologist immerses you in the culture of your chosen destination as he crafts your cocktail. Catch the original series on the MedallionClass® app or your stateroom TV.
  6. Yes, on Princess the drink package includes the gratuities. No gratuitie fees like on NCL.
  7. Not stringing you along. Just wanted to check if anyone else noticed a change to the FCD amounts in 2021.
  8. It's listed on the payments section. All my 2020 cruises show $50 for 7 day balcony cabin on the same payments section. The only 2021 cruise I have booked has the future cruise deposit credit at $30.00 for 7 day balcony. I was checking on Cruise Critic to see if anyone else has the same change for 2021. It doesn't seem so so I'm calling Princess Cruises today. Calling early in hopes I don't have to wait for an hour.
  9. Sorry. That image was a reply from OzKiwiJJ who was making sure I wasn't referring to the CC page. I'm referring to the specific cruise personalizer payment section which clearly list the credits for that cruise.
  10. The $30.00 cruise credit is listed under the payments section of my cruise personalizer with future cruise deposit listed as the type.
  11. Thank you. I must have some sort of error on my credit. I've never had a $30.00 credit from a FCD.
  12. Thank you. Must be some sort of error. I will call in to find out.
  13. Thank you. I will have to call in to find out why ours is only listed at $30.00.
  14. Have you applied it to a 2021 cruise? If so, what is your credit amount? Is it as listed above or a lower amount as ours is showing?
  15. Greetings, I noticed a change to the FCD (Future Cruise Deposit) credit amount for a 2021 cruise booked with a FCD. The amount of credit is listed at $30.00 for a 7 day balcony cabin (see below). The FCD credit is still listed as $50.00 for our 2020 cruises as it has been in the past several years. Does anyone else with a 2021 cruise booked with a future cruise deposit have a lower credit amount? Just wondering if Princess is lowering the credit amount for 2021?
  16. Voljeep, The cancel for any reason for a future cruise credit in the amount of the cancellation fees is the platinum princess vacation protection plan. Ruby, platinum and elite captian circle members receive the upgrade to platinum protection from standard for free. I just used it and received 100% of my cancelation fees which included the EZ air cancellation fees. I now have this credit on my account. My TA can apply that credit for a future cruise. I have to use it for a sailing through next year.
  17. I called today about an EZ Air issue and was on hold for just over one hour after being transferred to the EZ Air desk.
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