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  1. You need to get the address of MSC’s port agents in Miami. It will be on the Daily Programme if you still have one. Someone here will tell you who they are. Send your gift to the port agents, marked ‘Crew Mail, Seaside’ and the crew member’s name, and it will get through to its recipient the next time the vessel docks in Miami. Really, no problem at all. Cheers, John.
  2. Go for the one in the middle, whatever it’s called these days.The Easy package is very restrictive. With the mid-range one you will be able to have virtually everything you want, and not restricted to draught Heineken. Cheers! John.
  3. There is no Stazione Marittima in Milano as it is landlocked! Or has global warming caused sea level to rise up to the Alps? 😂😂😂😂
  4. I have $1200 on-board credit on a forthcoming cruise due to schedule and itinerary changes. We are all-inclusive drinks, and don’t do massages etc., so we are unlikely to spend much of it on the ship. How and when can I convert some of it into cash or a transfer to my credit card account? Many thanks. Cheers, John.
  5. When you arrive at the main railway station; ‘Genova Piazza Principe’, it is a short ten or fifteen minute walk downhill to the cruise terminal; ‘Stazione Marittima’. If you are fit and have have wheely luggage, go for it. Otherwise plenty of taxis. Don’t think about walking on your (uphill) return! Loads of information on train journeys, fares, etc. On the Trenitalia website. Cheers, John.
  6. Thanks for your reply Mickey. I have Monzo, Starling and TransferWise fee-free debit cards, so a payout in $$$ is no problem, but I am wondering when I can actually get my hands on some of the loot? Is it solely at the end of the voyage? We are on a back-to-back. Cheers, John
  7. We have been awarded a $1200 “cashable on-board credit” as compensation for our two cancelled calls to Havana on our fourteen-day cruise aboard MSC Armonia next month (thanks very much, Mr President). At what point can I “cash out” some of the credit, as we have an all-inclusive drinks package and should have very few other on-board expenses apart from tips. Many thanks for any input. Cheers, John
  8. I have been unable to sign on to the app for months. If I then go to ‘web view’ in the app I am immediately recognised and can carry on as normal. It’s not good enough.
  9. Ask your steward to unlock the fridge and fill it with what you want. We get orange juice from breakfast to drink overnight.
  10. Our last port of call mid-cruise is indeed Key West, so that makes everything simpler for us in Miami next day. Many thanks for your input. Cheers, John.
  11. What is the situation in Miami on turn-round day on a 14 day b2b? I heard you have to completely disembark (minus luggage) and go through Customs and Immigration, only to re-embark. I read no-one is allowed back on until everyone is off. Was that your experience? Thanks, John.
  12. I tried this morning to find out how many points we have, but the useless and slow-motion UK website kept telling me I was inputting the wrong Voyagers Club membership numbers, which we have had for sixteen years. Of course, I don’t think points were awarded in the early days, your status depended on the number of voyages taken.
  13. From my Travel Agent yesterday, 14 nts cruise, 30th September: ”Good afternoon John, To confirm what we discussed on the phone, below are your options for your upcoming MSC sailing. If you choose to stay on the sailing and accept the itinerary you will be entitled to $800 on board spend. Anything you don’t spend will be refunded at the end of your sailing. If you do not wish to continue with your sailing, you can cancel and receive a refund. If you have any further questions, please just call in and we will be happy to help”
  14. I think someone else here wrote to achieve, I believe, ‘Zenith’ status, on Celebrity, you would have to sail in a suite annually from your twenties until old age to get there!
  15. If there are that many ‘status match’ Black card holders around, you know what the next step will be? Introduction of a higher tier with even more perks, such as free cabin upgrades, reserved theatre seating and free internet, like most other lines have had to do. One line’s top tier was ‘Diamond’, now it’s ‘Diamond Plus’
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